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Topic #8340550
ktan - Adam called to DR. Midnight luxury comp set to begin soon. NT 0 Replies #8340550 12:01AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8340661
folieadeux8381 - Flames! NT 0 Replies #8340661 12:08AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341216
folieadeux8381 - Feeds are back NT 0 Replies #8341216 1:47AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341229
Ashton - A movie was won NT 0 Replies #8341229 1:51AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341246
folieadeux8381 - James was talking in the kitchen about the competition 0 Replies #8341246 1:53AM 20/03/2008
All I know is people were congratulating Josh, and he was saying thanks.

James mentions something about: 5 grand in chips that you get to gamble away, and a penthouse suite overlooking all of Las Vegas for 3 nights. Then the feeds cut away to the storage room.
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Topic #8341253
Ashton - Josh and Shelia won a movie NT 0 Replies #8341253 1:54AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341261
folieadeux8381 - Some of the HG think Adam is a professional bowler. 0 Replies #8341261 1:56AM 20/03/2008
Natalie just mentioned it again, and James, Chel, Sharon, and Josh were talking about it earlier.
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Topic #8341268
Ashton - Ryan told the house that Allison was a card counter. Josh was shocked. NT 0 Replies #8341268 1:57AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341272
Ashton - The houseguest are trying to figure out the "dirty little secrets" NT 0 Replies #8341272 1:58AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341279
Ashton - Natalie is sticking to the story of her being a cheerleader NT 1 Replies #8341279 1:59AM 20/03/2008
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Ashton - says she is not allowed to talk about it now NT #8341284 2:00AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341318
Ashton - Chelsia's mom heard the theme for this year and called her up cussing that the public was gonna know her secrets. Chelsia got online saw the theme NT 0 Replies #8341318 2:11AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341322
Ashton - All houseguest sitting around the bar laughing and talking about everyone's supposed secrets NT 1 Replies #8341322 2:12AM 20/03/2008
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Ashton - Sharon said she has no secrets and they must of though Jacob was a big secret but it wasn't NT #8341326 2:13AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341341
Ashton - Josh in bed sharon getting ready for bed they discuss allison being a card counter and natalie being a cheerleader...what is this world coming to? NT 0 Replies #8341341 2:16AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341347
Ashton - James is out of DR Josh said you seem rattled. Josh said there was just alot of questions NT 0 Replies #8341347 2:19AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341384
CruiseCritic - Josh in bed with Chels and can hear Natalie and Ryan talking - Chels 0 Replies #8341384 2:32AM 20/03/2008
just told Josh to not touch her. Sheila just went in her BR and turned off lights and is in bed.
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Topic #8341396
CruiseCritic - Sharon now getting in bed with James and can hear Natalie say 0 Replies #8341396 2:33AM 20/03/2008
Ryan I am good this week and then Good night Ryan. He says good night Natalie.

James just told Sharon to try not and touch him too much and Chels says JEEZ James.

Josh says if this doesnt work tonight we can go back tomorrow night (sleeping arrangements)
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Topic #8341404
CruiseCritic - Chelsia is waving to James as they are facing eachother in their separate beds 0 Replies #8341404 2:36AM 20/03/2008
She is doing some hand signals and mouthing something to him and points to her two eyes and waves ten fingers at him. she starts laughing and Josh lifts his head up from under the pillow.

Josh asks about this experiment and Chels says she just doesnt want to be with a gay boy. Chels then said she just isnt tired and gets up to go wash her face
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Topic #8341412
CruiseCritic - Adam in HOH room and brings a bag into the HOH bathroom - he is 0 Replies #8341412 2:38AM 20/03/2008
picking up around the room. 2 feeds on Adam and 2 feeds on Chels in the WC.

Adam still picking up around the room. takes his shirt off the bed and puts on the floor and now back in his bathroom to put something away - he is looking in his basket and reading his letter.

chels in bathroom putting lotion or something on her face
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Topic #8341423
CruiseCritic - Adam still reading his letter. Chels cleaning her face. Adam puts the letter down 1 Replies #8341423 2:41AM 20/03/2008
and picks his nose. He is staring at the table with basket/letter, does some more nose picking and looks in the mirror at himself- closeup. He is now pulling back coverlet and sheet and looks ready to get in bed.

Picks something off his bed and goes for his nose again... He has a book and it doesnt look like Sharons or Natalies bible (but hard to tell). He gets into bed and puts headphones on.

Chels putting lotion on her face as Ryan comes out of the toilet. He is washing his hands
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bb9tramps - Adam got his own bible in his basket tonight NT #8341540 3:16AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8341432
CruiseCritic - Ryan says goodnight to Chelsia and she says sleep tight to him. I can hear 0 Replies #8341432 2:43AM 20/03/2008
the music thru Adams headphones (and Mine)

Ryan on his way back into pink BR and gets into bed. Another feed on Sheila in bed and two on Chelsia still in WC. she rinses her face off and is now getting ready to brush her teeth.

teeth brushing now on two feeds, HGS in bed on the other two.
No feeds of HOH or red BR
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Topic #8341438
CruiseCritic - Chelsia finishes brushing her teeth, rolls up her sleeves and is now rinsing her 0 Replies #8341438 2:44AM 20/03/2008
face off. Takes washcloth and wipes her face down.
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Topic #8341461
CruiseCritic - James now comes in WC in his tighty whiteys and goes into the toilet as 0 Replies #8341461 2:50AM 20/03/2008
Chelsia wipes under her eyes and around her face with the cloth.

James flushes, comes out and Chels asks how he ia doing. He picks up bottle of scope and takes a mouthful. Spits it out in sink and rinses sink (no hand washing).

James says of course sheila was complaining (whisper) and Chels says you heard that and he said yup.

Chels asking James if he owns Bar 107 and he says no and she asks about something else and he says he has something she will not find out.

she wants to know if it is bad or good. She is now sitting in the big chair and he is standing in front of her.

he said it wont affect people in the house and she asks if she would look at him differently and he says yes, 100%. she is worried that it is bad.

he says good night and she says come back here, what does that mean,

he says he was joking with her and she said she doesnt beleive him - he heads to bed and she says give me a kiss tho.

he kisses her and they still stay chatting in WC. he is holding his microphone. says something about having sex with guys and it would connect pieces of the block for a lot of people but he cant say anything, he says I could but...

chels goes in toilet and James leaves the WC

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Topic #8341469
CruiseCritic - Chels now out of WC and makes her way to her side of the bed. Takes off robe and gets 0 Replies #8341469 2:53AM 20/03/2008
in next to Josh. Hear Josh mumble something with pillow over his head. Chels has her hand on her head, playing with her hair....looks like her eyes are still open.

Quiet in Nat/Ryans room. Sheila seems to be asleep and no feeds on HOH right now.

Chels looks over at Josh with pillow over her head and smiles and starts playing with her hair
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Topic #8341472
folieadeux8381 - James told Chelsia that there was something really huge about him, but wouldn't tell her what it was. 0 Replies #8341472 2:53AM 20/03/2008
i'm assuming it has to do with porn. he said he'd tell her if he wanted to but didn't, and said she could deal with it after the show, and told her that he thought it would make everyone look at him differently. she asked if it would bother her and he said he didn't know, but didn't think it would.
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Topic #8341476
CruiseCritic - Quiet now on all the feeds, but looks like Chelsia is still awake NT 0 Replies #8341476 2:54AM 20/03/2008
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