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Sheila tells Natalie that Alli said she needs to have Matt and Natalie out.. - DanaRose
2:44PM 29/02/2008

Nat says she doesnt trust Alli AT ALL, and they discuss that Alli will never win this game - DanaRose
2:46PM 29/02/2008

Josh saying Neil was OK but that he doesn't date white guys, mostly latinos. :) NT - CandySays
2:48PM 29/02/2008

Sheila and Nat saying Alli brags way too much and who cares if her sister got a $20k diamond NT - DanaRose
2:49PM 29/02/2008

S/J worried Chel easily swayed, she's only 21. NT - CandySays
2:50PM 29/02/2008

Josh/Sharon in HOH also discussing Allison... - DanaRose
2:52PM 29/02/2008

allison mad because they werent paying alot of attention to her when amanda passed out NT - lester04
2:53PM 29/02/2008

J/C and Matt and Alli in red BR. J/C cuddling, they're all discussing slop - DanaRose
2:56PM 29/02/2008

Ryan , Adam and Nat are eating pizza NT - WVpdles
2:58PM 29/02/2008

Matt tells J/C and Alli that he was a bad kid in high school... - DanaRose
3:00PM 29/02/2008

Ali said she'll break her hand to stay in the house, she'll do anything to stay in the house. Ryan said he won't NT - WVpdles
3:05PM 29/02/2008
James explaining how to do it. Take the fire extinguisher and put your hand on the pool table FLAMES NT - WVpdles
3:07PM 29/02/2008

alli said she would break her hand to stay in the house - lester04
3:06PM 29/02/2008

Ali said she's not a hair person, she doesn't care what her hair looks like NT - WVpdles
3:12PM 29/02/2008
Ali asking if people would shave their head to stay in the house. She won't shave it but she'd go very short. NT - WVpdles
3:13PM 29/02/2008

Sharon said to Nat/Josh if Ali somehow stays and they get to bring someone back, it needs to be Jen so Ali will wish she was evicted NT - WVpdles
3:17PM 29/02/2008

josh, nat & sharon in hoh room - lester04
3:18PM 29/02/2008

josh says he wants to take nat/matt off the block - lester04
3:21PM 29/02/2008

nat says if she was hoh she'd put up james/chelsia - lester04
3:23PM 29/02/2008

Ali to Ryan he is the strongest and smartest guy in the house and she can beat any of the girls both mental and physically NT - WVpdles
3:34PM 29/02/2008
Shortly after this she says worst case J/c can convince J/S to vote out M/N strategically is best - raindrop110475
3:46PM 29/02/2008

Ali ask Ryan if he's nervous she's getting a vibe from him that he's worried. Tells him to look at how fast he picked up chess NT - WVpdles
3:37PM 29/02/2008

Ali thinks worse case J/C can convince J/S to keep them over M/N NT - WVpdles
3:40PM 29/02/2008

Ryan and Ali now having the same talk(fight) about her lying NT - WVpdles
3:44PM 29/02/2008

Trivia! NT - Joy
3:45PM 29/02/2008
Veto started heard prodiucers voice say good afternoon houseguests and then people scream ( good luck matt and nat) NT - raindrop110475
3:47PM 29/02/2008

BB came on said " Good afternoon HGs!... Its time...flames" ( POV time baby ) NT - iupshaw
3:47PM 29/02/2008

Feeds back. Sheila and Nat pray together for the veto comp to go their way. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:52PM 29/02/2008

Nat and Sheila are hyped and jumping around ready for the comp....TRIVIA NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:54PM 29/02/2008

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