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Topic #8351020
Shannon72 - Nat saying this is the year of love -- the year of soulmates. 0 Replies #8351020 5:36PM 20/03/2008
Nat saying that Evel Dick won last year and do we really want another evil person to win again this year. It's the time for a good person to win. Good vs. Evil.

Natalie is talking about Matt going to NY today and wondering when he is going to come back and start sequester. They think the sequester house is a big mansion (lake house) in the woods because the decor in the BB house is outdoors-ee.
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Topic #8351043
Shannon72 - 2 feeds on Nat/Adam and 2 feeds on Sheila laying in bed in the boat room. 0 Replies #8351043 5:38PM 20/03/2008
Sheila is curled up in a fetal position awake -- deep in thought.

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Topic #8351129
lakeview - Ryan / Adam in HOH 0 Replies #8351129 5:45PM 20/03/2008
Adam saying James first, then Chelsia, Josh and Sharon.

Ryan saying if something goes wrong, we got Sheila to fall back on. Adam: offer her up like a sacrificial lamb.

Adam says if I get HG Choice who do I pick? Ryan: me. Have you seen my stroke?

Adam (?) gets called to DR and then flames
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Topic #8351133
mistymn - Ryan and Adam saying in this order get rid of James this week Chelsia next week Josh then Sharon 0 Replies #8351133 5:45PM 20/03/2008
Then Ryan and Adam both agreed to throw Sheila into the mix if things went awry
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Topic #8351159
mistymn - Flames on all 4 feeds NT 0 Replies #8351159 5:47PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351399
lakeview - Sheila/Nat in kitchen (Sheila playing POV?) 0 Replies #8351399 6:06PM 20/03/2008
Sheila: get your gameface on. Think positive, positive thoughts.

Nat: just know if it's hard or it's easy, you can do it.
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Topic #8351417
lakeview - Sheila/Josh in kitchen 0 Replies #8351417 6:08PM 20/03/2008
Sheila's going to do whatever Adam wants her to do. She tries to respect the HOHs.

Sheila: you can't save James.

Josh: I know.

Josh: I figure that boy will win it and it will f--- me in the end.

Walks away into bedroom.
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Topic #8351418
WVpdles - Everyone plays in PoV but Nat and Ryan NT 0 Replies #8351418 6:08PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351433
lakeview - Josh/Sharon/Chelsia/James in pullout bedroom 0 Replies #8351433 6:10PM 20/03/2008
Josh wondering if it's cold outside.

Sharon says she's going "like this" (whatever she's wearing).

Chelsia to James: are you excited?

More flames.
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Topic #8351500
Shannon72 - Looks like a few HG's are preparing for a competition. James is saying that they are going quick with everything. 1 Replies #8351500 6:16PM 20/03/2008
James said why are they doing all this in one day? (nom ceremony and maybe the POV comp tonight??) Josh said that maybe they are accelarating the competition somehow. Ryan walked through the room where Chels, Sharon, James and Josh were and said he was getting sick to his stomach.
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caith - Sheila has an upset stomach NT #8351540 6:18PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351567
Brendabythebay - She tells Nat that they (James/Chel) think they have it in the bag. NT 0 Replies #8351567 6:20PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351587
Brendabythebay - Nat tells Sheila lets just hope Chels wins & takes herself off. James the evildoer cannot win. NT 0 Replies #8351587 6:21PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351613
Shannon72 - Chels thinking that maybe they are only going to be pulling names for the POV competition and the comp will happen later. 0 Replies #8351613 6:24PM 20/03/2008
Now there is complete silence in BR with J/J/Sha/Chels.

Nat and Sheila in sauna talking about what will happen if James or Chels wins POV. Wondering if James will save himself or Chels -- and vice versa. Sheila saying it's not an easy decision. Sheila saying that if James wins HOH then "it is on". Nat hoping Chels wins and then Josh will go up. Sheila saying that if Josh was up then Sharon would def pull him off the block. Nat said she doesn't think so. Sheila sounds surprised.

