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Topic #8082556
evey36 - Sheila still going on about Hudson River puzzle NT 0 Replies #8082556 2:33PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8082678
Snarf123 - James and Chels in the Hammock talking about random things. 0 Replies #8082678 2:52PM 03/03/2008
Just talking about Chels' toes and fingernails and how gross they look.

James gets out abruptly and she almost falls out. She screams, "You f'er!" and then he comes back to kiss her.

They both get up.
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Topic #8082688
Snarf123 - Sheila and Alli in the WC talking about Evel Dick and tactics in past seasons. 0 Replies #8082688 2:54PM 03/03/2008
Sheila says she's not afraid of him and maybe he'll come on the show.

"Bring it on, Evel!" she hollers.
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Topic #8082723
Snarf123 - Sheila and Natalie now in backyard, sunning. 0 Replies #8082723 2:58PM 03/03/2008
Sheila: James is looking at me.

Nat: I don't care, James is going down next week.

S - It seems like people are getting way ahead of themselves in this game.
She goes on to say that Alli is making the point about the cigs and
James possibly wanting to keep Adam around for the cigs.

More talk about who people would want to give the money to in the end for personal reasons.
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Topic #8082725
Snarf123 - Flames NT 0 Replies #8082725 2:58PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8082733
Snarf123 - Chelsia is putting more pink coloring in James' hair. NT 0 Replies #8082733 2:59PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8082811
WVpdles - In the hammock, Ali to Ryan Seriously I think this alarm thing can save us, you don't know how much america is involved in this game and you know 1 Replies #8082811 3:07PM 03/03/2008
they don't want us to leave. And that puzzle in the hamster cage might help us too.
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WVpdles - Ali - josh is so afraid of you NT #8082830 3:09PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8082839
Snarf123 - Alli and Ryan in hammock. 0 Replies #8082839 3:10PM 03/03/2008
(missed beginning of convo)

They are going over arguments to make to keep them over Adam and Sheila.

Saying Adam and Sheila haven't really contributed, don't deserve to be there.

Alli thinks Nat and Sheila are essentially helping her case by focusing on James and Chels some.

Alli swears that she thinks this whole alarm thing favors them. She thinks America doesn't want them to go because she's been the center of all of the drama.

Also, Alli wants to pretend like she knows the puzzle thing in the guinea pigs and Ryan should hint to James she'd be willing to help James with it.

Ryan says no. That makes her a threat and may be more of a reason to get her out.

They consider talking directly with Josh. Ryan might defend her to Josh some -- claims he didn't call Alli a bitch.

Alli encourages Ryan to call out Josh on him putting the Matt/Natalie nom last week all on Alli.

Alli says Josh is afraid of Ryan.

Ryan tells Alli she needs to stick up for herself too. Ryan says if Josh pulls stuff before a comp to break down Alli, he'll step in, but if it's just personal sh*t, then Alli needs to defend herself.

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Topic #8082889
kandio - Alli/Ryan. A trying to figure out how to stay. Wanting R to stick up for her 0 Replies #8082889 3:14PM 03/03/2008
A telling R to call Josh out. Alli saying Josh s afraid of Ryan..Telling R Josh says even your partner does not stick up for you. Ryan says u need 2 stick up for yourself. Alli says it does not bother her. Telling R that the guys are hard n girls [last night] Alli does not see any reason why J/C will keep them. They are a threat. A saying they have not said they will vote 4 S/A. A saying James gave her obituary
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Topic #8082976
WVpdles - Ryan playing pool with James invists Chel over for some 'talk'. Ryan says Matt is voting for them. Chel replies with - but that's what Matt 0 Replies #8082976 3:23PM 03/03/2008
is telling Adam/Sheila too. Adam came out and game talk ended.
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Topic #8083048
WVpdles - Jame/Adam playing pool. James tells him that Matt's telling Ryan they have his vote. Adam says he's telling me same thing. 0 Replies #8083048 3:30PM 03/03/2008
james says matt is waiting for james to say who he's voting for then follow him and james is not telling him. adam calls matt shady and trying to set himself up for next week. adam says he's not telling anyone anything not even sheila. let them all keep guessing and stressing. chel comes join them.
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Topic #8083238
Melisah - James and Chelsia are taking showers and James keeps going over to her side... 0 Replies #8083238 3:52PM 03/03/2008
... there's much laughing and giggling and Chelsia washing his back.
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Topic #8083244
CruiseCritic - James and Chels both taking showers and Chels has finally taken the piece of foil off 0 Replies #8083244 3:53PM 03/03/2008
of her bangs. Sheila and Alli have been in the kitchen for the past half hour or so - doing dishes together and getting along quite well - they are now at the counter together

Adam was reading the bible.

