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Topic #2399461
Yaya007 - Maggie brushing her teeth like she removing rust from a post! In other words VERY HARD. NT 0 Replies #2399461 10:26PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399470
Yaya007 - Maggie in shower and you can see her white bottom thru the glass. She appears to be naked. NT 0 Replies #2399470 10:28PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399538
Taffy - April and Ivette in downstairs bathroom with Howie while Jan is in the shower... 0 Replies #2399538 10:36PM 06/09/2005
(could they be waiting for a window of opportunity to hide Ivette under the bed still?)
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ferretkiss - Ar: you think ivette would strike a deal with janelle? Mag: no [LONG] 0 Replies #2399712 11:01PM 06/09/2005
Apr: i dont want to say strike a deal, but uh, be extra nice to her so if janelle would make it to the final three
mag: you talk.
apr: i dont mean strike a deal but...
mag: you mean play the game?
apr: i guess?
mag: waht everyone considers playhing the game....
mag: if you want my honest opinion the person she (jan) likes most of the three of us is you.
apr: no....
mag: youre getting defensive.
apr: are you saying personally

apr: but that doesnt mean she would bring me to the end.
mag: its not like james and ivette
apr: thats what i was trying to say yesterday, i was saying janelle would never say she was taking me to the end.
mag: its not a stretch to compare it. only you know what you talk with janelle about, and only ivette knows what she talks with james about.

apr: she (iv) said she would hang out with james out of here, and i never said i would hang out with janelle outside of here.
mag talks about how april took janelle off the chopping block, and april chose janelle to come off, and that would make ivette think that janelle would choose april in the end.

apr: you are saying a favor is owed kind of deal.
mag: yeah
apr: so does that mean you owe her?
mag: no. would i have taken her off, yeah, because she did it to me. i mean the only reason you took janelle off is to get rid of the temptation.
apr: plus she had been up there more, plus what howie did to me.
mag: she couldsee that as good that she was taken off the chopping block.
apr: i explained it to the both of them, so howie wouldnt get pissed.
mag: iknow that.

apr: what she said to day is she has a strong feeling she wouldnt get it.
mag: she may be kissing, you can always kiss somebodys *Ss, for example if you are evicted, for votes. there are many things someone could do. does that bother you.
apr: no because if you made it this far, you have to do what you have to do. you have to do what you have to do in the realms of the promises, ykwim. (april is annoyed that ivette is having fun downstairs with janelle and howie, which brought all this on.)

apr: then janelle goes and asks me, april have you ever got your thing waxed in the shape of a lightning bolt and i said no. and she said ive even got mine shaped in my boyfriends initials. and thats all i could take, i just came up. and she was in the shower going through her... and i could see it.

apr: ive even been asked by ivette if i even have anything in common with her (jan)
mag: thats really funny
apr: what the f*ck would i have in common with her, i dont have road rage, i dont sleep with people ive known 3 and a half weeks, hell no i dont have anything in commone with her.
mag: thats so funny i dont either.


maggie repeats over and over i think this is so funny, i oculd die right now, (she really keeps saying this)

april says well you and i see it the same, hopefully america does.

april says you understand, you and i are going to be portrayed as the jealous b*tches.

mag says i dont give a f*ck, im not jealous.
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Topic #2399730
memyselfandi - April and Maggie up in HOH, April complaining about Ivette and Janelle 0 Replies #2399730 11:03PM 06/09/2005
She doesn't like Ivette comparing April and Janelle talking a lot to Ivette/James talking a lot. April says she hasn't even hardly talked to Janelle this week. Maggie says some could see them as the same thing, but only each person knows their own conversations in the house.

Maggie tells April that Janelle would probably vote for her over the others in the end because April took her off with veto last week. April had never thought of it that way, explains that's not why she did it, looks deep in thought.

April: So does that mean you owe her?

Maggie: No. But would I have taken her off? yeah.

They're talking about kissing @ss. Maggie says everybody does it when someone is being evicted people will kiss @ss so they'll vote for you after they leave.

April says it's an even playing field at this point. She apparently really really wants it (I think talking about Ivette) and is willing to do anything. She's complaining about her talking to Janelle and Howie a lot this week.

April now saying something about Janelle asking April if she ever had her area waxed in the shape of lightning bolt to Maggie's horror and disgust (Ed: I don't recall that happening, although Janie was using scissors to trim that area while April was in the bathroom and Howie and her were teasing her about it)

April is saying she loses respect for Janelle every time they talk, it's like "what the frig would I have in common with this person?" says Janelle does drugs, gets in fights, has road rage because of a birth control pill, has sex with men she only knew for two weeks (referring to Michael I guess)

Maggie is laughing that she has nothing in common with Janelle either. April says yeah she's had plastic surgery, but somehow it's different. The only thing she sees in common with her is their bleached blonde hair.

April: "I'm just stretching my arm out" trying to find something in common with her.

A: I don't talk about fellatio all day. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But when there's nothing good to be found, sh!t what can you do? I can't be mean.


April: DO you understand that we're going to be portrayed as the jealous bitches?

Maggie: I don't give a f'k.

Maggie says she doesn't care if she gets the money because she can use it on her house and for retirement.

April can't believe she and Maggie are the only ones that have retirement plans. April now dissing Ivette for her grammar being so lacking for her being a schoolteacher.


April: Is Michael going to be OK with what she does with him, ya know letting him kiss all over her and stuff?

