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Topic #7856565
Melonie - Sheila and Ryan talking 1 Replies #7856565 2:04PM 13/02/2008
Ryan is telling Sheila that she is in their group. Sheila is saying people are saying that he is just there for Jen. Ryan says they are just saying this because they want him to go. Ryan says he is there for him. Allison joins the conversation. Sheila are saying this is so premature its pathedic. Allison tells Ryan they will not be able to play till Jen is gone. Sheila says they are telling her to choose over her friendship with Allison or them. Allison tells Sheila is just trying to tell her what to do. Ryan wants to stay.
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Melonie - Continued #7856580 2:06PM 13/02/2008
Allison says she is so confused. Sheila tells Allison that they are all listening to their conversations. Allison says Josh is going to come up and say that they are going to go after Sheila next time.

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Topic #7856588
Melonie - Josh just tells Sheila that she is F*d and told Sheila to shut up and they are shouting at one another. NT 0 Replies #7856588 2:07PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7856608
Melonie - Josh told Sheila to shut up because she is going around making everything worse. 0 Replies #7856608 2:10PM 13/02/2008
Jen is talking to Joshuah now about why they were yelling at each other. Because shes going around stirring things up.
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Topic #7856665
KennyN - Jen cutting Alex's hair. NT 0 Replies #7856665 2:17PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7856743
Melonie - Joshuah is now hugging Sheila 0 Replies #7856743 2:27PM 13/02/2008
Josh staged this to make people think he was going against the grain. Joshuah said they need to keep the drama going to make people think they are hating on each other.
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Topic #7856745
Gorf - Josh and Sheila's early fight was faked as confirmed by Joshua. He explains he wants the other half to think he is a swing vote NT 0 Replies #7856745 2:28PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7856746
SouthernBelladonna - Parker and Amanda discuss votes quietly in the boat room. James comes in and lays on his bed. 0 Replies #7856746 2:28PM 13/02/2008
Game talk stops and they leaves after joking with James that he's bring.

Feeds are now back on Alex getting his hair cut...small talk...

Now feeds on Amanda and Josh talking about votes. Josh thinks it will be a tie with Amanda's couple being the tie breaker. Amanda isn't so sure.

Amanda leaves for the bathroom.

Josh and Ryan now talking about the vote...something about being strong

Josh now hugs Sheila and says the fight earlier was acting. She says she knows...he's saying that the fight was to make the others think he's voting differently.
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Topic #7856756
SouthernBelladonna - Josh talks with Neil, Tyan, Shiela and Allison about how he and Sheila are fooling the others about the vote. NT 0 Replies #7856756 2:29PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7856819
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Neil talk about the vote (more) 0 Replies #7856819 2:36PM 13/02/2008
Josh saying he told Sheila she could go back on her word to Jen...would make the vote not be a tie.

They are quiet now and are listening to Jen talk in the other room...she talking about people not wanting to admit they owe her and Parker...she says it's a game, not a friendship.

Josh comments that jn is being a "total b*tch right now". Neil agrees.

The boys whisper very quietly...can still hear Jen talking loudly in another room about what the comp will be.

Josh: "shut-up"

Feeds all go to the bathroom where Jan is telling Matt and Chelsea he theory that it will be another power couple comp.

Jen now saying she knows she will go up this week. Chel saying nothing is 100%. Jen telling them that she doesn't know what Ryan will do now...that he might not have her back after this vote...
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Topic #7856822
Melonie - Jen talking to Chelsia and Matt in the bathroom 0 Replies #7856822 2:36PM 13/02/2008
She is telling them that Ryan told her he no longer has her back. She says she told him that wasn't very smart to tell me right now. She said that she could go tell Amanda right now and that they would not put her up. They are more or less the pawn according to Jen.
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Topic #7856846
SouthernBelladonna - The bathroom talk has moved to different types of deodorant. Matt uses girl's deoordorant. 0 Replies #7856846 2:41PM 13/02/2008
Brief talk abut not liking being cooped up...Jen says she's scared (about the noms)...Chel says she's worried too.

Jen asks Chel if she and James agree on everything and Chel says no. Jen says that she and Parker don't agree on everything either.


And back to more speculating about noms by Jen and Chel in the bathroom.
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Topic #7856882
Melonie - Jen tells Ryan she doesnt trust him they are alone in the bedroom 0 Replies #7856882 2:46PM 13/02/2008
She tells Ryan she knows he is campainging against her. She told Ryan she is going to tell Amanda not to put her on the block against them. Ryan said hes not going against her. Ryan tells Jen that her side is playing Sheila and them and making them feel like sh**.

Ryan asks Jen what she wants him to do lie down. She tells Amanda not to put them up that ryan is going against her right now and she will not have that.