Sheila says that no matter what happens one of them is going (ed. talking about J/C?). Sheila now talking about begging God to let them win just once and to give them a break. Sheila begging for a sign from God that he is there because they need help. (Sheila and Nat laughing when talking about begging God for help)
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Topic #8351621
Brendabythebay - Nat & Sheila in sauna praying (but laughing a lot) for God give Sheila win streak. Let her win something other than veggies for the house. NT 0 Replies #8351621 6:24PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351650
Brendabythebay - Nat says something fishy why would they pick players and then play tonite... 0 Replies #8351650 6:27PM 20/03/2008
Nat thinks there's a twist.

Sheila laughingly says maybe its a double (eviction.)

Nat says if it is a double, someone's coming back. Maybe Mattie.

Sheila doenst think so. They said noone coming back.
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Topic #8351684
Shannon72 - Nat said something is fishy because they are picking POV players tonight. Sheila said there is def something going on. 0 Replies #8351684 6:30PM 20/03/2008
Wondering if it's going to be a double eviction week. Sheila said she doesn't think it's about someone coming back. Nat - It's a crazy game. But we made it half way. Sheila - if I walk out of here I am still going to be happy. Nat saying that in the next comp she is going to throw up on James instead.

On other feeds, Chels and James cuddling in bed and James kissed the top of Chels head. Sharon and Josh laying in other bed next to theirs. James is now waving at cameras (ed. HI JAMES!)
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Topic #8351686
Brendabythebay - Sheila & Nat talking about Chels and how she talks down to them, like the mystery box 0 Replies #8351686 6:30PM 20/03/2008
when they were guessing who it could be and one said Alex and Chels was like Alex was boring he did nothing, well obviously Chels you werent watching Alex.

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Topic #8351695
Brendabythebay - Nat now praying to God to please let them send James home this week, he's evil. 0 Replies #8351695 6:31PM 20/03/2008
Sheila: I'm done with him.
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Topic #8351718
Brendabythebay - Nat's gonna say to James "So how's your last 72 hours... have you PACKED yet?" Its what Mattie would want. 0 Replies #8351718 6:32PM 20/03/2008
Both Sheila and Nat agree they have the votes and if they can't do right by Mattie in this game she don't know what they can do. Josh already making threats. (whispers now hard to catch) cuz we all know... you wanna save your boy and you're AFRAID. They make me sick. Please BIg Brother make this happen.
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Topic #8351726
lakeview - Nat/Sheila in sauna 0 Replies #8351726 6:33PM 20/03/2008
Sheila: they're all gloating.

Sheila goes in sauna.

Sheila thinks the POV is tonight.

Sheila: Joshua came in. They're cocky. They're on the block. Their frickin' attitudes.

Nat: they're scared - that's why they act that way.

Sheila: I told them that if James wins POV, one of you are going up.

Sheila would prefer Josh to go b/c of his mouth. "Helllooo. I care about the damage he can do in the future. When his side is in power, he will go off. If Josh wins, he will have the power and then he'll be a hero in James's eyes by taking him off. And they're just so happy that it's me playing against them."

Nat: they think you don't have a shot.

Sheila: but Adam is playing too. Adam's strong.

Sheila: if this is the frickin' thing in the ground?

Nat: and happy birthday Matty to send James out.

Sheila: well this will be his gift.

Sheila: can you imagined being in that house with them.

Nat: they'll be nice because the game is over. They got along last year. No more games, no more competing.

Nat: I knew Adam would do the right thing.

Sheila: I know but I wish he put the two boys up. Chances are now that we won't get one of them out.

Sheila doesn't think they'll keep the votes the same.

Sheila thinks if Josh wins he'll take James off.

Nat thinks that Josh might not.

Sheila thinks James will reward him if Josh does takes James off.

