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Topic #8079063
CruiseCritic - Guys still chatting in kitchen at counter and looks like Alli just walked thru and said she 0 Replies #8079063 2:25AM 03/03/2008
cant sleep. the guys are not being quiet.
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Topic #8079067
CruiseCritic - Asked Allison if she wanted to hang out - she is at counter with them and smiling saying it is 0 Replies #8079067 2:26AM 03/03/2008
2:30 in the morning.SHe is now leaning on the counter talking with them. Guys are all laughing
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Topic #8079074
CruiseCritic - Talking about a pair of Alli's shorts that had something on them that had little stains on them and Alli 1 Replies #8079074 2:29AM 03/03/2008
wants to know which pair of shorts he is talking about and Adam said he doesnt know but they had little stains on them. James said they were denim and Alli says she doesnt have denim shorts.

Alli - I will tell you something now, point lank, I have never sh!t my pants, even when I was a little kid and I want to know which pair of shorts you are talking about.

Adam says he didnt say they were yours. Alli wants to know what pair - she is smiling and says she has been here 20 days and you think she doesnt know when someone is fn lying.

she wants to know which shorts - now someone says green cargo. Now she says she is going to bring out every pair of shorts out there right now and she goes into BR and is going to get her shorts.
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addicted2bb - When Alli went to get her clothes out of the drawers, #8079105 2:42AM 03/03/2008
she hid something (article of clothing) behind items on top of the dresser. She then took the rest of the clothes out to the guys in the kitchen for inspection. When she took her clothes back in to the bedroom, she retrieved the hidden item and put it back in the drawer with her clothes.
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Topic #8079086
CruiseCritic - ALli in Br going thru drawers etc and gathering shorts - the 4 guys are at the counter still 0 Replies #8079086 2:33AM 03/03/2008
and looks like Mattie is eating something out of a bowl.

Adam - they are clean now anyways dude. Alli has an armful of shorts.

someone asks here where the blue ones are - Alli says you are going to go on national television and say I have shi!ty underwear. All her clothes are on the counter and guys are picking them up and going thru them and then Adam says "maybe they were Jens"

Adam says they were jean inside - Ryan, Matt and Adam going thru all her shorts (not underwear) and Adam says - sorry allison it wasnt you. and alli says she wants to clarify it on national tv that she does not have shi!ty underwear.

Now they went thry all shorts and undies. Adam says they were a light colored blue. Adam folding some of her clothes for her now.

Alli - saying she doesnt have shi!ty clothes period.

Adam now saying there were someone elses - and says they were blue shorts and he saw them the first day
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Topic #8079088
folieadeux8381 - Alli: "See, I don't have sh*tty pants." (lol) 0 Replies #8079088 2:34AM 03/03/2008
...AFTER she's dragged out every item of clothing she has into the kitchen to prove it.
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Topic #8079089
CruiseCritic - Alli even has brought her shirts out to the counter and the table is covered in her clothes and 0 Replies #8079089 2:34AM 03/03/2008
Ryan asks her "arnt you glad you came out to use the restroom?"

Alli brings somw of the clothes back in the BR to put away - more clothes still on KT table
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Topic #8079092
CruiseCritic - 4 guys at the counter as Alli gathers up the rest of her clothes from the table - she is laughing and smiling 0 Replies #8079092 2:36AM 03/03/2008
and has the rest of her clothes in her hand. Adam says he blames someone else - Alli says she doesnt mind people talking about her but doesnt want to be called "shi!ty shorts"
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Topic #8079094
CruiseCritic - Adam is on his stomach on long end of counter and guys are around the circle end of it 0 Replies #8079094 2:36AM 03/03/2008
Allison has gotten back in bed
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Topic #8079098
WVpdles - the guys are plotting operation make it rain 0 Replies #8079098 2:38AM 03/03/2008
when all the girls are outside sun bathing they're take all the girls clothes and throw them from the HoH railing mixing them all together then call them inside hey girls BB has a suprise for you
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Topic #8079103
CruiseCritic - James talking about cutting Adams hair - they are all laughing and Adam gets off the counter 0 Replies #8079103 2:40AM 03/03/2008
with a cigarette in his mouth and heads outside. the guys say "some on baller lets do it"

Ryan says we have to offer him something - talk of offering him votes to But his hair (monk style?)