AND Maggie has ear against HOH bedroom door.
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Topic #2399808
ferretkiss - ivette smiling while janelle and howie have fun. ivette blowdrying her hair.. 2 Replies #2399808 11:15PM 06/09/2005

mag and april upstairs, april in particular very unhappy that ivette is with janelle and howie, and starting to worry why and what ivette might do.

ivette asks janelle where she gets her hair done.
jan says she colors it herself, she cuts it herself, if she does go somewhere the place is in bal harbour, but she says sometimes she goes to supercuts for a fifteen dollar trim.

ivette very interested in all of that and mentions a place in south beach to see if janelle has been there. janelle has not been there but knows of it and asks why it is so cool.

janelle and ivette talk about shopping the day after thanksgiving. janelle invites ivette to go with her to the mall in broward [Ed: !!]

ivette compares the wait at the mall to the wait at the drivers license bureau. jan says she goes to the one in broward.

iv: didnt you drive in minnesota
jan: yeah that was frigging 6 years ago.
iv: what kind of car do you have now
jan: sebring convertible
how: do you really?

i think iv said she doesnt have/need a car in miami. jan has a 2002 but wants a 2005. wants a white one with tan interior. she had a mercedes when she was in CA. she left it in her boyfriends garage.

jan: where are you howie.
how: youre hot
jan: am i really
jan: oh boy howie
how: oh boy janie
jan: oh boy howie

how: ive been waiting for you jedi janie. the circle is now complete.
jan: f*cer
how: i am the monster.

fight continues.
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Suzan - While blowdrying her hair Ivette shows Howie that she has some grey hairs #2401945 8:43AM 07/09/2005
Janelle says "No you don't", Ivette says she does, shows Howie, Howie agrees. Janelle said yea I noticed them the other day but I wasn't going to say anything, how long have been getting them? Ivette commented, more since she'd been in the house and they laugh.

(ed. I bring this up because this is not how Ivette later played it to Maggie /April.)
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Robnoxious - Butterfingers Janie drops the lightsaber on her big toe NT #2399945 11:30PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399861
ferretkiss - LOL Janelle and Ivette are laying on the floor, playing Boobie coasters... howie tosses the ... 0 Replies #2399861 11:22PM 06/09/2005
coasters at them, and its 20 points if it lands on the boobie, and 5 point for the coohchie.
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Topic #2399952
SassyPrncess - M: Is Michael going to have any respect for that sh*t? (referring to Boobie/Cooter Coasters) NT 1 Replies #2399952 11:31PM 06/09/2005
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SassyPrncess - A: He'll be jealous as h*ll! His mom is going to be p*ssed. NT #2399958 11:32PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2399991
SassyPrncess - M: I really don't know why they would call us dorks, though, (when we) see what they do. NT 0 Replies #2399991 11:36PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2400033
SassyPrncess - A: Michael hit it (J) and quit it. There is no way he is going to stay. NT 0 Replies #2400033 11:41PM 06/09/2005
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Topic #2400039
SassyPrncess - M: I wonder what asphixiation (her words) people have with their boobs?! NT 1 Replies #2400039 11:41PM 06/09/2005
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firegoddess - a fixation NT #2403361 11:23AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400110
ferretkiss - some of the Janelle backstabbing by HOH people inside.... 1 Replies #2400110 11:47PM 06/09/2005
mag: coaster toss crotch is way more mature than (missed it).

apr says janelle had the microphone cord in her crotch between her legs and apr tried to remove it and jan said no that is part of the game. apr couldnt believe she would do that, negative about it.

at one point they were saying bad things about howie and janelle, and ivete said: they entertain each other. (as if to stick up for htem). apr/mag told her: ivette, he is 34 and she is 25.

apr: she takes all that as compliments because she wants to be known for getting the wax job, for getting the (missed it).

iv: andhowie has not one hair in his nose, that cant be good.
apr: ill be so pissed if they dont show that kind of stuff.

maggie saying bad things about howie now: he said in sequester ill get some from jen jen or ray ray if i settle. you know what i mean i just feel bad about her mom.

apr: probably the watchers we have are all men, because they heard theres a f*ckin porn queen on cbs.

apr: michael hit it and quit it, watch. he will.

apr says her husband would shoot her if she (Apr) laid down to play boobie coasters.

apr: she has worn a bra and her nipples were sticking out.

iv: if i liked janelle i would have stayed and played with her, that stuff doesnt bother me.
mag: theres no harm in that if you are at home with your friends drinking. then thats when i see that as apporpriate. (mag calls it "crotch games" and says its not appropriate unless you are drinking, and with another guy). (ivette was trying to say its ok with her and april/maggie shut her down, maggie used the term "crotch games" at least 4 times.)

mag: if you supposedly have a crush on a guy, or you are willing to f*ck him after two weeks, you wouldnt do that.
(ivette tries to defend janelle and howie AGAIN! maggie wont let it go.)

ivette: hes very comforting sometimes. rachel said whenever she needs to be comforted i always call howie. so she (janelle) needs howie to be comforting to her. (IVETTE REALLY Sticks up for howie and janelle!) (Maggie and April will not let it go and CONTINUE to tell ivette its not OK - this is a little argument actually with MAGGIE and APRIL trying to control IVETTE from having good opinions about JANELLE and HOWIE.) this continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Suzan - When Ivette first arrived in the HOH after having what appeared to be a great time with Howie & Janelle #2401970 8:47AM 07/09/2005
downstairs, she comes in acting like it was no big deal and she was just tolerating them.

She makes sure to tell them that Janelle said she gets her hair done sometimes at Super Cuts, they all agree no way.

Ivette brings up Janelle's extensions, tells M/A that Janelle told her she had grey hairs. Wonders who would say that to someone. Maggie and April can't believe she'd tell Ivette that. Ivette says she will point out Janelle's extensions in the next hair conversation. She's going to make it a point.

(ed. Ivette brought up the grey hairs to Janelle/Howie)
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