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BB: James to DR NT - WVpdles
1:15PM 29/02/2008

HG's superstitious? Sharon yes, Alison no. They, and Sheila are all still discussion how Alex/Amanda looked good together and left the game with - CaitlinRoran
1:16PM 29/02/2008

Ali her sister's engagement ring is as big as Sharon's earrings and cost 60 Gs NT - WVpdles
1:18PM 29/02/2008
1:18PM 29/02/2008

Sharon/James/Chels discuss music. Sharon loves Enrique (ed:eek), and James predicted that she would be. Chels says that Britney should be shot, but - CaitlinRoran
1:25PM 29/02/2008

Sheila Ali talking about returning to life after BB house. Ali talks to her mom like 3 or 4 times at least a day NT - WVpdles
1:37PM 29/02/2008

Sheila knew leaving her son to do BB won't damage him in any way because he has so many friends, just make him appreciate her more NT - WVpdles
1:43PM 29/02/2008

"Eye of the Tiger" was one of the wake-up songs today. NT - Shar
1:47PM 29/02/2008

Matt in HoH listening to CD, Sharon reading Bible NT - WVpdles
2:00PM 29/02/2008

Matt telling J/S that Ali has moved to the same bed that Jen/Parker and Amanda/Alex slept in. NT - WVpdles
2:04PM 29/02/2008

Josh told Matt if they (J/S) win PoV they will take Matt off the block so there's no chance something changes last minute and they leave NT - WVpdles
2:06PM 29/02/2008

Josh - Ali is just too complimentary. Like Nat your fruit salad is like sooooooo good. Josh looked at it and didn't see anything different from - WVpdles
2:07PM 29/02/2008

Ali in kitchen talking to Chel, Nat and Sheila. Conventional sex is like so boring. NT - WVpdles
2:08PM 29/02/2008

Ali complaining BB got them up at 10am and it's 2 and they still haven't had the PoV comp NT - WVpdles
2:15PM 29/02/2008

Alli, Sheila, Chel and Nat chatting in KT, James joins them... - DanaRose
2:15PM 29/02/2008

Ali - the reason we're not on slop this week is because she was never tested to see what she was allergic to. NT - WVpdles
2:15PM 29/02/2008

Alli tells Ryan that hes gonna see her extremely crazy today and if they - DanaRose
2:21PM 29/02/2008

josh & sharon in HOH room - lester04
2:21PM 29/02/2008

Ali told Ryan he can not give up today in the comp, she doesn't care if it F*n kills him. NT - WVpdles
2:22PM 29/02/2008

Allli says to J/C im going to be like an animal out there - DanaRose
2:24PM 29/02/2008

Matt joins J/C and Alli in BR, Matts moms name is Laura, - DanaRose
2:26PM 29/02/2008

flames.. NT - lester04
2:26PM 29/02/2008

Flames NT - DanaRose
2:26PM 29/02/2008

Nat telling Sheila that the song eye of the tiger (played this morning) was Matt's school song, cuz their mascot was tiger NT - WVpdles
2:30PM 29/02/2008

allison saying james is a great kisser - lester04
2:34PM 29/02/2008

flames again NT - VanWinkle
2:36PM 29/02/2008

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