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Topic #7859150
Melonie - Amanda, Alex and Matt in the hoh room 1 Replies #7859150 7:29PM 13/02/2008
They are talking about how Jen said if she wins the pov she will not use it. And also how Jen said that if they get it and come off that Ryan and Parker will vote out Ryan and Allison they don't really believe that.

Amanda says she has been flirting with Adam and is going to keep flirting with him to sway him.

Matt thinks there will be some twist in the game play. They don't think there will be another player twist just another game twist.

Amanda said she needs to be nice with Sheila and keep being nice.

Matt tells her to play the card that if Sheila doesnt vote for Ryan and Allison they will go on the block.

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Melonie - Amanda says she will talk to Sheila and Adam and that she will let them know that if they do not know who they want to vote for they will go up. NT #7859165 7:31PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7859174
SouthernBelladonna - Jen and Ryan are in the bathroom... 0 Replies #7859174 7:33PM 13/02/2008
Jen says she needs to push her tampon back in, but the camera is watching. Ryan asks if he can do it. He does. He then smells his fingers.

Jen then announces that she is "like a black person...look how ashy I am"

They are quiet now...cuddling on the bathroom chair.
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Topic #7859193
Melonie - Alex and Matt are alone 0 Replies #7859193 7:35PM 13/02/2008
Alex says him and Amanda are so much alike its sicking. He mentioned her voice doesn't think he could live with that.

They are discussing that they would like to get letters. And that they have not had a competition in three days and that they are going to wind up going crazy. Talking about the long process and how tough it is and its only a few days in. Matt says hes afraid to lay down, hes afraid of missing something.

Matt said he feels bad for Parker, but such is life.
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Topic #7859225
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda tells Sheila that she will have to put her and Adam up in someone comes off with POV. Sheila says she's fine with that. NT 0 Replies #7859225 7:38PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7859280
SouthernBelladonna - Josh tells Allison that Amanda wants her/Ryan gone. 0 Replies #7859280 7:44PM 13/02/2008
Chel and James are there...they talk about the votes...not using the out Parker/Jen

Josh leaves and is listening at doors on the other feeds.

