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Ali says that M/N should have said from the get go that they were voting for A/R - NYTC7
12:40PM 05/03/2008

all feeds back on allison and ryan and she still says she knows the answer to the puzzle NT - MsPink
1:18PM 05/03/2008
Alli told Ryan about her being a professional gambler, Sheila joins and they're talking about puzzle again NT - ostra
1:21PM 05/03/2008

Ali just told Ryan that she's a prof. gambler, Sheila already knew NT - NYTC7
1:20PM 05/03/2008

Alli says she has gambled over a million maybe 2 in her lifetime and she took in 5K and won 60k - raindrop110475
1:20PM 05/03/2008

allison says that the puzzle has nothing to do with inside of the house NT - MsPink
1:21PM 05/03/2008

Alli STILL talking about her theory with Ryan and Sheila, she says - DanaRose
1:44PM 05/03/2008

Alli saying to sheila if she comes back w/ Ryan it'll be totally different. Sheila is the only one... - DanaRose
1:47PM 05/03/2008

Ryan is back and asks for a minute with ALli, Sheila leaves, Ryan wants Alli to tell him the puzzle - ostra
1:54PM 05/03/2008

Ryan comes in and asks Sheila to excuse him and Alli, Ryan asks what Alli thinks she knows about the game...Alli answers... - DanaRose
1:54PM 05/03/2008

Lights flicker and allison ssatrts freakin out. ryan says probably nothing NT - Chilltown327
1:55PM 05/03/2008

Lights go out in BB house, Alli nervously screams Its Happening! and FLAMES NT - DanaRose
1:55PM 05/03/2008

back from flames, Alli and Ryan still in sauna room, talking about 8's NT - ostra
1:58PM 05/03/2008

Neil and Alli figured out those are all of theirs initials there ( on the blocks?) one of them is even drawn with a marker NT - ostra
1:59PM 05/03/2008

Alli goes back to the guinea pig's cage to check the colors and letters again, back to Ryan, writes her findings on a napkin, goes back again NT - ostra
2:03PM 05/03/2008

Feeds Back, Ryan and Allis convo continues... - DanaRose
2:03PM 05/03/2008

Alli showing Ryan something, still writing on towel, Ryan staring at GP cage...(more) - DanaRose
2:06PM 05/03/2008

Alli and Ryan in sauna room again...(Alot more) - DanaRose
2:15PM 05/03/2008

Alli: If that siren goes off, we're staying! NT - DanaRose
2:16PM 05/03/2008

Ryan asked Alli about her gambling and FLames NT - DanaRose
2:17PM 05/03/2008

Alli says Atlantic City is trashy and their blinds are too low...she tells Ryan... - DanaRose
2:19PM 05/03/2008

Alli said she looked at Alex and Amanda and her gut said keep them here but she didnt go with her gut, when she gets the gut feeling in... - DanaRose
2:21PM 05/03/2008

trivia NT - MsPink
2:22PM 05/03/2008

Trivia, FINALLY new trivia on feeds NT - DanaRose
2:22PM 05/03/2008

Still new trivia.. NT - DanaRose
2:44PM 05/03/2008

New trivia is asking questions and giving wrong answers, now its just scrolling thru all answers, now it seems to be back on track NT - DanaRose
2:46PM 05/03/2008

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