Sheila thought the "two guys on the block" was the best scenario.

Nat: god give Sheila the strength to let her win this.

Sheila: if I win it, I'm ultimately giving Matty a present too.

Sheila: they've already convinced themselves they are winning this.

Sheila: they gotta know one of them is going. If James takes himself off, Chelsia will go home.

Sheila wishes it was just double. Both go.

Sheila says Josh said if James wins HOH next week it's on. [I think]

Nat saying if Chelsia wins, it's still ok. "It's a 50-50 shot. Don't let James, Josh or Sharon win."

Sheila thinks Sharon would pull James down too. Nat thinks Sharon would leave it because she doesn't want it on her hands.

Sheila's stomach is so messed up right now.

Nat saying she'll try to psych them out when they're out there. "Oh, look at that go..."

Sheila calls Nat the trippiest person she knows.

Sheila: oh, this game never ends.

Sheila: god please let us win and just for a while. Please for a couple weeks, you can knock me out in the end. please dear god, give us a break. I need to know that you're there. [laughing the whole time]

Sheila saying the only thing she's won is the fruits and vegetables in the food comp. C'mon god, Sheila says, give me hope. "You keep putting me in these frickin' games, I need some hope."

Sheila gets out of sauna.

Nat telling Sheila when she's out of the sauna room she'll talk to Sheila some more. Sheila can't find her clip.

Sheila: you've gotta laugh. If you don't laugh, you're gonna cry.

Nat says why did they pick tonight? Must be tongiht. Sheila hopes that there's another twist. That it's both go. Sheila doesn't think the twist is that Matty's coming back.

Sheila will still be happy when she leaves.

Sheila: these people are not laying down. They're not going easy.

Sheila walks back in the sauna.

Sheila bringing up the vote back in . . . I liked Alex . . . Alex wanted to play . . . didn't want to leave . . . I didn't give him my word . . . .

Sheila bringing up how James said it was Jen in the mystery box just to dig it into Ryan.

Nat: god, please let us send James home this week.

Sheila saying prior to James going up on the block she told him she promised she'd vote against him if he's up there.

Sheila's back out of the sauna with the door open.

Nat: god is on our side.

Sheila thinks she needs to do right by Matty.

Sheila: Josh is already making threats.

Sheila: we all know Josh you're going to save your little boy.

Nat feels bored without Matty. She only has Sheila, Adam and Ryan. Sheila saying "please BB make this happen. I know you're fair."

Sheila closes the sauna door, puts on her mike again and leaves.
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Topic #8351741
lakeview - James/Chelsia lying together in silence. Josh with pillow over head. Sharon reading bible. NT 0 Replies #8351741 6:34PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351777
Brittney024 - James and Chel lying in bed together. James on his back, Chel laying on him with one leg over him and head on his shoulder.. 0 Replies #8351777 6:37PM 20/03/2008
He keeps leaning over and kissing her on the head.(ed: adorable) then BB James please exchange you mic with one in the storage room.
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Topic #8351815
shermeli - F1/2: Adam in hoh sleeping f3/4: Sheila paitings nails in salon NT 1 Replies #8351815 6:40PM 20/03/2008
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camera12 - lol, you can HEAR Adam snoring LOUDLY, and see the Guinea PIgs frolicking. NT #8351891 6:46PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351871
folieadeux8381 - feed 1 (LOL) a guinea pig asleep as someone snores in the background! 1 Replies #8351871 6:45PM 20/03/2008
this was quite humorous hahaha and cute!
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Brendabythebay - thats Adam snoring inthe hoh room. NT #8351892 6:46PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8351995
kandio - Sheila telling Nat..Adam has to know that our target is Josh if 1 of them comes off 0 Replies #8351995 6:57PM 20/03/2008
saying the evil must leave the house. Sheila talking about ED liking her and they are going to hang out & the Rainbow Club..
Sheila says she is board & needs action
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