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Topic #7857815
Zazny - Matt says "reality my ass, this is so scripted" 0 Replies #7857815 5:00PM 13/02/2008
Matt says BB told them to shut up because they were having fun and laughing around the table when nominations were going on. He says they wanted shots of them nervous.

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Topic #7857832
Zazny - Jen on Ryan: The only reason he's here is because of me! He never applied for this show 0 Replies #7857832 5:04PM 13/02/2008
Matt says thank God his ex isn't on the show

Jen: I should've known this would be a pairs season cause that's exactly what *stops herself*
Matt: Yeah, "they" almost tried to tell you
Jen: They did try
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Topic #7857945
Beautiful_Hang - Trivia back on 0 Replies #7857945 5:19PM 13/02/2008
NOminations in Parker & Jen, Ryan & ALlison!
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Topic #7858164
CruiseCritic - Everyone sitting on couches in living room playing some game 0 Replies #7858164 5:38PM 13/02/2008
seem to all be happy. counting 23, 25, 26. someone only got 5 (dont know what they are doing)
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Topic #7858205
CruiseCritic - Josh and 2 girls in kitchen - I think Amanda just asked him who he was voting for 0 Replies #7858205 5:41PM 13/02/2008
parker in bedroom talking to Matt about voting.

parker says he is not going to start kissing ppls asses just because he was put up.

matt says it would suck if parker goes home and it would suck if they win HOH next week, then he would go home. Parker says they would definitely get him (Matt out of her)
parker says alex didnt even talk to him about it before he made his decision
matt says he thinks amanda is really running the show
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Topic #7858218
CruiseCritic - James just came in bedroom where Matt and Parker are and he said he has 0 Replies #7858218 5:42PM 13/02/2008
been reading all the signs in the house regarding relationships.

matt says he doesnt want his boy to go home
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Topic #7858238
CruiseCritic - Parker says he is pretty sure they are going home if they dont get POV 0 Replies #7858238 5:44PM 13/02/2008
Because of Jen they will vote us out. Matt says she fd it up, saying she fd it up baad.

Parker says jen said she was sorry and didnt know what she was doing - matt says she never does...

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Topic #7858250
CruiseCritic - Matt and James laying on bellies on one bed talking to Parker 0 Replies #7858250 5:46PM 13/02/2008
James says sheila and adam are a swing vote too.

James says he can give his word.

The house will be a little less on edge if one of the couples are gone (says matt)

Feeds go to Allison and AManda in WC. whispering.
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Topic #7858265
CruiseCritic - Allison wont change her original alliance. girls changing clothes because it is getting colder out 0 Replies #7858265 5:49PM 13/02/2008
HEEEY - Amanda yells, someone took my belt. are you fn kidding me. she is flipping out. where is my fn belt.

can you please check this room and see if someone took my belts, two of my belts (she is talking to BB) Missing a brown and black belt,

feed goes back to James, Matt and Parker in BR

Matt tells Parker he doesnt want to be the first to go and he has to get a POV..says ou supposively have the best player in the house.
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Topic #7858274
CruiseCritic - Parker says he has to constantly put Jen in check. Matt is dancing 1 Replies #7858274 5:51PM 13/02/2008
around on the bed on his knees. James tells Parker he has his vote, based on you alone.

matt says he and Natalie are voting for Jen and Parker to stay. James says he has to see who wins POV

Parker says he is not going to wlak around kissing anyones as s
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bluegenjutsu - James told them that Ryan has his vote because he can't stand Jen. NT #7858873 6:55PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858279
CruiseCritic - Matt - she just irks me and Allison irks me just as bad. Matt wishes he 1 Replies #7858279 5:51PM 13/02/2008
and Ryan could be on the same team
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bluegenjutsu - That was James saying that Jen and Allison irk him and Parker saying he wished he and Ryan were on the same team. NT #7858846 6:53PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858288
CruiseCritic - Equal suckage says Matt - comparing Allison and Jen. then they say 0 Replies #7858288 5:52PM 13/02/2008
Sheila and Adam have to go

Now talking about clothes they brought
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Topic #7858301
CruiseCritic - Amanda upstairs on steps and yells "whatever natalie just said isnt the case" 0 Replies #7858301 5:55PM 13/02/2008
she continues to say it isnt about the belt and they need permission to come in here. Natalie is in HOH with her.

amanda is flipping out. says belts were there. natalie says where could they have gone.

