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Topic #7861026
Hippiebitch - Jen hugging Sharon apologizing again- I just wanna hold you, Im sorry you know that right, it was not you ...was a very very hard thing for me 0 Replies #7861026 10:30PM 13/02/2008
specially since I had your back
Sharon - I know it was too quik
Amanda and Jen smoochie kiss!
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Topic #7861039
raindrop110475 - everyoen sitting down to dinner -- alex feeding the guinea pigs too ( ty hippie) NT 0 Replies #7861039 10:32PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861084
raindrop110475 - they all join hands at dinner and do a wave around table twice then say grace before eating NT 0 Replies #7861084 10:37PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861104
raindrop110475 - josh left table and is sobbiign on floor in another room he took his dinner though NT 0 Replies #7861104 10:38PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861132
raindrop110475 - chelsea followed josh and says shes only been here an hour and already working angles 0 Replies #7861132 10:41PM 13/02/2008
chel says I know and josh said somethign liek I told her alliances have already been made and Im playing my game then parker comes in too to check on him. Josh assures her nothing changed
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Topic #7861583
GoDeena - 11:20 conversations josh/sharon mostly 0 Replies #7861583 11:21PM 13/02/2008
Joshua went into "watercloset" and left the "open" sign on.
switched to backyard. smoker talk between adam and ryan.
for real workin' out. Guess that's Alex. Adam at the pool table.
Smoking, burping, with Ryan I think.
switched to Joshua and sharon
he explains to sharon he didn't want to see cry.
"every time I see you makes me think people are just trying to ***** you" Joshua to sharon.
he refers to the way "they" are spinning it.
Joshua: I feel bad because I had to make a choice but, "
sharon: I just need to know when you're ready for that.
Joshua is telling her how he needs to just let "them" go her, but he wants her to understand they're working her.
Intermittent hugging.
Switch to kitchen. Finally someone is overheard saying "how many times do you want to hear 'how are you doing?' to Joshua (my Joshua)

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Topic #7861652
mattpd - Sharon and Parker are repeating themselves over...and over... and over....again. Rehashing their hate for Jen and Sharon being pissed that she's not 0 Replies #7861652 11:31PM 13/02/2008
with Jacob in the house anymore.
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Topic #7861677
mattpd - Sharon is talking about how great Jacob is. He won't lie about anything... Jacob was told he was a failure his whole life 0 Replies #7861677 11:35PM 13/02/2008
She's worried that he's going to feel like he can never do the right thing.
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Topic #7861683
GoDeena - Sharon and Parker alone for conversation 0 Replies #7861683 11:36PM 13/02/2008
parker nodding to Sharons constant talking.
he's looking down, quiet.
"this is a game of shoulda woulda coulda"
park: cuz BB screwed me with a wooden splintered dildo
Sharon spews a long streak of "God" and "You really are deep down a piece of *****."
Sharon talking about what Jen could have done in expose the relationship.
Sharon's all "what could we do"
We just sat there and took it up the ass.
"I feel like I'm playing now for him, because he can't." She seems to feel like she's here playing for everyone now...Jacob, josh.
sharon: you think BB is going to put big roses and hershey kisses on the ground? they're not going to let you walk into this game and hand you 500 thousand dollars.
Sharon's keeping up her ranting about how screwed they all are, evaluating who got it worse, still comes back to how bad it was for her. New Sharon phrase: She could have learned to "keep her ***** shut". Can't listen to her anymore. NOW she's pissed that Jacob is not here.
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Topic #7861686
mattpd - Both Sharon and Joshuah are convinced that the other will vote the way they want them to. NT 0 Replies #7861686 11:36PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861700
mattpd - Parker just interrupted Sharon's ranting with a loud fart! NT 0 Replies #7861700 11:39PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861706
GoDeena - Parker: I gotta fart 0 Replies #7861706 11:40PM 13/02/2008
Sharon: That's ok
Parker laughs...says "you might smell that"
Sharon: That's alright.
Parker: oh, meatloaf.
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Topic #7861735
mattpd - Sharon wants Neil and Jacob to come back now. It would be so "bad ass" NT 0 Replies #7861735 11:43PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861737
mattpd - Sharon and Jacob apparently share a dog together... NT 0 Replies #7861737 11:43PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861747
mattpd - Amanda just asked Sharon if she wanted to go outside with her or continue talking, Sharon hesitated and said not yet. Parker looked upset about that 0 Replies #7861747 11:45PM 13/02/2008
decision. She's going on again and again about why Jacob is not full of *****.
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Topic #7861762
Shar - Joshuah in hot tub talking to Ryan, sitting on the side. 0 Replies #7861762 11:49PM 13/02/2008
Josh talking about about dating. Some talk about Natalie, discussion of alliances. Josh plans to break down Natalie, thinks he just has to say the right things to her. They are hoping for competitions tomorrow; Ryan thinks it may be a luxury comp because it will be Valentines Day.
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Topic #7861791
mattpd - Chel & Jen joined the room, Sharon is repeating her story AGAIN about how she was in the military family and people stick 0 Replies #7861791 11:54PM 13/02/2008
together and so it's so hard to come back in alone because they stick together in the military family (I've heard this story several times, probably more than each of them have now). Thankfully James walked in and Chelsia changed the subject immediately (she was looking really bored).
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Topic #7861798
Shar - Amanda joins Joshuah in the hot tub. 0 Replies #7861798 11:55PM 13/02/2008
Talking about how much they are eating. Amanda thinks they should make pizza. She says you never know when you may have to start eating slop. Now discussing Sharon and everything that happened in the house while she was out of the house. Ryan leaves to go get Jen.
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Topic #7861807
Shar - Joshuah tells Amanda that Neil was the dominant one of their team. 0 Replies #7861807 11:57PM 13/02/2008
Amanda tells Joshuah that she will take him to final 3.
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