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Topic #8343309
Ashton - TV screen in livingroom just changed to say Nominations Today! NT 0 Replies #8343309 9:21AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8343368
TheMike - Sheila saying how she REALLY wants to see the movie and that she's a HUGE movie buff 0 Replies #8343368 9:26AM 20/03/2008
She goes to the movies ALL the time and rents movies EVERY day. She hopes that she's actually going to a premier and it's not gonna play in the house. That would be FABULOUS! (lol)
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Topic #8343603
echo - sheila talkin to adam about nat and her theories....says ryan may turn on her cause of how she voted 2 Replies #8343603 9:41AM 20/03/2008
she also thinks it will be a couple as the last 2 in the game
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Suzan - Sheila telling Adam that because of the show title - Until Death Do You Part - that #8343807 9:54AM 20/03/2008
she believes if an original couple make it to the end they win a big prize. She also said, I may be wrong because she was wrong about the wall(?), but she believes the title of the show tells it all.

That if she is HOH next week, she would come to Adam and ask him who are "we" putting up. That the other couples have each others backs and the ultimate winner is the couple who lasts until the end.
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echo - sheila conts to say everyone hates "her game", says adam and her are playin very well, adam goes to smoke NT #8343630 9:42AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8343670
echo - james comes outside tells adam hes nuts for gettin sheila goin so early in the am 1 Replies #8343670 9:44AM 20/03/2008
james says he hates sheila, they share adams smoke
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echo - adam says if he hears "single mom" one more time im goin to freak. james pointing out shes the only one who hasnt won anything NT #8343680 9:46AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8343685
TheMike - Adam outside in deep thought smoking. James comes outside. 0 Replies #8343685 9:46AM 20/03/2008
James is talking about how Sharon snores and how he didn't sleep well. The conversation moves to Sheila. Adam says "Dude if i hear single mom one more time out of her mouth....." James: "dude she hasn't won d**k, everyone in this house has won either an HoH or PoV and she hasn't won d**k"
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Topic #8343722
lakeview - Adam/James outside 0 Replies #8343722 9:49AM 20/03/2008
James talking about the whole "Chelsia wouldn't let me sleep in her bed" last night night.

Adam: if I hear "single mom" one more time.

James: dude, she hasn't won dick. She hasn't won f---.

James: she didn't win tickets last night. Some guy gambled his tickets away.

Adam: she's messed up.

Adam has a stomachache.

James: You know Ryan wants to f---ing hang her.

Adam: he doesn't like her at all now.

James: She didn't learn sh-- from being on the block.

James offering to make Adam breakfast. James walks inside.

Adam lying down in the sun and let's one rip.
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Topic #8343727
CruiseCritic - James asks Adam if he has eaten breakfast yet and Adam says he hasnt and asked 0 Replies #8343727 9:49AM 20/03/2008
James what he was having and James was going in to make some steak and eggs.

Adam outside alone on all 4 feeds in double lounger
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Topic #8343734
TheMike - James goes inside. Adam laying in lounger in BY thinking and touching himself NT 0 Replies #8343734 9:49AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8343772
CruiseCritic - Sheila heads outside with some laundry as Sharon comes in the kitchen 0 Replies #8343772 9:52AM 20/03/2008
to feed the GPs. Adam heads upstairs to HOH. Sharon asks who is making eggs and bacon and then says who James? SHe is in KT by herself and says bebeeees, are you hungry...huhhhh?
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Topic #8343782
TheMike - Sharon awake in KT cutting up food for the GPs. She's talking to them in an extremely high pitched voice saying 0 Replies #8343782 9:53AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8343795
CruiseCritic - Sharon cutting up cantaloupe for the GPs and James cracking some 0 Replies #8343795 9:53AM 20/03/2008
eggs in a bowl.

Sharon says hold on (to the GPs)

they are not talking to eachother right now
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Topic #8343826
CruiseCritic - Sheila in KT doing up some dishes and James is at the stove 0 Replies #8343826 9:56AM 20/03/2008
Sharon now at the sink as Sheila finishes eating her yogurt.

James comes back in KT with more eggs and starts cracking them into a bowl. Sharon washing up some dishes
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Topic #8343847
CruiseCritic - Adam comes back downstairs and heads into KT where James and Sharon are 0 Replies #8343847 9:58AM 20/03/2008
Adam has put on a baseball hat now. James asks if he wants bacon on the side or in the food, Sharon says it doesnt matter to her. James wants the big saute pan.

Adam sits at the counter. Sheila heads outside. James is scrambling some eggs and Sharon says she is going to eat and then go lay out.

Adam says same old grind and Sharon says same old same old.

Sharon asks GPS if they liked their cantaloupe - in her hight pitched voice
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Topic #8343865
CruiseCritic - James putting bacon in the frying pan. Sharon had aked him if he needed any help and she 0 Replies #8343865 10:00AM 20/03/2008
heads into the red BR. Josh and Chelsia still in bed. All 4 feeds now in red BR.

