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Josh: That siren is going to be me. Screaming. NT - folieadeux8381
12:00AM 05/03/2008

Josh: I need some Madonna! Like 80's or 90's Madonna. - folieadeux8381
12:01AM 05/03/2008

nat tells matt to sit in round chair...he does...she is in panties and a shirt and runs to counter to get her mic..then flames NT - JimAndJanet
12:01AM 05/03/2008

Flames NT - folieadeux8381
12:01AM 05/03/2008

hmm flames right after showtoo is over NT - JimAndJanet
12:02AM 05/03/2008
Back..Matt alone on round couch...nat to SR or DR...not sure NT - JimAndJanet
12:04AM 05/03/2008

feeds are back NT - folieadeux8381
12:04AM 05/03/2008

Sheila to matt : You ok? Matt: just tired, she wants me to show me her drawing (nat)...Sheila: Blah about alli..nothing new NT - JimAndJanet
12:06AM 05/03/2008

Ah nat in DR to show them what she was going to show matt....i guess they were told not to share notes and DR wanted to see it NT - JimAndJanet
12:06AM 05/03/2008

Sheila is talking to Matt in the bathroom before bed. Natalie in DR. - folieadeux8381
12:07AM 05/03/2008

she still has notes NT - JimAndJanet
12:07AM 05/03/2008

Natalie out of the DR. Didn't take her nailpolish napkin - folieadeux8381
12:08AM 05/03/2008

Natalie is explaining/showing it all to Matt in the bathroom. - folieadeux8381
12:09AM 05/03/2008

Josh is taking a bath in the HoH, and Sharon is trying to talk to him in a somewhat calming way - folieadeux8381
12:10AM 05/03/2008

he is already discrediting her notes and putting her down. He is appeasing her a little bit - JimAndJanet
12:11AM 05/03/2008

Matt praising her NT - JimAndJanet
12:12AM 05/03/2008

Matt says...lets go to bed...on the way ..she starts again..he says....we will do it tomorrow NT - JimAndJanet
12:13AM 05/03/2008

Matt says to Natt...Go to bed...put some clothes on....she quickly snaps at attention and goes to do what he says to do NT - JimAndJanet
12:14AM 05/03/2008

Adam is reading the Bible in the boat room NT - folieadeux8381
12:14AM 05/03/2008

F1-2 baller reading bible...F3-4 Josh and sharon..josh in bath NT - JimAndJanet
12:16AM 05/03/2008

adam reading the bible and touching his "parts" at the same time NT - JimAndJanet
12:23AM 05/03/2008
his hands were down his they are only at the waist line. and now up and holding the bible with both hands pHweww. NT - JimAndJanet
12:25AM 05/03/2008

Adam is now headed to smoke NT - folieadeux8381
12:33AM 05/03/2008

Josh asks Sharon to get him something to eat and drink - folieadeux8381
12:36AM 05/03/2008

Adam went to the bathroom and is washing his hands/brushing his teeth. - folieadeux8381
12:38AM 05/03/2008

Sharon is back in the HoH and Josh is now out of the tub - folieadeux8381
12:39AM 05/03/2008

Sheila and Adam were telling each other goodnight - folieadeux8381
12:40AM 05/03/2008

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