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Ali asks ryan if he can believe in every comp they're been 1 sec 1 position behind winning (I think she's wrong, Josh Sharon were in 2nd behind - WVpdles
6:14PM 29/02/2008

Nat in HOH w/ Josharon still. Every1 else in Red room NT - tammy420
6:28PM 29/02/2008

C/J, Matt, Adam, Ryan are in the bedrom talking about the comp. - SouthernBelladonna
6:28PM 29/02/2008

Josh tells nat and sharon he got freaked when he pulleed a/s ball at veto - raindrop110475
6:28PM 29/02/2008

Nat says longer you stay in houuse better your fan base is more exposure you have ( think she has had plenty) - raindrop110475
6:29PM 29/02/2008

Nat & Josh going to kitchen to plan dinner NT - tammy420
6:30PM 29/02/2008

Ali picking @ her face in wc (stop it!) NT - tammy420
6:32PM 29/02/2008

Matt and Allison in Sauna room matt telling alli that reason they lost was ryan was only carrying one piece instead of the two he was supposed to so - raindrop110475
6:32PM 29/02/2008

Sheila telling Josh that Ali thinks J/C are going up because they would vote to keep her NT - WVpdles
6:35PM 29/02/2008

Sheila said if you do put J/C and the votes are 2-0 that would mean her friend voted her out. Josh it's something to think about NT - WVpdles
6:36PM 29/02/2008

Josh left and Matt came into told Sheila he has her, but if she wins HoH next she can't put him up NT - WVpdles
6:37PM 29/02/2008
She agrees. NT - WVpdles
6:37PM 29/02/2008

Ali is sitting in the sauna alone. NT - SouthernBelladonna
6:38PM 29/02/2008

Ali in sauna playing with her hair, thinking NT - WVpdles
6:38PM 29/02/2008

Matt tells Sheila ' I got your back this week and you dont put me up if you - DanaRose
6:39PM 29/02/2008

Sheila is telling Matt that Ali really believes that she has her vote. - SouthernBelladonna
6:40PM 29/02/2008

Josh/Chel in SR, josh wants chel to let ali think, C/J might vote for her so she's blind sided Wed - WVpdles
6:42PM 29/02/2008

Sheila tells Matty that Nat has the 'spirit' in her... - DanaRose
6:43PM 29/02/2008

Matt/Ryan trying to decide who they want up, who's vote they trust the most Adam or James NT - WVpdles
6:50PM 29/02/2008

Matt to ryan once the pov is used, we work for the votes. 1st we keep you here, then we get HoH NT - WVpdles
6:50PM 29/02/2008

Ryan mad that he hasnt won anything, says he is glad that M/N won - Brittney024
6:51PM 29/02/2008

Ali telling Adam that she's going to tell them if it's 2-0 she's not voting for them in the jury house NT - WVpdles
6:54PM 29/02/2008

Ali thinks they (BB) doesn't want to get rid of her because of the rivalry with josh NT - WVpdles
6:55PM 29/02/2008

Sharon/Josh in HoH planning next week, they can't play for HoH but everyone plays for PoV (little do they know) NT - WVpdles
6:56PM 29/02/2008

Ali telling Adam she knew all the answers to the HoH question and was only 1 sec behind Sharon answering NT - WVpdles
6:57PM 29/02/2008

Ali had to get Nat to help turn on the sauna NT - WVpdles
6:58PM 29/02/2008

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