Ryan asking about dinner and Sheila mentions that she misses the wave
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Topic #8083271
CruiseCritic - Ryan, Alli and Sheila talking about who might come back in the house 0 Replies #8083271 3:55PM 03/03/2008
and Sheila mentions Alex and says that she really did like Amanda as well.

Sheila said she would have loved Parker to walk back in the door - the Parker that first came in the house - not bitter Parker.

Ryan says once he went on the block he over did it.

James out of the shower now and Chels still in.
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Topic #8083292
SouthernBelladonna - James just got out of the shower and dried off in the bathroom, showing us all his business. NT 0 Replies #8083292 3:56PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083296
CruiseCritic - Sheila - the alarm may go off tonight and 4 people might go - who knows. 0 Replies #8083296 3:56PM 03/03/2008
Alli says the creator of this show has something in mind and no matter what we do or say....isnt going to matter

James walking out of the WC and Chels still in shower.
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Topic #8083323
CruiseCritic - Back from Flames and Alli talking how she thinks this season has the highest ratings and 0 Replies #8083323 3:59PM 03/03/2008
Shiela goes "really"

Alli starts singing "rising up.." (song from Survivor from Rocky movie) and then tells herself to stop singing.

Sheila says she will probably never eat a pickle again or salsa unless it is mixed with something. Talk about Slop.

Chels STILL in the shower and James came back in and is talking to her at the shower door.
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Topic #8083328
CruiseCritic - Sheila talks about eating pickles dipped in BBQ sauce and how she lost 0 Replies #8083328 4:00PM 03/03/2008
5 pounds and tells America that she has the perfect diet - you dont even have to work out
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Topic #8083349
CruiseCritic - Ryan asks James if he ever uses the microwave to defrost things and James says he 0 Replies #8083349 4:02PM 03/03/2008
doesnt because it nukes it. Ryan says yeah it does.

Talking about something Amanda made that Alli wants - called puppy chow? Trying to remember how to make it and then remember they dont have any cereal and Sheila says she will make it when they get it and then says ---

ohh I might not even be here to make it.

Chels finally turns off the shower
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Topic #8083358
CruiseCritic - James sitting at the counter with Sheila and Alli and Sheila says that she never thought that 0 Replies #8083358 4:02PM 03/03/2008
going on the block would make her laugh soo much
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Topic #8083373
CruiseCritic - Chels out of shower with blue towel on head and wrapped around her body and goes 0 Replies #8083373 4:05PM 03/03/2008
and joins the three of them at the kitchen counter.

Talk about the game, going on the block, 9 million viewers, Sheilas book deal etc.

2 fees switch to Ryan in SR.

Chels asks Sheila if her book is done and Sheila says it is not done, it is in a proposal state.

Ryan was looking for cheese.

Chels back in WC
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Topic #8083408
CruiseCritic - Talking about people monitoring storage room and James talking about 0 Replies #8083408 4:08PM 03/03/2008
producers in DR and other areas of the house.

James says that it doesnt really hit you yet that two people in this house will have 250k each and 2 people will have 25k each.

James says that two people will split the money.

Ryan and Sheila says that they didnt really hear that - james is sure that it will be ONE COUPLE and not one person.

James says you cant sleep in different bed than anyone else, you do competitions with that person etc.

Chels now saying that first place couple gets 500k and they split and chels and James think it will be two couples.

James said he asked Julie about the money and she said a couple will win the money. Sheila and Ryan dont remember hearing that.

Sheila says that we probably should not be talking about this
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Topic #8083422
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she really hasnt thought about the money and James said it is surreal BC someone in this 0 Replies #8083422 4:09PM 03/03/2008
house will have alot of money.

Shiela saying she needs to have her book taken care of.
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Topic #8083444
CruiseCritic - Chelsia is getting dressed and the group in kitchen talking about the $ and who needs it and 0 Replies #8083444 4:12PM 03/03/2008
James said ppl might say "well she has a book deal, why would she need the money"

Sheila says she does need the money, she is a single mom. It is premature for anyone to say that they are going to get a half milliond dollars and Sheila says whoever gets the money DESERVES it.

Tells James that the house is luxury to him - but her kid, her dog, her family, her house are her luxuries
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Topic #8083462
CruiseCritic - Alli says that people in the house that know her. know that they she is a single Mom 0 Replies #8083462 4:14PM 03/03/2008
and Sheila says that there is no guarantee of the book deal as it has been in her agents office for 8 years.

(Time for me to stop posting for a few)
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