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still trivia NT - alex_davis
3:43PM 05/03/2008

feeds back NT - echo
3:43PM 05/03/2008

kitchen..sharon, josh, adam and james eating....bedroom matt and ryan - echo
3:45PM 05/03/2008

Ryan and Matt wondering why they don't have a HoH competition walk through,, - ostra
3:48PM 05/03/2008

matt and ryan speculating why there havent been given a run thru on hoh comp for tonite NT - echo
3:49PM 05/03/2008

Ryan has also confirmed they arent doing a run thru of hoh this week NT - Anneishere
3:49PM 05/03/2008

Ryan and matt talking by the sound of it they have been told they have 8 more wks in house NT - Anneishere
3:50PM 05/03/2008

They deliberate if it's a short season or not, and what if it's individual from now on - ostra
3:59PM 05/03/2008

adam gave ryan 3 packs of smokes so he will have enough to get him to n.y. NT - echo
4:08PM 05/03/2008

looks like Adam's dentures are slipping NT - freelegged
4:11PM 05/03/2008

Talking about who they will go visit after the show is over and TRIVIA NT - CruiseCritic
4:15PM 05/03/2008

The siren went off during eviction...(omg)(more) - DanaRose
5:34PM 05/03/2008

*Alli unanimously voted out 6-0 NT - DanaRose
5:41PM 05/03/2008

HOH competition... - DanaRose
5:52PM 05/03/2008

Feeds back, HGs in KT, All excited and surprised still - DanaRose
6:05PM 05/03/2008

Matt/Adam/Ryan outside. Matt says "well its gonna be the 4 bros" they then talk about how James is still shocked NT - Gorf
6:08PM 05/03/2008

Matt just said Nat booted out of the room. Its now a bachelor pad NT - alabbfan
6:24PM 05/03/2008

Matt/Adam in back bedroom, talk about they think it will be Josh/Sharon on the block and that they want it to be an alliance of - Gorf
6:24PM 05/03/2008

Ryan just asked if he was going to wash Jen panties. Ryan -No, those stay the same NT - alabbfan
6:25PM 05/03/2008

Everyone discussing moving around to other rooms NT - alabbfan
6:25PM 05/03/2008

Matt and Adam whispering in the bedroom... - setsuna
6:26PM 05/03/2008

Matt telling Nat her room is in the cursed room..LOL NT - alabbfan
6:26PM 05/03/2008

Ryan just said he's sure Jen went home and got BB lots of pics for his HOH NT - alabbfan
6:28PM 05/03/2008

Josh & Sharon seem to be moving back into room w/ J/C NT - alabbfan
6:30PM 05/03/2008

James to Josh - anyone out guaranteed sequester now. NT - alabbfan
6:30PM 05/03/2008
James says to room, so how do you like sharing secrets for 30 days NT - WVpdles
6:31PM 05/03/2008

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