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josh just told sharon that matt said he's gotten BJ's in the house and they think it's from Nat NT - WVpdles
12:21AM 29/02/2008

Josh said he's going to have grey hair when he leaves here. NT - WVpdles
12:24AM 29/02/2008

lights off in the HoH room, Nat still sitting on LR couch reading the Bible NT - WVpdles
12:25AM 29/02/2008

josh about amanda, he said he feels like he took her life on national tv and gave her a new one. (referring to the fight in the HT, - WVpdles
12:27AM 29/02/2008

Josh said he's going to check the PoV name bag tomorrow to make sure both names are in there. NT - WVpdles
12:29AM 29/02/2008

Adam is up and Nat's going out to sit with him while he smokes a cigarette. NT - WVpdles
12:31AM 29/02/2008

Nat tells Adam, Ali/Ryan can not win the PoV tomorrow, they can not win. NT - WVpdles
12:33AM 29/02/2008

Adam told Nat he won't use the PoV is he wins it, but will vote out Ali NT - WVpdles
12:40AM 29/02/2008

Adam done smoking and they go inside. Nat starts telling him things about the house, 300 logs, on the wall 447 books, glasses have ducks and deers - WVpdles
12:47AM 29/02/2008

Adam lays on the couch and Nat starts reading to him from Joshua 7, because Josh put her up and 7 is her lucky #. NT - WVpdles
12:49AM 29/02/2008

Nat now reading from Matthew 7:7 because her partner is Matt - WVpdles
12:55AM 29/02/2008

Adam gets up and goes to the kitchen for something else to eat. NT - WVpdles
1:01AM 29/02/2008

Josh up for a second, to get another pillow and fix the sheets/blankets NT - WVpdles
1:08AM 29/02/2008

F1-Matt/Nat and Sheila/Adam F2-James/Chel F3- HOH room Josh in his undies with Sharon and F4-Ryan (snoring quite loud) and Alli- All HGS asleep NT - CruiseCritic
2:49AM 29/02/2008

All HGs still asleep NT - DanaRose
7:28AM 29/02/2008

Sharon up to go to the bathroom and back to bed NT - DanaRose
7:57AM 29/02/2008

All Houseguests still asleep. NT - ttowttow
9:17AM 29/02/2008

Strangers in the Night is playing,..... LMAO NT - NYTC7
9:32AM 29/02/2008

OMG Strangers in the Night is the wakeup music! NT - nmbeach
9:32AM 29/02/2008

Good Morning Flames NT - NYTC7
9:32AM 29/02/2008

BB plays strange opera version of 'strangers in the night', HGs stir, then Flames NT - DanaRose
9:33AM 29/02/2008

Josh is wearing a crown and talking about how he's going to rip Alis heart out, take a bite and throw it away NT - NYTC7
9:41AM 29/02/2008

Sharon watching Ali on HOH cam and talking about a strange dream NT - NYTC7
9:42AM 29/02/2008

Ali getting breakfast in kitchen NT - NYTC7
9:43AM 29/02/2008

Matt up in WC, he slept bad talking to Ryan, Ryan slept bad too NT - NYTC7
9:44AM 29/02/2008

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