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Topic #8085547
Brendabythebay - Matt counters with James told Adam he was keeping him and operation condor, gahdnah etc NT 0 Replies #8085547 7:31PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085549
pooh5983 - James is calling out Matt for saying he going to vote for both poeple 0 Replies #8085549 7:31PM 03/03/2008
Matt is saying that is Big Brother. Both Adam and Ryan are just sitting there not saying anything.
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Topic #8085568
Disneyisme - The game just ends and the talk begins...James immediately starts in with Matt saying "first of all man, you said I am in an 1 Replies #8085568 7:32PM 03/03/2008
alliance with Alli and Ryan with your own mouth." Matt says "when was that? who said that?" James says "Sharon..." Matt says "fine, bring her out here then." James continues "and I don't care how you vote, but I don't like you telling people how your voting." Matt says "no I'm not..." James says to Adam "has he told you he is gonna vote for you?" Adam says yes...then James says it's BS that Matt told both Adam and Ry he would vote for them...Matt says "That's f'n Big Brother buddy, is that not?!" Matt is not having it...he tells James he doesn't need to be concerned with what he's doing.
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Disneyisme - James keeps saying.."so didn't you tell them both you were gonna vote for them?" Matt says #8085597 7:34PM 03/03/2008
"yep, what's that got to do with you?" Matt gets mad telling James he has things he could expose him on...he says "you want me to tell people about f'n stuff like you are some kind of angel over here...."
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Topic #8085626
Brendabythebay - Ryan is asking what is operation gardener and someone tells him its Allison. 0 Replies #8085626 7:35PM 03/03/2008
James makes a good point that he hasnt promised two different couples his votes.

Matt also makes a good point that you play the game your way I'll play my way.
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Topic #8085642
Disneyisme - James tells Matt that he is throwing both the guys he is playing pool with under the table. 0 Replies #8085642 7:35PM 03/03/2008
Matt isn't buying it...he says "well everyone knows where I stand. This is BB...whatever man." James leaves to head inside after he said his piece.
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Topic #8085657
Brendabythebay - OMG now Chels comes out and starts in on Matt. When the time comes she will say who she will vote for. NT 2 Replies #8085657 7:36PM 03/03/2008
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Disneyisme - She pretty much backed down when he told her not to f'n yell at him...she said she wasn't. NT #8085705 7:38PM 03/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - She's yelling, backing down, then calling him out again saying he's fk'd up. NT #8085743 7:39PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085719
Brendabythebay - Chels to Matt: I think its f'd up that these two people are coming up to me saying 0 Replies #8085719 7:38PM 03/03/2008
I KNOW Mattie is voting for me, please vote for me. Make promises to both of them.

Matt points out that same thing happened with Alex.

Someone starts to talk and Chels screams SHUT UP I'm trying to talk oh now I lost my train of thought.
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Topic #8085783
Brendabythebay - Sheila: I don't unnerstand. That would remove stress if we knew. People have to play how they want to play. NT 0 Replies #8085783 7:40PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085785
Disneyisme - Chels is steaming mad....Matt is trying to explain that he doesn't have to tell people what he is doing. He says "this is a game, 1 Replies #8085785 7:40PM 03/03/2008
so of course I'm gonna try and cover my a** all around." Matt says he didn't want to be bothered for votes this week so he basically told them both he would vote for them. He says he knows who he is voting, but ain't saying. Ry says "so you DO know who your voting for?" He answered yes.
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Brendabythebay - "This is Big Brother. This is Big Brother ok? This is Big Brother" NT #8085807 7:41PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085828
Brendabythebay - Matt says they all hang out late and play pool, eat pizza, James says yeah but why make it hard by promising two couples your vote? NT 0 Replies #8085828 7:42PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085847
Brendabythebay - Matt says he went up to James and said what do you want to do and James wouldnt answer so he was like fine thats how you want to play NT 0 Replies #8085847 7:43PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085856
Disneyisme - Now Ryan is telling Matt that he can play how he wants, but that in the end this strategy will not help him. 0 Replies #8085856 7:43PM 03/03/2008
James says "dude we eat together and play pool together, you'd think you want to make things easier..." Matt tells James that he tried to figure out how to vote in order to make the vote go 2-0 and at that time James told him "I'm not f'ing telling you what I am doing..." So Matt says I don't have to tell you either.
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Topic #8085906
Brendabythebay - Sheila goes AWF that it makes it stressful they don't say how they are going to vote. NT 1 Replies #8085906 7:45PM 03/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - over and over NT #8085913 7:45PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085910
SouthernBelladonna - James to Matt: Go f**k yourself. I burned you and you think I'm gonna burn everybody. 0 Replies #8085910 7:45PM 03/03/2008
"You're the one who's playing people"

Chel now telling Sheila that she swears she will tell them who she's voting for...

