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Topic #7896126
Melonie - Parker gets down in the floor over Amanda gives her a hug and you could just see his backside and then you hear a kiss. 0 Replies #7896126 3:48PM 17/02/2008
He tells her he knows she is not ready for anything else yet. He says thats ok in due time.
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Topic #7896170
Melonie - Random chit chat now around the house in the kitchen and at the hot tub. NT 0 Replies #7896170 3:53PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896230
Taffy - Natalie is telling Josh, Sharon and Ryan, at the HT, how Amanda has pretended to be her friend from day one and it 0 Replies #7896230 4:01PM 17/02/2008
turns out she's been backstabbing her...Amanda approaches them and sits on a chair by the HT...she asks them "So, guys, do you think we'll be able to have three days without drama?" they say "What?" and she repeats the question...they all say yes, for sure...
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Topic #7896257
CruiseCritic - Chel doing dishes, Jen cleaning up coffee cups in the kitchen and 0 Replies #7896257 4:08PM 17/02/2008
Sheila at the counter. Chelsea says we are the big brother that must eat the most.

Nat, Sharon and Josh in HT and ALex there with legs in..

Noone else is on the feeds. F1 and F2 is HT F3 and F4 is kitchen.
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Topic #7896268
CruiseCritic - Jen emptying the ice cube trays saying these are the cheapest 0 Replies #7896268 4:09PM 17/02/2008
ice cube trays. Sheila at counter still eating something and Chelsea putting away dishes.

Jen picked up a bucnh of coffee cups that were on the counter and all were cold.
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Topic #7896276
CruiseCritic - Sheila talking about making Banana Bread later tonight and says that 0 Replies #7896276 4:11PM 17/02/2008
Amanda is really good at that kind of stuff. Sheila says she has to stop eating these (potato chips?)

SHaron now outside HT with legs in she is getting in next to Josh

Jen filled ice container with cubes to the top. Sheila sat back down and is snacking a little more......

Only 7 HGs on the feeds......(where is everyone else?)
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Topic #7896293
CruiseCritic - Jen and Chel talking about peppermint icecream and how they love it 0 Replies #7896293 4:15PM 17/02/2008
Sheila says they always bring it around Christmas time. Talking about peppermint coffee and Chels talking about different kinds of mint coffee with cappucino etc.
F4 just showed some of the guys (James, Adam and Matt) playing pool outsude. Someone folding laundry (Amanda or Alli) cant really tell.

Matt playing against James and score is 2-2 - they are going to play again
Amanda walks by with load of clean laundry - Alli and Chelsea by the laundry area now as well
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Topic #7896299
CruiseCritic - Josh gets out of HT and drying off - Sharon now getting out too and Nat just talking 0 Replies #7896299 4:17PM 17/02/2008
up a storm about Reno, Vegas to Alex etc.

Jen and Ryan get in hammock and cover up - he tells her that he is on her side and she said that is ok. they are cuddling up...(cute)

She tells him he needs more covers. she rests her head on his shoulder neck area....
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Topic #7896303
CruiseCritic - Natalie saying all her customers probably wonder where she is 0 Replies #7896303 4:19PM 17/02/2008
and says she works 1-7 and then would prob be going home to watch BB.

Alex talking about running later when it is cooler out.

Jen talking about working out to Ryan - they are swinging in hammock and he has his eyes closed.....

Ryan just gives Jen a little kiss.

Jen tells ryan she wants to cut back on the drinking when they get back home - for sure - maybe one day a week
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Topic #7896307
CruiseCritic - Sheila and Josh in BR talking about couples needed for the votes 0 Replies #7896307 4:20PM 17/02/2008
Josh saying we can all have a good time after that. SHeila putting pillow cases on. Josh going to get clothes.

BB- Ryan, please move your microphone higher

Josh (mimicking) please move your microphone higher
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Topic #7896312
CruiseCritic - Amanda outsuide talking to Nat as she dries off after getting out of HT 0 Replies #7896312 4:22PM 17/02/2008
Nat is going into sauna and then is coming back to PLAY. she tells the guys she will beat all their asses.

Nat - I beat crazy James - Adam - do you remember?
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Topic #7896320
CruiseCritic - 2 feeds on quiet bedrooms and 2 feeds on Jen and Ryan in hammock 0 Replies #7896320 4:23PM 17/02/2008
Now F1 and F2 went to Nat alone in sauna
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Topic #7896334
CruiseCritic - Pretty quiet on all 4 feeds - sharon walking thru house, Chelsea going to Jacuzzi and looks like 0 Replies #7896334 4:25PM 17/02/2008
Ryan may be asleep as Jen lays her head on his shoulder. They are all covered up.

