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Topic #8345056
TheMike - James/Chel/Ry/Adam talking about giving autographs 0 Replies #8345056 11:44AM 20/03/2008
Adam says he's gonna carry around a mini sharpie on his keychain and just start signing everything.
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Topic #8345085
lakeview - More Sheila/Nat in hammock 0 Replies #8345085 11:46AM 20/03/2008
Nat saying she prayed for their safety and then the Josh/Cheslia being pulled out of the bag.

Nat: it says in the bible do not mess with the woman of god.

Nat quoting that the bible says idolators, homosexuals, theieves and a "couple others" will not make it to the kingdom of heaven.

Sheila: I would never judge him.

Nat: It's his actions.

Sheila: they are not redeemable. It's un-frickin-forgivable. No matter what he does.... He destroyed his own game with his tongue.

Nat: God keeps records of what everyone says.

Sheila: I said to him you live in a society that has to put up with hatemongers. How can you come in here and tear people down?

Nat: he says it's gameplay.

Nat: you can't have greed, anger and jealousy. or you can't have hope, love and faith.

Sheila: have you seen the greed in this house, Natalie.

Nat: yes, I've seen it.

Sheila: they were holding on to the ball for dear life. You wanted it because you hadn't seen your dog and mom, and he wanted it for closure.

Sheila: you have to close that chapter for yourself and Matty.

Nat: when I talked to Matty, I said I hope you're not going but if you go . . .

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Topic #8345244
lakeview - More Sheila/Nat in hammock 0 Replies #8345244 11:58AM 20/03/2008
Nat saying Chelsia had told her that she didn't vote for Matty to say bc Chelsia's gut said Sheila wouldn't vote for Matt to stay.

Sheila: do you think Matty will see those things when we left? Nat: oh yeah, he saw it and then Julie talks to him.

Sheila: I forgot what I was doing when he got voted out.

Nat thinks the goodbye messages to Matt were her, Sheila, Adam and Ryan. "He probably cried."

Nat talking what her goodbye message was. She said "I know you love me... if you are alone on your bday, I'll be thinking of you... Everything happened for a reason. There was a reason we were put together. Maybe opposites do attract."

BB chews them out for talking about Nat's goodbye message.

Nat goes plays pool with Adam and Ryan.
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Topic #8345348
erin33520 - Nat lies to Ryan and tells him that Sheila was tellinig Sharon that she didn't trust him but it was all 0 Replies #8345348 12:03PM 20/03/2008
gameplay, like we were going to do so don't believe it.
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Topic #8345362
TheMike - Nat Adam Ryan playing Pool. Josh Chel on big lounger. James in Pool. NT 0 Replies #8345362 12:04PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345510
lakeview - Nat/Adam conversation near pool table 0 Replies #8345510 12:12PM 20/03/2008
Nat telling Adam that Sheila is fighting with Adam on purpose.

Adam says "if I put Sheila up..."

Nat: no, you can't do that bc then definitely one of us goes home and there will still be 4 of them. It's be baaaaad.

Natalie wins the pool game.

Nat saying you have to do 2 of them. Also trying to get the two guys up.

Adam says "what about you and Ryan up?"

Nat saying Josh will protect James and James will protect Josh.

Nat then saying Chelsia and James would still be a good move.

Adam: that's the best.

Adam: Josh and Sheila?

Nat: no, they'd all vote Sheila out then. It'll bite you in the end. Guess who would leave? Sheila. And then there will 4 of them left.

Nat: James and Chelsia, that'll be the best move.

Adam saying he puts up Sheila and Josh and then wins POV and takes Sheila down.

Nat: but what if?

Adam: then it'll look like I have sides.

Nat: they're going for you anyway. You have to get rid of a strong player now or else they'll take you out.

Adam: Josh has never been on the block yet, he needs to go up.

Nat: then Josh and James. Do we want to give them the power or them have the power.

Adam: I don't care either way.

Nat: you better not. Use your brain their buddy. Unless it's in the hooded warrior.

Adam: is Ryan?

Nat: no, he's sticking with us. Trust me.

Adam: it'd be best for the house to put up Sheila.

Nat: no, that'd be terrible.
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Topic #8345558
DanaRose - Nat and Adam playing pool, discussing who to put up...(more) 0 Replies #8345558 12:15PM 20/03/2008
Adam says he may put up Josh and Sheila. Nat says WHAT? you cant do that then they'll have the numbers, you have to put up 2 from their side or Sheila will be voted out. Adam saying he wants to do that cuz then it wont look like hes on a side. Nat saying he has to put up 2 from their side or they'll (J/J/C/S) send you home.
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Topic #8345567
lakeview - more Nat/Adam 1 Replies #8345567 12:16PM 20/03/2008
Adam walks to Josh and says Nat's teeling me to put you up.