Sheila saying it's stressful that they won't tell her who they are voting for.

James says he has let both parties talk.

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Topic #8085922
Disneyisme - James says "so I burn you and you think I am burning every f'ing body in the house?" 0 Replies #8085922 7:46PM 03/03/2008
Matt says "you burned me! Why should anyone trust YOU?" Sheila now says that it should be on the table who is voting for who. She is telling James he should give it up and not say he doesn't want to talk about it and refuses to tell people how he's voting. She says that it's just as stressful as Matt telling them both they have his vote.
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Topic #8085983
Brendabythebay - Chels says her and James are playing straight up because they wont promise two couples their vote. 0 Replies #8085983 7:48PM 03/03/2008
Points out Matt did.
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Topic #8086006
Disneyisme - Matt says that they should be able to continue to hang out and play pool with each other, WHILE they are playing 0 Replies #8086006 7:49PM 03/03/2008
the game. Chels says "the way WE are playing the game is to be straight up. We aren't gonna make deals all over the place, then boot someone." Nat chimes in and says "you aren't playing straight because you put us on the block when you said you wouldn't..." Chels says "so what did we tell you about that?" nat says "you put us up and MADE us have to win the POV to get another couple out!" Nat says "James your being a hypocrite!"
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Topic #8086039
Brendabythebay - Sheila says to James & Chels ... OK so you're gonna tell us how you are gonna vote 0 Replies #8086039 7:50PM 03/03/2008
James is like um well no not necessarily and Chels is like yeah I will!
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Topic #8086112
Brendabythebay - James asks Nat where she heard the schizophrenic mom thing and the girls chime in that is sick, 0 Replies #8086112 7:53PM 03/03/2008
Nat says thats not something someone can help.

James yells at her who's the source? It was someone out here! She refuses.
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Topic #8086152
SouthernBelladonna - Nat and James argue. And Chel and Nat. 0 Replies #8086152 7:55PM 03/03/2008
Back and forth about lying...Nat upset again about James noming them...

James saying he told them the reason he decided to put them up...

James says he wouldn't promise multiple people votes because it messes with them.

Now back to the thing about James breaking Nat down...James denying saying sosme of the things they claim he said...

Chel and Nat into it now...back and forth..Nat saying "god bless you"

James says he never said he would break Nat down every day and make her cry...he's asking people for confirmation...noone will confirm or deny..

Matt says James told him that if he took him out, he'd (James) win 250 thousand.

James yells back that he didn't say that, that he said if Matt hit him he'd (James) win 250 thousand (ed. that was what was said...Matt is remembering it wrong)

Sheila confirms the 250 thousand comment...

More back and forth...

Josh in the BY now...

Things calming down...

Chel (joking): Let's just all f'n kill each other right now because that would be splendid.
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Topic #8086155
raindrop110475 - Apparently sheila was upset that james said if matt hit him he would get 250k meaning he is the only competition 0 Replies #8086155 7:55PM 03/03/2008
James says he never said that that he said would increase his chances. Josh says leave vote in my hanmds Ill be bad guy ryan gets upset and says yeah so you can take us out that would be great josh says u never know.
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Topic #8086192
raindrop110475 - Jmaes and chel saying they didnt say they would use schzophranic mother against nat cause thats sick ( ed they did say earlier they would use her 0 Replies #8086192 7:56PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8086205
SouthernBelladonna - James says he didn't bring up Nat's schizophrenic mother. Matt agrees that James didn't say that and doesn't know who did bring it up. NT 0 Replies #8086205 7:56PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8086217
Brendabythebay - Ryan just officially stood up for ALi. It was over the schizo mom thing. 0 Replies #8086217 7:57PM 03/03/2008
They were trying to figure out who said it and Ryan said it wasn't Ali cuz she wasnt out here.
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Topic #8086232
raindrop110475 - Sheila inside with josh and Nat sayign what james and chel are doing with not tellign vote is more stressful NT 0 Replies #8086232 7:57PM 03/03/2008
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