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m/n quietly looking at the books...matt recites the story tale books and then stops NT - JimAndJanet
10:01AM 05/03/2008

Matt looks up at the camera and shakes his head in disbelief NT - JimAndJanet
10:02AM 05/03/2008

Nat knows how many books are on the wall...2 thousand something NT - JimAndJanet
10:03AM 05/03/2008

Camera keeps panning over to the mantel wall. (ed. possibly they should memorize it). NT - Panda4
10:05AM 05/03/2008

Nat counting the books again (wow) NT - JimAndJanet
10:06AM 05/03/2008

Flames NT - JimAndJanet
10:07AM 05/03/2008

Back..matt yelling to BB about that he wasnt singing NT - JimAndJanet
10:07AM 05/03/2008

Ryan tells Adam that Adam is staying NT - bbshannon
10:21AM 05/03/2008

Adam laying on floor, Ryan on couch yawning in the red bedroom - bbshannon
10:23AM 05/03/2008

Allison joins them in the red bedroom on a couch - bbshannon
10:26AM 05/03/2008
Matt and Alli bicker in red room - bbshannon
10:32AM 05/03/2008

Matt tells alli that the reason she is leaving is cause she can't keep her mouth shut NT - JimAndJanet
10:32AM 05/03/2008

Matt tells Alli shes the reason A/R asre going home today, NOT RYAN... - DanaRose
10:33AM 05/03/2008
Full convo - almost word-for-word - shmamy99
12:12PM 05/03/2008

Matt and Alli heated exchange...then flames NT - DanaRose
10:36AM 05/03/2008

Feeds back, all is calmer in the room NT - DanaRose
10:36AM 05/03/2008

Matt says we are gonna kick it and hang out after the show and Alli says "i dont think so" NT - JimAndJanet
10:37AM 05/03/2008

Ryan really knockin alli down...she still acts like she is queen and is right ... NT - JimAndJanet
10:40AM 05/03/2008

Matt says Alli we're gonna kick it when we're outta here and Alli says - DanaRose
10:40AM 05/03/2008

Ryan goes to hang with the guys NT - JimAndJanet
10:40AM 05/03/2008

Matt telling ryan that he is sorry that he is sending ryan home NT - JimAndJanet
10:41AM 05/03/2008

Ryan says "shes all talk" about alli NT - JimAndJanet
10:42AM 05/03/2008

Feeds back up, same group in the red bedroom - bbshannon
10:42AM 05/03/2008

Ryan says "she always has to have the last word" and Matt says " I used to be that way when i was younger" ed: LOL...delusional?? NT - JimAndJanet
10:43AM 05/03/2008

Matt: "Im sorry her antics got you thrown out of here" - bbshannon
10:44AM 05/03/2008

Ryan says "her mouth got us in trouble"..Matt says..the only reason you werent out week one is cause parkers mouth was worse NT - JimAndJanet
10:48AM 05/03/2008

Matt: Make a nice goodbye speech to Julie. Go out with a bang - bbshannon
10:49AM 05/03/2008

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