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Topic #8083821
teamdonatolove - Josh loves getting attention from Sharon with his rants. 0 Replies #8083821 4:47PM 03/03/2008
he disses Allison and makes Sharon laugh..
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Topic #8083830
raindrop110475 - sheila says she was raised differently than these people who dont care and alex was raised right which is why people thought she had crush on him 0 Replies #8083830 4:48PM 03/03/2008
Said alex cleaned up after himself cause he was raised right. Allison says its cause his dad died so thats why hes extra good and sheila says no his dad died when he was older but she respected that alex would cook and clean and she liked that
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Topic #8083841
raindrop110475 - allli makes ryan promise to not have fit if she starts winning in Chess NT 0 Replies #8083841 4:49PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083857
WVpdles - Ali/Ryan playing chess, Sheila watching 0 Replies #8083857 4:51PM 03/03/2008
Josh and Sharon come downstairs. Josh goes in to James/Chel in bed. Sharon now joins them.
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Topic #8083896
WVpdles - Sheila's telling Adam, that James thinks they have a better chance in the end against Ryan/Ali because no one wants to give Jen the $$ NT 0 Replies #8083896 4:56PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083900
kandio - Josh, J/C talking. Josh ask them whats going on. Sharon comes in 0 Replies #8083900 4:57PM 03/03/2008
James talking to Josh something about Matt. BB James put on your mic. Josh goes. Sharon talking to them. Nobody can find Adam..They say he is sleeping in a boat. Josh back they are talking about enema's..{to gross to write about}

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Topic #8083915
Melisah - Josh is going into the detail on the ins and outs, so to speak, of gay sex. 1 Replies #8083915 4:59PM 03/03/2008
I can't... write about this, I'm trying to eat dinner.
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CruiseCritic - Talk about using coke on his a-hole to numb himself - but not enough to numb it enough for a tattoo NT #8083935 5:01PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083977
Melisah - Josh and James talking about not doing drugs alone. 0 Replies #8083977 5:06PM 03/03/2008
You should have someone with you in case something goes wrong. (Take note, kids.)
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Topic #8083978
teamdonatolove - Josh and James talk about their drug habits.. 1 Replies #8083978 5:06PM 03/03/2008
James said that he made rule
never do drugs alone
in case something goes wrong , he needs a safety net.
Josh agrees..
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CruiseCritic - Chels asks Sharon if she has ever done drugs and she says she hasnt done anything nor smoked anything. She was more the DD, the Mom NT #8083992 5:07PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083986
Melisah - Sharon's never done any drugs and hasn't smoked anything. NT 0 Replies #8083986 5:07PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8084017
kandio - A/S talking. S telling A they have to step up their game if they stay 0 Replies #8084017 5:11PM 03/03/2008
A say's it takes 2. S you have to tell me you can do it. She says i have no confidence because you dont give me any.
Sheila says you cant sleep all the time.
Adam telling or trying to tell Sheila how James & Matt are voting [she's not getting it]
She is telling Adam [cant really tell what she is saying] something about Alli's gameplan. And about Alli thinking the sound is for her to tay in the game,
then she brings it back to James.
Adam saying he did believe James till Sheila tells him this stuff about James [not sure what stuff because Sheila really is not sure what she is saying]
Sorry if its babble..could not get what S was saying
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Topic #8084365
WVpdles - Allie won the game of chess against Ryan NT 0 Replies #8084365 5:43PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8084427
WVpdles - Sharon told josh that Sheila is freaking out because James gave her a scenario that it would be better to keep A/R 0 Replies #8084427 5:48PM 03/03/2008
because they won't win, because it would be like Jen winning.
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Topic #8084796
WVpdles - Sheila's playing pool with Matt NT 0 Replies #8084796 6:36PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8084939
WVpdles - Ryan told Ali to laugh everytime Josh gets to her, because Josh hates that 0 Replies #8084939 6:46PM 03/03/2008
James just told Ryan to talk to Adam and see what Matt's been telling him.
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Topic #8084940
kandio - Alli telling J/C that she knows M is voting for them 1 million % 0 Replies #8084940 6:46PM 03/03/2008
Ask if they talked to Ryan. BB...Alli put on your mic.
In comes Adam. Adam Alli hugging..Alli says to Adam you told everyone i sh*t my pants. C picking up James undies saying they feel like paper, Adam says hey are all weather.
Alli looking to see if anyone can hear as he taks to James.
Saying Matt has sworn on his mother to save her. 1 million %.
More of the same stuff. Alli saying Josh gave her a good one this morning never in front of Ryan so he can stick up for her.

James tells Alli he does not care who he votes for.
James getting the low down on Matt.
Says he wont tell how he's voting.
All says she wont win & does not want to. Ryan says to Alli just laugh at Josh if he sh*t talks you that will get him.
James telling Ryan you better see what Matts doing..
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Topic #8084969
WVpdles - Ali's telling J/C she's only seen 1 season, season 8 from episode 4 on. (She's told other's she's seen 3 AND 8 from episode 2 on) NT 0 Replies #8084969 6:49PM 03/03/2008
Ali earlier told Sheila in the bathroom, that in season 3 one guy kept another because he had clippers he wanted. Trying to say James would keep Adam for cigarettes.
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Topic #8084993
WVpdles - Matt is telling Sheila, he's going to start hitting on Chel to get to James. Making James thinks Matt is stealing his girl. NT 0 Replies #8084993 6:50PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085307
WVpdles - James goes up to HoH, tells Sharon/Josh that he's ready to go off on Matt 0 Replies #8085307 7:18PM 03/03/2008
He wants to bring out Matt's alliance with both Adam and Ryan. Chel comes up and James tells her he's over this.
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Topic #8085338
WVpdles - James told Josh the vote is fine, but he's done with it. the deals are coming out. James told Chel sorry but he's doing it NT 1 Replies #8085338 7:21PM 03/03/2008
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WVpdles - James told Chel to stay upstairs he didn't want her in it NT #8085355 7:21PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085369
WVpdles - Chel, Sharon and Josh go down to the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8085369 7:22PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085434
pooh5983 - James just asked if after the game of pool if they all could have sit down. NT 0 Replies #8085434 7:25PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085455
Disneyisme - James is smoking outside while Adam, Ry and Matt play pool. James asked if they could sit down and 0 Replies #8085455 7:26PM 03/03/2008
have a meeting after the game is through. Matt says "the whole house?" James says "we are the whole house." Someone else says "there is another couple in the house." James says "they are not involved this week."
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Topic #8085512
Brendabythebay - James calling out Matt starts now. Calls meeting with Matt, Adam, Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8085512 7:29PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8085533
Brendabythebay - James is calling out Matt for making both couples think his vote is going their way. NT 0 Replies #8085533 7:30PM 03/03/2008
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