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Topic #7898871
Taffy - Natalie is called to the Diary room... 0 Replies #7898871 7:53PM 17/02/2008
All cams still in the bathroom...Amanda asks the others there (Parker, Jen, Ryan) if they heard what Adam said...they say "no", so amanda says adam told her "the way you eat...You're turning me on" Amanda says she then thought (or said) "I'll stop eating then"...Amanda doesn't get much of a reaction from her audience...and now it's back to silence.
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Topic #7899118
happyness - Matt and Ali chatting by the pool table. He is seeing how the votes are going to turn out. NT 0 Replies #7899118 8:14PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899237
raindrop110475 - Matt says you have to keep your hos in order in response to Alex and Adam 0 Replies #7899237 8:24PM 17/02/2008
asking about allison -- matt says allison is into hi. Matt asks alex whats up with his boo and alex says amanda is into parker. Matt says hell pass off natalie and all boys talk about how they need sex and matt says allison is not his type and from waist down shes not bad but matt promised he wouldnt sex anytone and if his ex seeing he didnt sex anyone it may help him at home. Adam says yeah end of day I gotta go home and people will say you slept with that nasty ass.
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Topic #7899245
happyness - Matt, Alex and Adam are playing pool and talking about people in the house. NT 0 Replies #7899245 8:24PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899269
raindrop110475 - Adam assurese matta nd alex he will keep word and vote out ali and ryan but sheila may pull last minute change on him 0 Replies #7899269 8:27PM 17/02/2008
Matt and alex say they will understand but all think would be funny if parker and them leave. Say parker might leave will girls against him for calling them all 6's all guys say when chick is standing there u atleast give them a 7 are you stupid parker. Then all agree jen has bangin body and if her bf wasnt there they would be all over that. Matt says he told allison if she was as smart as she said she was then she could switch this in her favor. also seem to be upset with parkers moaning abotu BB says he signed up for it and we get flames
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Topic #7899280
raindrop110475 - Matt says hell go out like player he aint ccatching no feelins for anyoen here NT 0 Replies #7899280 8:28PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899317
raindrop110475 - Jen tells sharon and parker that sheila said she told ali that she would vote her out 0 Replies #7899317 8:31PM 17/02/2008
Sharon says that has to suck that your only friend in house is voting you out assuring jen and parker that they have her vote and will be 2/2. (I think sharon plans to vote them out) Parker says he has beef with BB says he hates them that hell set the house on fire.
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Topic #7899319
happyness - Feed switch to the bathroom where Sharon, Parker and Jen are chatting on the couch in there. 0 Replies #7899319 8:31PM 17/02/2008
It seems like Parker has been acting all moody today. He is having major issues with BB.
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Topic #7899340
raindrop110475 - Amanda just told alex she knows james is voting out parker alex says I think jen and parker are in for shock NT 0 Replies #7899340 8:33PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899406
raindrop110475 - Sharon tells parker and jen this is like a Highschool sleep over you cant get a ride home from NT 0 Replies #7899406 8:39PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899425
happyness - Matt is making fun of Ali to Parker and Jenn NT 0 Replies #7899425 8:40PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899427
raindrop110475 - Matt is tellignparker and jen how he is blowing smoke to allison how she is so smart and hot 0 Replies #7899427 8:40PM 17/02/2008
Even says dont listen to parker your not a 6 your a 9 and theyy are all high fiving and laughign abotu how stupid allison is and how great matt is
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Topic #7899446
raindrop110475 - Matt still talkign about what a player he is says its just like being home then throws in except my ex I never cheated on her NT 0 Replies #7899446 8:42PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899485
raindrop110475 - Matt whistles as alli walks past and says "too easy, Too easy" he says sheila would be a challange 0 Replies #7899485 8:45PM 17/02/2008
Parker asks if he would do sheila and matt says Im not having sex I have respect. I am not sexing or kissing anyone but if they wanna give me pleasure Ill let them my moms friends watch this show and I dont want them to say your son is banging women all over but they can say all these girls are going down on him then says sorry mom says he will mac on any girl who is leaving swing votes says he is trying to win without lying but what he says to women is different he will tell them whatever they need to hear.
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Topic #7899514
raindrop110475 - feeds swicth to ali and sheila bagging on matty saying that he is cute but neither would ever be with him NT 0 Replies #7899514 8:48PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899696
raindrop110475 - Matt is telling nat that he is flirting with allison to have her on side cause shes not going home 0 Replies #7899696 9:04PM 17/02/2008
Nat says thats fine aslong as you dont totally hook up with her and matty says no no way shes liek a 4 and nat says what am I and he says I dont rate girls but shes a 4
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Topic #7899706
raindrop110475 - Nat says Oh I know matt thats why I have been leaving you alone all day do all the flirting you need NT 0 Replies #7899706 9:04PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899867
crateriko - Alex and Matt in HOH room 0 Replies #7899867 9:15PM 17/02/2008
Matt thinks Parker/Jen are going home. Alex suspects it too. Alex says if he goes home it's because of that bitch (referring to Amanda). Alex says he'll talk to Josh/Chelsia/Sharon later tonight to ask them what he should do.
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Topic #7899878
raindrop110475 - Amanda started somethign with James abotu Matt matt talked to james and cleared it then went upstairs and told alex to check his girl 0 Replies #7899878 9:16PM 17/02/2008
Says she is in center of all drama and alex says into camera hear me BB if I loose this game its because of that b*tch
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Topic #7899898
raindrop110475 - Jen says if she stays tides are gonna turn NT 0 Replies #7899898 9:17PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7899950
raindrop110475 - most of house in sauna room discussing sex (parker jen ali chel sheila matt ) 0 Replies #7899950 9:22PM 17/02/2008
Says Adam sleeps late so he can play alone
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Topic #7899958
raindrop110475 - Chel says what time is it and they say 930 and so chel says its showtime time ""Heyyyy" 0 Replies #7899958 9:23PM 17/02/2008
Parker says hi we are all f'ed over by BB
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Topic #7899995
raindrop110475 - James and alex having heart to heart 0 Replies #7899995 9:27PM 17/02/2008
James say alex is amazing but amanda is a shitter says straight up most people in house hate your girl. Alex says I told her all the time to keep her mouth shut why should she always open her mouth. Even says he was gonna have all couple come up to him and tell him who he should vote out and why if there is tie cause they did for house james says vote out jen and parker that is a triangle that doesnt need to happen ( parker and amanada) and alex agrees
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Topic #7900001
raindrop110475 - James jumping rope outside now NT 0 Replies #7900001 9:27PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7900011
bbshannon - Jen talking about having dark hair in the past but Ryan likes blonde 0 Replies #7900011 9:28PM 17/02/2008
Sheila can't see her as a brunette..Alex grabs her ponytail and asks her if she dyed her hair.

Sheila and Ali laying down on a couch..Ali filing her nails. Mattie is propped up against Ali..Chelsia talking about her job.
Parker on the other couch.
Matt and Parker tell her to move out to LA..she said it would be fun.
Matt thinks everyone should live in LA once.
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