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James and Chels now in the KT with Ryan, Matt, Adam,Sharon and Natt.. - stewart
9:36PM 05/03/2008

Chels says she peels the bottom label off her beers but not the neck label.. - stewart
9:39PM 05/03/2008

Ryan says they are still banging away outside. Josh tells him that he will hear every little noise in hoh... - stewart
9:44PM 05/03/2008

BB yells "Stop that" (again)..everyone in KT wondering why. NT - stewart
9:46PM 05/03/2008

Natt is cooking fish and sometihng, Chels is making baked potatoes... - stewart
9:51PM 05/03/2008

Josh just said that he would commit suicide if America votes Allison back in the house. NT - coz
9:54PM 05/03/2008

Shelia is crying to Adam...he is listening, says she wont be able to hang out with the other girls... - stewart
9:59PM 05/03/2008

Shelia is now complaining that alison was right, that the house is going to come after her & Adam.. - stewart
10:07PM 05/03/2008

Adam tells S he is going to read the whole Bible before he leaves...she says "good for you..that she needs too also".. - stewart
10:10PM 05/03/2008

Matt goes to talk to Shelia. Nat & Chels are cleaning dishes. NT - stewart
10:24PM 05/03/2008

Chels and Natt are talking about how hysterical it was seeing Matt & Nat in the veto comp... - stewart
10:26PM 05/03/2008

Josh, Matt, Adam are talking about how FURIOUS alison was & prob still is... - stewart
10:31PM 05/03/2008

Natt comes in and grabs a file..sits down next to Adam and asks him what happened to his finger.. - stewart
10:33PM 05/03/2008

Chels comes in says a light went out again..Matt leaves with her... - stewart
10:35PM 05/03/2008

BB "Matt please exchange your mic for one in the SR" NT - stewart
10:36PM 05/03/2008

Adam is knocking on the walls..Natt is imitating how Adam eyes go buggy... - stewart
10:39PM 05/03/2008

James: I'm a bisexual bicyclist (to Josh) NT - coz
10:42PM 05/03/2008

Natt is doing Adams nails...Chels comes in sits down, wonders whats going on tomorrow, says she needs a shower... - stewart
10:44PM 05/03/2008

josh turns his pillowcase inside out - lalali
10:49PM 05/03/2008

Ryan's having matt/adam guess what ali's secret was. They went from cop to escort, to phone sex. Now they're getting warm with con artist. NT - WVpdles
10:56PM 05/03/2008

ryan hinting to matt and aballa that allison is a pro gambler. - right2erin
10:56PM 05/03/2008

Sheila, Nat, Sharon, Josh in BR talking about Allison. - Snarf123
11:10PM 05/03/2008

Matt has seen Allison's Myspace page because he knows that her headline is "The Rookie" NT - coz
11:13PM 05/03/2008

Boys still talking about professional gambling while Sheila and company continue to talk about J/C. - Snarf123
11:18PM 05/03/2008

Bedroom crew talks about the food competition tomorrow. - Snarf123
11:24PM 05/03/2008

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