Jen now says she can't play this game while he is here.
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Topic #7856914
SouthernBelladonna - Jen and Ryan talk in the boat room. (fight...more) 0 Replies #7856914 2:50PM 13/02/2008
Jen says she's upset...that he's been playing against her.

She says she's going to tell Amanda to not put her up and Ryan will go if he's going to campaign against her.

Ryan asks if he's supposed to just lie down for her.

Ryan says the game won't be fair until one of them has gone.

Ryan asks how he's been campaigning. Jen says she's heard it all...his people campaign against her...

They're arguing a little...Jen seems mad...Ryan talking about one couple being excluded by Jen's "power six" and that's why they don't feel loyalty to Jen.

Jen keeps coming about to people owing her.

Ryan asks what she wants from him. She storms out. and tells the HGGs as she walks by.

"Don's put me up...I'm voting him out. Ryan is campaigning against me. I can't play this game with him here."

Jen goes up to HOH, but Amanda is not there...back down to the kitchen and she's looking for Parker.

Flames as we see the DR.

Jen back in the room with Ryan. Parker and Sheila are there. Sheila asking how what she did was campaigning. Ryan upset now...says Jen just wants off the block now because she's not fair sh*tty situation...Jen saying she should have left things alone last night and Ryan could have gone home.


Allison not in the room and Ryan gone. Jen again complaining about campaigning...not wanting to be a pawn...

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Topic #7856945
SouthernBelladonna - Allison tells Jen that one of them (Jen, Ryan) has to go "no matter what" 0 Replies #7856945 2:54PM 13/02/2008
She says that's the bottom line. If they don't go this week, they will go up next.

Allison says it sucks for her and Parker, but there's nothing they can do.

Ryan agrees.

Sheila saying it sucks for all of them.

More talk about how one of them will have to go.

Jen telling Ryan how she has wanted this (BB) for so long. Allison points out that she's wanted this a long time too.

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Topic #7856960
KennyN - All 4 feeds TRIVIA. NT 0 Replies #7856960 2:55PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7856968
SouthernBelladonna - Back to the group talking more about the vote and Jen/Ryan. TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #7856968 2:56PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7857172
KennyN - Still on trivia. NT 0 Replies #7857172 3:29PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7857618
KennyN - All 4 feeds still on trivia. NT 0 Replies #7857618 4:31PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7857721
Zazny - Amanda reassuring Jen and Parker that Ryan would go on a tie NT 0 Replies #7857721 4:48PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7857728
Zazny - Amanda says she and Alex would save Parker and Jen if they win veto 0 Replies #7857728 4:49PM 13/02/2008
Sheila and Adam will be replacement

Amanda says Josh and Neil will vote Sheila out
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Topic #7857739
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda talks to Jen and Parker about the noms. 0 Replies #7857739 4:51PM 13/02/2008
Jen/Parker and Allison/Ryan are up.

Jen asks if the group will take them off if they get PoV and Amanda says yes. Amanda assures them that they have the vote.

Jen says she will swear "on her dead grandmother's grave" that she'll vote Ryan out.
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Topic #7857768
Zazny - Amanda says that Adam will do anything to be cool with Matt and Alex. 0 Replies #7857768 4:54PM 13/02/2008
Amanda, Matt, Parker, and Jen in HOH room

Matt comes in

A: Can you reassure them what side Adam is on?
M: As far as I know, but I don't trust Sheila. I'm not going to lie, I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.
P: I've been nothing but real with these people

M: She was saying "I can't believe you'd vote a person from Boston out." I was like "Don't play the Boston card"
P: You weren't even born in Boston!

M: I'm not going to lie, you have some work to do! I don't think Sheila and way, they will go behind [your backs]. You know what will save you? If her boyfriend wins POV and Sheila and Adam go on the block. That will save you.

J: We need Adam and Sheila's votes. We need "The Boys" to go up
P: People like the Boys though. I know James will vote for The boys.

Alex offers to bring food up to them.

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Topic #7857787
Zazny - Matt to Jen: Be as fake as possible... fake nice. Be a salesman. 0 Replies #7857787 4:56PM 13/02/2008
Matt will work James and Chelsia for them.

Jen thinks she will not get James's vote because James would use veto to save Ryan. Matt thinks he can talk to James.

Parker says they need to work Adam, The Boys, and Chelsia.
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Topic #7857802
Zazny - Group reading Laffy Taffy jokes to each other NT 0 Replies #7857802 4:58PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7857808
treesekaon - Matt commenting on how BB is still scripted 0 Replies #7857808 4:59PM 13/02/2008
Trivia pops on for a brief second. Group chatting about round table shots. Trivia screens go back up
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