AManda - teary - one of them is from my Dad

asking cameras to check and see and then TRIVIA
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Topic #7858367
CruiseCritic - TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #7858367 6:00PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858389
Fidel - Amanda: I want my belt BACK! NT 0 Replies #7858389 6:02PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858416
CruiseCritic - Parker in HOH now with Natalie and Amanda 0 Replies #7858416 6:04PM 13/02/2008
Amanda screaming she wants her belt back. she says THEY TOOK IT

why would they take it

parker says that girl is campaigning against us. she knows you all are not going to vote against me.

He says he wont mention names. she is a loser.

parker opened drawer and found the belts - Amanda all happy and says "ohh and my socks"

she yells, I am sorry, I am a bitch. you can swear at me

BB - Jen exchange your microphone with one in storage room

Parker says he doesnt know if he should campaign. Nat says no he doesnt need to

parker heard her downstairs saying "it just isnt right"
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Topic #7858422
CruiseCritic - ALex shows up in HOH room with clothes all pressed and TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #7858422 6:05PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858427
CruiseCritic - Talking that there is competition tonight. natalie hugs amanda and says 0 Replies #7858427 6:06PM 13/02/2008
we can eat right now? yes says alex.
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Topic #7858468
CruiseCritic - ALex and Parker talking in hallway outside HOH room. 0 Replies #7858468 6:09PM 13/02/2008
Parker says he is really hurt. Alex says he is sorry he has to do it. it is a miserable situation.

Parker tells him that Alli is campaigning against him and already tried to sway Natalie the two guys go down the stairs and into the kitchen.

parker following him around. parker puts ear to door. Alex talking about pretending he is mad at him. they are now in WC talking.

ALex says if they win POV - they are strong. but the next group will put them up - one of US has to win veto

parker - are you in it.
alex - of course i am in it
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Topic #7858495
CruiseCritic - Chelsea in kitchen saying she is going to eat before food competion 0 Replies #7858495 6:13PM 13/02/2008
shot of storage room and it is LOADED with food, soda and more. Alex is in there right now going thru fridge

ALex - there is MAD food
Parker - thats what i am talking about BB
Amanda in there now.

talking about beef and broccoli, rice, fry some egg

happy to find pineapple, kiwi.

amanda - I asked for wonton wrappers

asking for garlic powder next time.

AManda - holy cow there are alot of eggs an milk. ooh i can have a glass of milk.

parker did a little dance up against amanda and she said it was really hot.

parker - why is this romaine out - it shouldnt be out. putting it in fridge - now putting basil in as well.

amanda says one couple goes on slop and the other people wont.

parker and amanda hug.

amanda - why cant you be my partner you are the only one i get along with

Parker picks up a gallon of white milk and a gallon of choc milk and says "see they do go good together"
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Topic #7858510
CruiseCritic - looks like Alex, Adam and Jen are eating wings 0 Replies #7858510 6:15PM 13/02/2008
everyone talking about all the food in SR. they are so happy
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Topic #7858516
CruiseCritic - Natalie is doing charades for the group. James in in storage room NT 0 Replies #7858516 6:15PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7858529
CruiseCritic - WHen Harry Met Sally - talking about part of movie with charades. now Matt 0 Replies #7858529 6:17PM 13/02/2008
is doing charades for the group in LR

(I gotta go now)
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Topic #7858615
cags - Every one still playing trivia NT 0 Replies #7858615 6:26PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7859067
Melonie - Feeds back 1 Replies #7859067 7:19PM 13/02/2008
Chelsia and James in the boat room in bed. Allison was in there with them discussing where they were on things. No definate answer. She told them Sheila is with them Ryan and Allison and that right now she is play acting that she is going to vote out Allison and Ryan.

Allison leaves the room. Chelsia and James think there is another couple and they are not sure who it is. They think maybe Amanda and Parker.

Chelsia doesnt like Amanda and thinks she is dumber than a box of rocks and that if she gets hoh she wants to get Amanda out. She thinks Amanda is after fifteen minutes of fame.
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Melonie - Chelsiea wants Amanda and Alex out bad. #7859089 7:22PM 13/02/2008
James joked with Chelsia and told her that him and Neil were a couple. Chelsia made him swear that wasn't true and told him he almost gave her a heart attack.

Chelsia brings up that Amanda and Parker were in the boat room talking for along time yesterday and that Amanda is all up on Parker.

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