Adam to Nat: he's telling me that.

Nat: look, next week it's 4 of them against 2 of us.

Adam: but we'll win POV.

Nat: no, they're big threats. If I was HOH I'd put up the two guys. Chelsia's a big threat. He puts up everyone every week.

Nat: if that happens, they're going after me next week. I'm a big threat on physical stuff.

Adam: Sheila's not at all confident right now. I don't understand why. [ed. or i may have mishead and it may have been Sheila's acting too confident right now.]

Nat: don't give the power and win the house. They will have the votes to choose who goes home. If you put two fo them, we have the three votes. We'll do whatever you want Baller.


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txlegalpro - I think Adam actually said that Sheila is acting too confident right now, #8345627 12:19PM 20/03/2008
which he doesn't like. Not that Sheila was not acting confident.
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Topic #8345588
DanaRose - ..Trivia NT 0 Replies #8345588 12:17PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345618
DanaRose - Feeds back, All HGs in BY by pool table discussing what kind of food comp it will be. NT 0 Replies #8345618 12:19PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345661
DanaRose - Feed 2 inside, table is set nice. Feed 1 dark screen...and TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #8345661 12:22PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345662
lakeview - Sheila thinks ED is coming back. Adam: he'll rip you apart. Sheila: no, he's gonna like me NT 0 Replies #8345662 12:22PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345671
lakeview - Table got replaced with a smaller table. NT 0 Replies #8345671 12:22PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345673
TheMike - LD over, they come inside and there is a small table. NT 0 Replies #8345673 12:22PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345674
DanaRose - HGs going inside, excited theyre gonna eat something... table much smaller now, table for 8NT 0 Replies #8345674 12:23PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345693
DanaRose - All HGs sitting at smaller table and saying this is so weird. NT 0 Replies #8345693 12:24PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345702
lakeview - Sheila telling Ryan that she's going to act like she doesn't like him. "Are we cool with that?" NT 0 Replies #8345702 12:25PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345713
DanaRose - Sheila and Ryan in SR...Sheila says they're all asking about them and that 0 Replies #8345713 12:26PM 20/03/2008
she is playing it up that she doesnt trust Ryan and doesnt like him etc but they have to keep playing it up. Ryan says i know...i know...uh huh
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Topic #8345768
DanaRose - James says to Adam, "If you put me up I wanna know why" . Josh then Ryan comes in and conversation stops. NT 0 Replies #8345768 12:30PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345813
DanaRose - Sheila in KT asking if there's any tylenol PM, looks for it in SR and comes back in saying they took it back NT 0 Replies #8345813 12:33PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345878
DanaRose - Adam, Josh, Chels, Sheila, Ryan in KT. Josh cooking Ryan cutting up tomatoes. Adam puts head down on table and Sheila says 0 Replies #8345878 12:37PM 20/03/2008
why dont you just go to sleep, you cant sleep? Ryan says right away, Hey Adam can i go listen to some jayZ? Adam says of course you can, but Ryan is still chopping tomatoes
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Topic #8345948
DanaRose - James/Chels Sharon in BY, Chels asks if Adams putting up Sheila, James says hes thinking about it NT 0 Replies #8345948 12:41PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8345999
raindrop110475 - Sharon says if james and chel go up is only becauise nat did it. that nat is upset james sent matt out 0 Replies #8345999 12:45PM 20/03/2008
and that couples are unfair and james says then all couples should leave and sharon says is different that u and chel have love thing matt and nat had love thing me and josh no love thing
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Topic #8346045
DanaRose - Sharon, James,Chelsia in BY,,, conversation... 0 Replies #8346045 12:48PM 20/03/2008
Chels says Ryans still pissed at Sheila, James says or so we think, Sharon says she thinks its real, James says Adam will put up Josh, unless he throws curveball and puts me and Chels up. Sharon thinks Nats telling Adam to put 'them' up (JJSC) and that Nats still really upset about Matt leaving. Sharon says she thinks Nat would wanna go be with Matt in sequester, no joke. Chels says Nat still thinks she and Matty were actual soulmates
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Topic #8346065
DanaRose - Chelsia telling everyone tacos are ready NT 0 Replies #8346065 12:49PM 20/03/2008
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