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Topic #7890654
scandalous - Matt is lounging all over Alli in the bed. They're talking about double standards and ironically... 0 Replies #7890654 12:04AM 17/02/2008
Matt says why is ok for a guy to do a bunch of girls but not ok for a girl to do a bunch of guys?
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Topic #7890719
scandalous - Parker's rating women in the house at the request of Sheila: 0 Replies #7890719 12:11AM 17/02/2008
All the women are basically "6's" except for Jen who is a 7 or an 8; Amanda's a 9.

Matt thinks Amanda's the hottest but says he doen't rate women by numbers.
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Topic #7890725
scandalous - Parker says he knows he's "alright", maybe an 8. NT 0 Replies #7890725 12:12AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890774
scandalous - Parker says he's had sex w/ 2 white women, but not a relationship, but he says he feels chemistry with Amanda.... 0 Replies #7890774 12:19AM 17/02/2008
He says he doesn't want to hook up w/ Amanda in the house because of Alex (without really saying it).

Parker said he wouldn't have sex in the house.

Sheila says every guy in the house is attracted to Amanda. Matt jumps in and says that he thinks she's hot, but doesn't mean that he wants to be with her.

Parker says Matt is his "g" and wouldn't go there.

Matt says there's a love octagon going on instead of a triangle (lol)
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Topic #7890785
scandalous - Parker says he's glad Amanda's not his partner b/c he has to sleep in the same bed w/ her & he couldn't handle it...and his momma's watching NT 0 Replies #7890785 12:19AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890792
scandalous - Sheila says it's too bad that they don't have a guy in there for her. She said bring Will back, but then he's young too NT 0 Replies #7890792 12:20AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890821
scandalous - Alli moved over to the bed with Sheila, Nat got in bed next to Matt. Sheila said she wants someone in there Dick's age. NT 0 Replies #7890821 12:23AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890837
scandalous - Parker says they all got f*cked in the house and he said he's going to tell them off when he gets out of there...then BB voice said, "Parker... 0 Replies #7890837 12:25AM 17/02/2008
Stop That!" They laughed & Park said hell no, I won't!

Rambling, the mo fos knew exactly what they were doing, so f*ck that, I won't stop that!
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Topic #7890852
scandalous - Allison is telling Matt that she's pissed off that Park said she's a 6, Jen comes in telling Ryan that everyone knows about them having sex NT 0 Replies #7890852 12:27AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890867
scandalous - Alli is asking Adam if he thinks she's attractive. I don't know what's going on in the back yard but someone's screaming violently NT 1 Replies #7890867 12:28AM 17/02/2008
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WVpdles - Josh let out an Amanda bueno yell, then said he thinks that got out his anger toward her NT #7890872 12:30AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890869
scandalous - BB is telling everyone who came in from the hottub to put on their microphones NT 0 Replies #7890869 12:29AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890884
scandalous - James said, "don't be shy, just be gay!" and Josh goes, "hey that's my role" NT 0 Replies #7890884 12:31AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890892
scandalous - Matt's wandering by Alli & Adam (lying in bed together) looking like a lost puppy NT 0 Replies #7890892 12:32AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890921
scandalous - Chelsia has been sitting close to Alex on the couch in the BY all night; they are being entertained by a very loud James NT 0 Replies #7890921 12:34AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7890948
scandalous - Amanda dragged James out of the hot tub to do a handstand & he whipped off his undies to do that and a little naked penis dance NT 0 Replies #7890948 12:36AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891013
scandalous - Alex is kind of ragging on Amanda, but everyone is making fun of "Bueno!" Alex also told Chels that whatever feelings he had for Amanda are gone NT 0 Replies #7891013 12:42AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891058
scandalous - As Amanda is leaving, as soon as she closes the door everyone screams... 0 Replies #7891058 12:49AM 17/02/2008
She comes back out & says she wants to wrestle James. He says noooo, but then agrees. He still asks if he can do it naked, she said no!

They then proceed to have a very goofy wrestling match where James has dropped Amanda repeatedly.

James says, "I may look gay..." then Amanda gives up.

Meanwhile Parker has been curled up on the other side of Chels for a while. Ed. Amanda may be seeking attention with Alex & Park making a Chelsia sandwich.
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Topic #7891075
scandalous - As Sharon attaches Amanda's mic Amanda tells her she likes Parker. She then said it's obvious isn't it, Sharon shakes her head yes NT 0 Replies #7891075 12:51AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891084
scandalous - Alex walked over to Amanda & asked if she was ok after the wrestling match. Amanda said, "I like to fight, but I'd prefer it be a girl" NT 0 Replies #7891084 12:52AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891100
scandalous - Sheila calls Alli in and says, "can you believe we're mother f-ing 6's", Alli starts giving the reasons they're so much more NT 0 Replies #7891100 12:53AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891183
scandalous - Alli just said...right in front of Adam...I wish there was just one decent, single guy in here NT 0 Replies #7891183 1:00AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891213
scandalous - Josh told Sheila & Alli that they're both beautiful or they wouldn't be in the house; Sheila said at least there's one gentleman in this house.. 0 Replies #7891213 1:03AM 17/02/2008
Alli said..and he's gay

Sheila is still bitching about being a 6; says she better get her sleep. Sheila said she hates it already in the house and when Adam says it's going to get worse she says she wants to go home. Adam says too bad, you're stuck.
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Topic #7891226
scandalous - Adam is taking this opportunity to tell Sheila that's a good reason to vote Parker out NT 0 Replies #7891226 1:05AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7891424
scandalous - We had flames for a few & came back to Matt lying in Alli's bed in between Alli & Chels.. 0 Replies #7891424 1:25AM 17/02/2008
Sharon & Josh are there, they're talking about when the Veto ceremony will be. Amanda came in to say goodnight everyone!

Parker and Alex are joking that Adam & Sheila were in their bed getting freaky!

Sheila, there's nothing going on in cut that light out.

Sheila just said there is a 6 lying back here. Parker laughed. Now Chels said I'm a 6 too!? Now Parker is back tracking saying Chels is a 7.

Park said if they had more ass they'd get another point.

Amanda runs in & asks what is my butt? Matt says a 10.

Amanda asked what about Nat's boobs. Matt said an 8 b/c their too big for her.
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Topic #7891443
scandalous - Sheila yells over, I hate to tell you, but uncircumcised is much better. Parker is chiding Sheila saying 8-ball is banging her guts... NT 0 Replies #7891443 1:28AM 17/02/2008
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