Nat still alone in sauna and looks deep in thought. Ryan and Jen now talking about when they get home...talking about Valentines day.

Jen says she wants it to be unexpected.

2 feeds on sauna 2 on jen/ryan
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Topic #7896355
CruiseCritic - Josh talking about making something, rolling in a ball and putting seasoning on it 0 Replies #7896355 4:28PM 17/02/2008
Salt and Pepper and if you are going to put cheese on them. He is making burgers for him and sheila i think. She says you just need S&P

they both want no carbs - so there will be no rolls for the burgers for them.

AManda now in sauna with Nat...Alli is in there as well and talking about the 440 laps equal a mile....
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Topic #7896373
CruiseCritic - Josh - is that suede? to Sharon as he touches the strap of her bathing suit 0 Replies #7896373 4:29PM 17/02/2008
while she is pulling meat from the packages to make the burgers.

She says it is kina of.....

Sharon saying that noone ever beleives tat her and Jacob are really over.

Josh seasoning the meat - sharon doing the peppermill
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Topic #7896385
CruiseCritic - Nataqlie to Amanda - you and me are the same age arnt we?? 0 Replies #7896385 4:31PM 17/02/2008
Amanda says yet - just random chit chat in sauna and Sharon and Josh in the kitchen........

noone else on feeds - 2 feeds on the kitchen and 2 on sauna
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Topic #7896396
CruiseCritic - Alli and girls talking about worry lines, wrinkles, bags under eyes etc... 0 Replies #7896396 4:32PM 17/02/2008
Amanda talking about skinwhen you drink alot or smoke

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Topic #7896408
CruiseCritic - Josh throwing some oil in pan with the burgers - he was going to use butter because 1 Replies #7896408 4:33PM 17/02/2008
he doesnt want the burgers to stick.

Chel in HT and James sitting on the side with his legs in.

2 feeds on HT and 2 in kitchen
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CruiseCritic - They are turkey burgers NT #7896562 4:52PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896416
CruiseCritic - Josh rolling burgers and says "it feels like I have been here for an eternity" 0 Replies #7896416 4:34PM 17/02/2008
Josh tells Sharon that they are the safest BC they are playing both sides. talking about getting Chel and James out next.....
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Topic #7896430
CruiseCritic - Josh saying it will get tricky and that is when they have to start winning 0 Replies #7896430 4:35PM 17/02/2008
competitions. James and Chel at HT with not much else. SHaron leaves kitchen and Josh getting out spatula for burgers.

james telling chel it looks like they will be put in the position?

Amanda now standing up in sauna facing the two girls
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Topic #7896451
CruiseCritic - Alli says she was talking to Ryan on who the biggest threat was in the house 0 Replies #7896451 4:38PM 17/02/2008
and Ryan said Parker. Second biggest threat is Alex and Amanda. she says this right to Amanda. Nat stares at Amanda when she talks and Alli says she does not blame Amanda for what she did BC she would have done the same thing (putting up the "couple"). Amanda looking at herself and says she is getting chubby.
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Topic #7896477
CruiseCritic - Amanda saying to Alli she really wanted to get her out. because she thought she didnt like her 0 Replies #7896477 4:40PM 17/02/2008
and didnt know why. SHeila talking to Sharon in WC about not making enemies right now in the house. they are whispering......

Sheila says all because of your BF and she thinks the whole thing was staged (calling Parker a snake)

All three girls still in sauna
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Topic #7896492
CruiseCritic - Sheila and sharon talking that it was so stupid that Jen and Ryan told the truth - 0 Replies #7896492 4:43PM 17/02/2008
they could have stayed quiet and noone would have known about them being a couple.

Sharon talking how Jen is a backstabber -

SHeila says dont tell all the women here they are a 6 if you want to stay in the house. Talking about Parker and his mouth. Saying Parker wanted Sheila to start a fight with him

Sharon- adam.sheila james/chelsea - parker thinks if you vote against him he still has the votes.

Sheila - thats why he is on Matts ass. and adams.
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Topic #7896498
CruiseCritic - Sheila - You all could be doing eachother - who gives a dam NT 0 Replies #7896498 4:43PM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7896509
CruiseCritic - Sheila says that Parker said there is only one good lookign women in the hosue and that is 0 Replies #7896509 4:45PM 17/02/2008
Amanda. He told sheila that she was probably an 8 when she posed for Penthouse. they are cracking up.

talking about hwo Amanda looks on camera - they are cracking up.....

Sharon - she has everything just hanging there.....

Sheila - she might be italian but I am italian too. she is wide
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