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Ali saing a female comedian will rip everyone on this show to shreds, not in a funny way either NT - NYTC7
10:50AM 29/02/2008

FIRE! NT - VanWinkle
10:51AM 29/02/2008

Bach from flames....everyone still in kitchen. Appears to be a lock down inside. Possible preparation for the POV? NT - VanWinkle
10:53AM 29/02/2008

in the bathroom...allison brushing teeth...chelsia getting ready.. - echo
11:17AM 29/02/2008

Allison commenting to chelsia how much people turn against you NT - echo
11:17AM 29/02/2008
cont...she talks about sheila...doesnt beleive anything she says NT - echo
11:18AM 29/02/2008

feeds change to HOH rm NT - echo
11:18AM 29/02/2008

josh says natalie had a vision what the veto will will involve lifting anf who can stay the longest NT - echo
11:19AM 29/02/2008

sharon having a shower NT - echo
11:19AM 29/02/2008

sharon and josh claiming they will win...chanting 3 in a row NT - echo
11:21AM 29/02/2008

Josh saying he wants to make pork chops NT - echo
11:26AM 29/02/2008

Sharon still showering....Josh now in kitchen...feeds change to living room.. - echo
11:29AM 29/02/2008

Josh and Sharon called to the DR NT - Bigjock4u9
11:47AM 29/02/2008

HG sitting around LR/kitchen, waiting for POV to begin. Matt refers to the movie Swingers - CaitlinRoran
11:47AM 29/02/2008

FOTH NT - kitkat07
11:48AM 29/02/2008

Alison and Matt comparing notes regarding Boston. Alison lives in Back Bay, and Matt on the north end. NT - CaitlinRoran
11:50AM 29/02/2008

J/c Matt and josh sitting in bedroom talking about being in New York and getting places. - kitkat07
11:51AM 29/02/2008

FOTH NT - CaitlinRoran
11:52AM 29/02/2008

Adm and Sheila were picked to play Veto, Sharon and Josh trying to calm each other down NT - Gorf
12:04PM 29/02/2008

feeds back...adam and sheila playing veto....josh and sharon on hoh room - echo
12:04PM 29/02/2008

Josh listening to brittney....sharon gathering laundry in bathroom NT - echo
12:11PM 29/02/2008

feeds switch to living room allison and adam talking - echo
12:14PM 29/02/2008

allison and adam discuss how they have to wait so long and on the show it apears it all happens fast - echo
12:16PM 29/02/2008

Now feeds are in red bedroom...ryan layin on couch in deep thought... - echo
12:18PM 29/02/2008

Sharon/Alison talking about exes. Sharon is still friendly with hers, as they were friends first. NT - CaitlinRoran
12:44PM 29/02/2008
That would be Jacob, Sharon's ex NT - WVpdles
12:47PM 29/02/2008

Sharon/Alison talking about Alex and the kiss between Sharon/Alex. Sharon tries to play it off as if Alex - CaitlinRoran
1:11PM 29/02/2008

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