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Ali to Ryan the tables are gonna turn and Josh if going to F*n die. NT - WVpdles
9:59PM 29/02/2008

Nat in from HT, asks Ali where Matt is NT - WVpdles
10:03PM 29/02/2008
Nat goes up to HoH NT - WVpdles
10:03PM 29/02/2008
Matt hides in bathroom and sharon tells Nat, Matt isn't there - WVpdles
10:05PM 29/02/2008

James just went into Adam's stuff and then went running out(i think he took something) NT - WVpdles
10:04PM 29/02/2008

Adam to DR NT - WVpdles
10:08PM 29/02/2008

Mattie seems to be trying pretty hard to get with Sharon.... - Brittney024
10:12PM 29/02/2008

Matt/Sharon kissing again NT - WVpdles
10:13PM 29/02/2008
Josh in from HT going upstairs. Matt's hands are wandering, they break apart b4 josh comes in NT - WVpdles
10:15PM 29/02/2008

Mattie keeps saying your my boys girl/ Sharon says well im sure im James girls too - Brittney024
10:14PM 29/02/2008

Getting a little heavier in the make out session with Mattie and Sharon... - Brittney024
10:14PM 29/02/2008

Josh walks in says Nat is looking for him big time, Josh said he told her - Brittney024
10:15PM 29/02/2008

Josh comes up to HOH and ends the make-out session. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:16PM 29/02/2008

Major **** block from Josh but he had no clue!!! - Brittney024
10:17PM 29/02/2008

Matt says the BJ rumour was started by Amanda...If he'd gotten one, he'd be going around high fiving people. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:17PM 29/02/2008

Earlier Josh said he had no clue about the Chel/James make-out session - Brittney024
10:18PM 29/02/2008

Matt said he's not going to give Nat his phone # when they leave. NT - WVpdles
10:20PM 29/02/2008

Matt tells Josh that C/J didn't celebrate the Pov win. - SouthernBelladonna
10:21PM 29/02/2008

Now talking about Ali's chest.... - Brittney024
10:22PM 29/02/2008

Nat going back up to HoH NT - WVpdles
10:23PM 29/02/2008
josh said matt was using restroom NT - WVpdles
10:24PM 29/02/2008

Matt leaves HOH. J/S and Nat talk about how Ali thinks she's staying and laugh. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:28PM 29/02/2008

Mattie left HOH... Nat was talking about him giving her a massage.. - Brittney024
10:28PM 29/02/2008

Now Sheila and Adam are going at it... she said that she kicks people like Adam right to the curve. NT - Brittney024
10:34PM 29/02/2008

Sharon just talking to Josh and pretty much made it sound like she isnt into Mattie - Brittney024
10:46PM 29/02/2008

Shar and Josh talk about her and Matt. - SouthernBelladonna
10:46PM 29/02/2008

Sharon laughing saying the lazy eye of Matt's makes her sick. - WVpdles
10:46PM 29/02/2008

Shar: "Matt's lazy eye freaks me out." NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:47PM 29/02/2008

Ryan says he thinks he want A/S next to him. Matt said consider it done then. more braggin about what he's doing with Sharon and he's American's - WVpdles
10:49PM 29/02/2008

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