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Nat hugs Matt saying he'll miss her. Matt "Nat get off me immediately" LOL NT - alabbfan
6:32PM 05/03/2008

Chesia tells Sharon that J, C, S, J have big target on them w/Ryan HOH NT - alabbfan
6:34PM 05/03/2008

James saying to J/S that he afraid to be separated because of all info he/C have told each other NT - alabbfan
6:35PM 05/03/2008

Matt telling C that he is trying to get Nat to take cursed bed so he can have his own. All looking at rooms to move NT - alabbfan
6:36PM 05/03/2008

Sharon - I guess noone's coming back. Chelsia - definitely NT - alabbfan
6:37PM 05/03/2008

Josh keeps saying glad Alli not in sequester so he won't have to be there w/her. NT - alabbfan
6:38PM 05/03/2008

M/R/A discussing beds and M wants A to bunk w/him. NT - alabbfan
6:39PM 05/03/2008

M also invited James to bunk w/him NT - alabbfan
6:40PM 05/03/2008

Matt - been in a month, going to be there 2 more months NT - alabbfan
6:40PM 05/03/2008

Chelsia/Josh in SR - she saying that told James important info and trusts him. Sux to be separate NT - alabbfan
6:41PM 05/03/2008
Josh looking thru BB rule book, Chel worried because James has been ignoring her since the announcement NT - ostra
6:44PM 05/03/2008

Ryan comes in asks if C/J will sleep in same bed now. C - I don't know NT - alabbfan
6:42PM 05/03/2008

All saying operations are now over NT - alabbfan
6:43PM 05/03/2008

Nat saying she'll still do Matt laundry because she promised. NT - alabbfan
6:45PM 05/03/2008

R/Sharon/C/N saying that noone can come back now w/time frame. NT - alabbfan
6:45PM 05/03/2008

Chelsia - everything different now. Like you lost your best friend. Ceremonies and all have to be different now. NT - alabbfan
6:47PM 05/03/2008

Nat to Matt - We had just started to connect! NT - alabbfan
6:47PM 05/03/2008

James Josh in sauna. They think there's a bonus if you stick with partner. James thinks Chel is gonna turn into a social butterfly. NT - WVpdles
6:52PM 05/03/2008
James says that Chel will prob ignore him now to show they aren't a couple Josh says Sharon will do the oposite NT - my0wn
6:56PM 05/03/2008
Chels thinks James is already ignoring her - Timot
6:58PM 05/03/2008

Josh - OMFG so glad she is out the door NT - alabbfan
6:56PM 05/03/2008

James nervous being in HOH comp stall by himself NT - alabbfan
6:57PM 05/03/2008

James leaves sauna to do laundry NT - alabbfan
6:58PM 05/03/2008

Sheila - is HOH supposed to assign duties in the house (chores)? Ryan - No. We can all agree on that NT - alabbfan
6:59PM 05/03/2008

Sheila cleaning kitchen, others in BY, Josh in HT NT - alabbfan
7:04PM 05/03/2008
Chel is standing in the HT, Ryan is sitting on the edge. NT - WVpdles
7:06PM 05/03/2008

Matt to James - I envied you, you liked your partner. I'm glad I don't have to deal w/her (Nat) NT - alabbfan
7:06PM 05/03/2008

M/A/James realizing the winnings won't be split (thought would be w/couples) NT - alabbfan
7:07PM 05/03/2008

A - everybody's Sh**ing right now except for us (Matt). We are like Woohoo! NT - alabbfan
7:09PM 05/03/2008

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