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Josh saying he has an excellent feeling about today - NYTC7
9:46AM 29/02/2008

Ryan brushing teeth ( wasting hella water) NT - iupshaw
9:47AM 29/02/2008

Josh and Sharon leave HOH to change batteries, Alli hugging Matt from behind in KT, NT - DanaRose
9:48AM 29/02/2008

Ryan shaving (wasting even more water) Ali washing face NT - iupshaw
9:51AM 29/02/2008

Sheila out of shower, Ryan/Ali at bathroom mirror - NYTC7
9:51AM 29/02/2008

Nat up in WC NT - NYTC7
9:52AM 29/02/2008

Josh talking about putting up Sheila against Ali - NYTC7
9:54AM 29/02/2008

Ali tellin James/Chel that she has to saver her ass today NT - iupshaw
10:00AM 29/02/2008

alli tells J/C that she has to save her ass today thats why shes up. - DanaRose
10:02AM 29/02/2008

Ali saying to Nat that it is a MUST win for her today - NYTC7
10:11AM 29/02/2008

Josh talking about pitting Sheila and Ali against each other - NYTC7
10:17AM 29/02/2008

Ali/ryan talking in boat room - NYTC7
10:22AM 29/02/2008

Nat/Sheila talking about last years mad hatter pov NT - NYTC7
10:25AM 29/02/2008

Sharon trying to figure out how they are going to drag the game out with just couples NT - NYTC7
10:25AM 29/02/2008

Josh/sharon talking about the upcoming comp. then flames NT - NYTC7
10:29AM 29/02/2008

Sharon & Josh in HOH chatting about the camera track that goes all around the hoh room - DanaRose
10:29AM 29/02/2008

Adam and Chelsia now up NT - NYTC7
10:31AM 29/02/2008

matt and ryan - msbleuwiley
10:33AM 29/02/2008

Ryan cannot figure out how to close the ironing board, LOL NT - NYTC7
10:34AM 29/02/2008
OK it's broken, they aren't THAT dumb (maybe) NT - NYTC7
10:35AM 29/02/2008
Neither can Matt NT - NYTC7
10:34AM 29/02/2008

James making bed, Nat doing her hair curly again (yuk) NT - NYTC7
10:35AM 29/02/2008

Apparently they don't have any bread NT - NYTC7
10:36AM 29/02/2008

Ryan trying to show James/Chelsia how to fold up the pull out bed NT - NYTC7
10:37AM 29/02/2008

Josh called to DR NT - NYTC7
10:38AM 29/02/2008

James is making a salad (I'm thinking they don't have any carbs?), just veggies and meats maybe? NT - NYTC7
10:45AM 29/02/2008
yes they got all food items except carbs last no bread NT - dan222642
10:47AM 29/02/2008

Chelsia is making eggs, asking if anyone wants some NT - NYTC7
10:46AM 29/02/2008

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