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Matty flirting with Chel asking if they can tell people that they are - Brittney024
8:04PM 05/03/2008

Ryan has his HoH key NT - WVpdles
8:05PM 05/03/2008

time to see the HoH room!! NT - folieadeux8381
8:05PM 05/03/2008

Ryan gets East 1999 by Bone Thugs (ed. never would of thought, but right on) NT - Brittney024
8:07PM 05/03/2008

James has left the HoH. TV remote is still broke. Josh showed Ryan a spot the camera can't see in the HoH bathroom NT - WVpdles
8:10PM 05/03/2008

Josh showed Ryan where to - folieadeux8381
8:11PM 05/03/2008

HOH door broken and keeps ringing like someone is comeing in... then flames NT - Brittney024
8:12PM 05/03/2008

James and Josh talking down stairs. James' worried that Chel said he makes her weak. Josh knows he's going on the block. NT - WVpdles
8:14PM 05/03/2008

As the crowd was leaving HoH, Sheila asked for one of Ryan's beers - setsuna
8:14PM 05/03/2008

Ryan gets 4 beers of Blue Moon and Sheila actually asked for one. - Brittney024
8:15PM 05/03/2008

8:28PM 05/03/2008

Sharon says they can't loose James this week. Since James is worried he can't trust Chel, so is Sharon. NT - WVpdles
8:29PM 05/03/2008

Josh is sure that everyone in the house will be going to sequester. NT - WVpdles
8:31PM 05/03/2008

Chelsea says Allison tried to bribe her - teamdonatolove
8:48PM 05/03/2008

Matt/Chelsea/Ryan compare Sheila to Picasso because of her Veto "painting" LOL NT - teamdonatolove
8:50PM 05/03/2008

Matt's giving his opinion to Ryan of where all the HGs are going to align. He thinks Sheila and Nat will go to Sharon/Josh's side NT - WVpdles
8:55PM 05/03/2008

Chelsia & James in sauna room, he says "I never thought I'd fall with someone on national TV" - littlemissaly
9:12PM 05/03/2008

James/Chel talking massage room. They're gonna still sleep together, only couple who aren't is Sheila/A. - WVpdles
9:13PM 05/03/2008

Chels and James talking...she says she felt like crying yells at Adam to "stop that"... - stewart
9:13PM 05/03/2008

Major lip smacking heavy kissing btwn James and Chels. NT - stewart
9:14PM 05/03/2008

Ryan tells Matt he is a such a di&k to Natt, cause she is a nice girl..has a good heart..loves him... - stewart
9:18PM 05/03/2008

Ryan is joking with Shelia that she will be crawling back into ballers bed.. - stewart
9:20PM 05/03/2008

Ryan, Matt, Adam still in downstairs bedroom... - stewart
9:25PM 05/03/2008

Ryan clearly has a buzz...Matt and Ryan and Shelia still talk about making out in the house.. - stewart
9:31PM 05/03/2008

James told Chel, let's stick together for the kids. Chel for Dennis. NT - WVpdles
9:31PM 05/03/2008

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