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Matt : My gut feeling is Hoh is going to be physical..not live. NT - JimAndJanet
9:22AM 05/03/2008

Josh ...i think its going to be physical...they must have done a run through of the voting routine..Josh saying - JimAndJanet
9:24AM 05/03/2008

Chels vacuuming her "apartment" NT - JimAndJanet
9:26AM 05/03/2008

Chels: I dont know why you wont even f-n talk to me (to James)...James: I am just cookin eggs dude NT - JimAndJanet
9:33AM 05/03/2008

James (eggs)...Chels (vacuum the front walk) ed: married couple rituals lol NT - JimAndJanet
9:34AM 05/03/2008

James has 3 plates of eggs NT - NYTC7
9:36AM 05/03/2008

James announces "eggs are ready"..chels cont to vacuum NT - JimAndJanet
9:38AM 05/03/2008

James tells C the eggs are ready, she keeps on vacuuming, tells Ryan his eggs are ready, Ja sits in living room to eat NT - NYTC7
9:38AM 05/03/2008

James takes one of the three plates for himself and tells ryan that his eggs are ready NT - JimAndJanet
9:38AM 05/03/2008

James/Matt/Adam and now Ryan in couch room - NYTC7
9:40AM 05/03/2008

James says C is in a bad mood so she's going to clean NT - NYTC7
9:44AM 05/03/2008

Nat comes out, asks Matt to tell her when he's ready to study - NYTC7
9:46AM 05/03/2008

James makes a comment about N reading the bible, and M says, you can't knock people for reading the bible, dude, to each his own NT - NYTC7
9:47AM 05/03/2008

Nat still counting things NT - JimAndJanet
9:48AM 05/03/2008

Adam says something about 2 hoh's today...maybe fast forward? NT - JimAndJanet
9:48AM 05/03/2008

Adam makes a comment about 2 HOHs? M says the siren will go off right before the votes are counted NT - NYTC7
9:49AM 05/03/2008

Its like knives piercing me (matt talking about nat's voice) NT - JimAndJanet
9:49AM 05/03/2008

Boys talking about being locked in hoh room twice today...not two hoh comps... NT - JimAndJanet
9:50AM 05/03/2008

Boys talking about how it's going to be hell being locked in HOH for an hour and a half , there will be a blowout - NYTC7
9:52AM 05/03/2008

Ryan about alli.... she thinks she is never wrong..control freak...turns ev thing around on you NT - JimAndJanet
9:52AM 05/03/2008

Nat finally nags Matt into going to study with her NT - NYTC7
9:52AM 05/03/2008

n/m arguing about what the comp is NT - JimAndJanet
9:53AM 05/03/2008

M said lockdown will be from 1130-1 NT - NYTC7
9:53AM 05/03/2008

nat taking position upstairs on readying the bible aloud (whispering)...then Matt shows up - JimAndJanet
9:57AM 05/03/2008

Matt.....I am cant keep talking (to nat) NT - JimAndJanet
9:58AM 05/03/2008

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