Ali is telling Chel/James that the others are trying to turn Sheila against her, but she knows it won't work.
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Topic #7859796
Gorf - Feeds back and so is Sharon. Neil is no longer apart of the gameNT 0 Replies #7859796 8:56PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7859942
PrincessManda - Amanda, Sharon and Alison 1 Replies #7859942 9:11PM 13/02/2008
Amanda and Alison are showing Sharon the HOH bedroom and now Amanda is telling Sharon who is still in the alliance. Amanda also told her that everyone had to swear with the holy bible that no one knew anyone else in the house.
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PrincessManda - its Natalie not Alison NT #7859983 9:16PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7860452
raindrop110475 - Sharon has convinced whole house that 0 Replies #7860452 9:46PM 13/02/2008
Jacob heard ryan say parker was snake and that jacob not knowing about ryan and jen ebing a couple told jen (in front of ryan) that people were callign parker a snake looking out for her and their alliance. Seems everyoen seems to think this makes sense and are now questioning truat with jen. Meanwhile jen and ryan are out on back couch talkign abotu female orgasms. Sheila and allison talking abotu how they feel Neil left because he was nto attracted to Josh and sheila went into DR screaming she wanted to leave and they talked her down a few days ago.
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Topic #7860507
raindrop110475 - sharon says jen thinks shes hottest b*tch in house 0 Replies #7860507 9:50PM 13/02/2008
Parker says she screwed him when the memory wall pictures went up and she said look mine is first so that means Im gonna win. Sharon goes on about how jen doesnt give crap about parker while she had to deal with cheating boyfriend and she handled it so well why cant jen be nicer to her partner
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Topic #7860534
raindrop110475 - parker says his chances of winning are gone because jen is dumb and talks too much. NT 0 Replies #7860534 9:51PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7860558
raindrop110475 - Parker says he has sheila thinking hes mad at alex for putting him up NT 0 Replies #7860558 9:53PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7860612
raindrop110475 - parker says he was making them feel uncomfortable ( jen and ryan) 0 Replies #7860612 9:56PM 13/02/2008
Hes showing off abotu how he was preenign says he made up with her but both parker and jen plan to keep jen in house so they can keep parker and make her suffer without ryan
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Topic #7860693
raindrop110475 - james says if he had his gf he would hope his alliance would look out for her too 0 Replies #7860693 10:02PM 13/02/2008
tellign jen her alliance shoudl have looked out for her not forcing her to vote him out
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Topic #7860721
raindrop110475 - how cute ryan and jen on couch layign down and the put both of their mics clamped onto jens jacket 0 Replies #7860721 10:04PM 13/02/2008
they call it bf gf time and make sure they are lookign at eachother.
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Topic #7860759
raindrop110475 - amanda tells josh what his new partner sharon plans to do on voting looks liek this twist will save jen NT 0 Replies #7860759 10:07PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7860776
raindrop110475 - alex offers to let josh watch him shower now that he has no gay guys in house to look at 0 Replies #7860776 10:08PM 13/02/2008
he says he wont turn around but hell do that for him
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Topic #7860884
raindrop110475 - new partners sharon and josh have first strategy talk 0 Replies #7860884 10:17PM 13/02/2008
Sharon explains to josh the snake thing again. Josh tells sharon her first allegiance need to be to him. Also says Parker came to you and told you hes upset you had to leave right cause hes on block. Sharon keeps saying her and jacob got screwed for no reason and jen played selfish by not tellign people she was with ryan and that jen should suffer for acting shady liek that. Josh explains houseis devided and by gettign rid of ryan it hurts the alliance hes made and she keepspushing how jen should stay she has alliances that are stronger than his. Josh says you can not be cuttign deals behind her back like she cant make a deal with parker she says no I wont ( she already did 5 min ago) Her and parker decided to keep parker in house so her and parker can team up later when teams break up. Sharon says her and jacob were there to help everyone else out and they were screwed so shes not here to make deals with anyone except him. Josh says making jen suuffer would be to kick her out and make her watch show from home. Josh keeps saying he doesnt want to talk abotu this till after Veto said sharon you have only been here an hour and already were approached by that side of house. SHaron keeps saying trust me shes playing for jacob too and josh says hes playing for neil
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Topic #7860903
raindrop110475 - sharon says she knew jen was lying when she said they talked to whole house 0 Replies #7860903 10:18PM 13/02/2008
sharon says she knows no one would want her gone. And josh says no they didnt talk to us. Also parker says he doidnt want them out she forced him to make that decision
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Topic #7860941
raindrop110475 - sharon keeps saying my only alliance is to you josh 0 Replies #7860941 10:22PM 13/02/2008
she tells josh that they dont think people will be togetehr at end but josh says yeah cause newone starts june 1st. so this one has to end in early april 7 weeks
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Topic #7860949
raindrop110475 - Josh thinks maybe the total is 1 million ( neeed another poster here) NT 0 Replies #7860949 10:23PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7860958
Hippiebitch - Josh - they said it was gonna be a short season next BB start July 1st 0 Replies #7860958 10:24PM 13/02/2008
this is why we're doing couples its a short season. It makes sense if ya think bout it, this ends in April next start end of June thats barely a month between people dont wanna go bam bam ya get burned out this show is so intense .
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Topic #7860979
raindrop110475 - Josh says plus if writers strike over then new shows will be on in May 0 Replies #7860979 10:25PM 13/02/2008
Says they are place keepers since writers strike this show is not supposed to be here now. Sharon says sshe has had his back from bginning and she will keep his back till end ( shes talkign to josh)
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Topic #7860987
raindrop110475 - sharon says jenis the evil they need to get out cause she ploptted parker had nothing to do with it NT 0 Replies #7860987 10:26PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7861000
Hippiebitch - JOsh - everything in the literature says "Til death do us part" which is til the end 0 Replies #7861000 10:28PM 13/02/2008
everyone says were gonna break up did ya google this thing I mean everyone says its gonna be a 6 - 8 week show 1st week was taped then the finale... it wouldnt surprise me if it was a short season I looked online and they were alrdy casting plus if the writers strike is over we're off the air. The new stuff will be on for May ya know we dont know whats goin on in the outside world they could be in production for new shows we're really just a placeholder/fill
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Topic #7861024
raindrop110475 - sharon leaves josh and goes to sauna room with amanada and says hes wants jen out 0 Replies #7861024 10:30PM 13/02/2008
sharon says she will get him to her side but amanda needs to give her time its nto gonna be easy to get him to her side she said I had to promise I was on his side. Sharon hugging jen jen saying it was hard to vote sharonout she felt bad sharon rocks her and tells her she knows and is ok.
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