Talk of Alli's shorts and Adam says "I NEVER said they were hers"

Adam offers James a cigarette and james says sure (James is out).

Matt sits on stairs going up to HOH and Ryan still at round end of the counter. Ryan now heads outside
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Topic #8079106
CruiseCritic - Matt in WC looking in mirror, picking at teeth. James asks Ryan what is Mattie doing and Ryan says 0 Replies #8079106 2:42AM 03/03/2008
he is back in the bathroom. James says he loves how mattie tries to smoke.

ADam - Allison really hates me now
Ryan - no she doesnt

Matt is now outside with the other three guys
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Topic #8079107
CruiseCritic - Guys talkign about exploding aerosol cans - WD40, Lysol and James talking about 0 Replies #8079107 2:46AM 03/03/2008
throwing sh!t and Ryan says it is fun to throw sh!t in the fire. the guys are all getting along and having lots of laughs.

Adam laughs on how he blamed it all on James (saying Alli had dirty shorts) they all laugh

Talk of going to bed and Ryan says something about cooking another pizza. guys are all back in the house and Ryan has taken a pizza box out.

James says something about puttingbox and all in and how it would catch on fire and have Mattie go get the pizza.

Adam says he is going to have a hard time sleeping tonight after all this.

They are not making a pizza - someone says it has to last til thursday
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Topic #8079108
WVpdles - Now the guys are talking about throwing all the girls clothes in the pool. NT 0 Replies #8079108 2:46AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079109
CruiseCritic - Matt is laying on the dinner table, Adam on the counter and Ryan and James sitting at the counter 0 Replies #8079109 2:47AM 03/03/2008
they are all laughing and having laughs talking about something to do with the pool?
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Topic #8079110
CruiseCritic - Talking about hiding all the bras. Decorating tree with panties or the canoe 0 Replies #8079110 2:48AM 03/03/2008
they all laugh and are plotting.
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Topic #8079111
CruiseCritic - Alli is back up and just saw her run out of the BR - she is in SR and you hear James say 1 Replies #8079111 2:49AM 03/03/2008
who is that??

Matt - who is that listening to our plans???

Alli going thru all the cupboards in SR
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WVpdles - She's looking for chocolate syrup to put on her panties NT #8079112 2:49AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079114
CruiseCritic - Alli opens fridge and looking for something (cigarettes?) and has a bottle of something 0 Replies #8079114 2:51AM 03/03/2008
that she is shaking as she continues to go thru all the cabinets.

guys talking about the HOH blog this week and say they cant imagine what that will be about. lLli comes out and goes back toward BR and James calls her in the kitchen - they think she was in the DR (lol)

They think she heard about the plan of the panties/bras and she says she was in storage and James tells her she was in the DR , you were not in storage. she says she went to get an orange (which ryan is now eating)

laughing around counter - she laughing telling Adam he said on national tv she had shi!ty shorts - FLAMES
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Topic #8079116
CruiseCritic - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8079116 2:53AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079121
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and Alli back in bed - guys are all still in their same spots 0 Replies #8079121 3:00AM 03/03/2008
(on table - on counter) and laughing and having fun. Adam now sitting up and spinning on the counter....
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Topic #8079122
CruiseCritic - Adam says "I hate my wife" they are all cracking up (and I am OUT for now) NT 0 Replies #8079122 3:00AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079128
WVpdles - Guys are going to bed NT 0 Replies #8079128 3:03AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079139
CruiseCritic - Adam in bed talking to Alli and you can see Sheila laughing - then Chels yells, Baller 0 Replies #8079139 3:08AM 03/03/2008
please be quiet.

quiet now in the house

..later all
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Topic #8079184
addicted2bb - all HGs sleeping now NT 0 Replies #8079184 3:40AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079760
NYTC7 - HGs still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8079760 7:56AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8079963
niktrik - Zzzzzzzzz. NT 0 Replies #8079963 8:29AM 03/03/2008
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