Adam was sitting at counter in KT while James was starting to fry up the bacon
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Topic #8343899
CruiseCritic - all 4 feeds on Joshuah and Chelsia in bed, Josh with the pillow over his head and feeds go 0 Replies #8343899 10:03AM 20/03/2008
back to the kitchen with James at the stove. James talking about the camera men in the HOH room.

Adam says if you close the bathroom door it gets dark in there. James says yeah.

Adam now sitting on the KT table. James cutting up the bacon in the pan as he cooks it. Talking about the evicted houseguests that were able to go home and BB probably told them thanks for your help, you can go home now.

James says that would suck. says he is there byt he grace of the house, skin of his teeth. He pours the egg mixture over the bacon
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Topic #8343920
CruiseCritic - Talking about Alex and James says he (Alex) owns a muli-million dollar media company 0 Replies #8343920 10:05AM 20/03/2008
James cutting up some tomatoes. Adam still sitting on the KT table.

Talk that Alex cleaned the house, cooked. Now talk about inventory and no overhead for Alex's business. James mentions dancers?

james cooking and Adam now standing over by the stove, arm on microwave watching him cook. James is adding basil to eggs.

Adam says he hates rosemary and asks James if he likes it and he says not really
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Topic #8343958
CruiseCritic - Adam asks if everyone is breaking his balls and James says not really 0 Replies #8343958 10:08AM 20/03/2008
and Adam says something about Sheila - out there. Adam says she is probably ragging on us right now. Says she is a single mother and James says yeah she doesnt want to play that card.

Adam says that looks gourmet Jimmy and James says not really.

BB- James please go to the DR. James says - I am cooking man...and says I am not going right now, I have sh!t on the stove, you can see me. He continues to cook and then tells Adam he will be right back and to watch it for him

He says he is going to tell DR he is cooking and says he will be right back. Adam goes to the stove and James goes in and out of the DR real fast.

James has on pink shirt and purple pants.

more talk of Alex
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Topic #8343980
CruiseCritic - Adam says he cant believe America voted him back. BB - Sheila please go to the DR 0 Replies #8343980 10:10AM 20/03/2008
Adam wonders if he has to do nominations early today and James says no. Sheila comes in and says they might be calling her for meds.

James asks Adam if he wants cheese on the eggs and there is none in fridge - Adam goes to storage room to get cheddar cheese - James told him to get whatever kind he thinks is better
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Topic #8344008
CruiseCritic - Adam walks thru LR opening the bag of cheese and is over bu the stove and 0 Replies #8344008 10:12AM 20/03/2008
sprinkles the shredded cheese on the eggs. As he pours the cheese, James says thats good.

Adam scoops some cheese into his mouth and seals it up to put in the fridge.

Scarmbled egg mix with bacon on stove (looks good) Adam brings out two plates and James gets the egg shells and puts them in the trash.
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Topic #8344023
CruiseCritic - James goes in red BR and asks Chels if she wants some eggs too. Adam puts a load of 0 Replies #8344023 10:13AM 20/03/2008
egg mixture on his plate after he got the ketchup out of the fridge. James puts ketchup on his eggs as well and puts bottle back next to Adams plate. The both sit down at counter to eat
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Topic #8344046
CruiseCritic - Chelsia comes in KT and Adam says good morning to her. She ties up her robe and 0 Replies #8344046 10:15AM 20/03/2008
grabs a plate from the strainer and is getting some eggs. Chelsia says this looks really good and James says they are good.

She goes to get something out of fridge and James asks how she likes her new bunk-mate and she says she doesnt like it - he wakes himself up and jerks his body. She is at the counter with them now - she is standing and they are sitting
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Topic #8344078
CruiseCritic - Chatting about last nights competition and how you didnt want to get anything wrong or you were out 0 Replies #8344078 10:18AM 20/03/2008
James says that trip would have been tits tho.

Sharon comes in KT and says oh they are done? and she makes herself a plate - she took the rest that were in the pan and put them on a plate.

Adam and James quietly eating. James says the eggs are a little bit too milky. Adam cleaned his plate and asks Sharon if she is having some eggs with her cheese and she says yes. Adam asks if she wants the ketchup and she says she is good.
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Topic #8344099
mks - they played 'the locomotion' and 'girls just want to have fun' to wake up to this morning NT 0 Replies #8344099 10:20AM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8344103
CruiseCritic - James says they must have a long night- Big Brother, didnt end til 2 and breakdown at 0 Replies #8344103 10:20AM 20/03/2008
3 or 4. Talk about music they played this morning. James asks if Josh was dancing and Chels says all she thought was he better not get up and dance or I will hit him. she says she did not sleep well. James says she will get used to it.

Sharon says you can come sleep with me and James says yeah we can have a three-way. Sharon and Chelsia do not respond.

Chels washes her dish. Adam heads outside and James says cigarette time?

James burps and Chelsia goes over next to James at the counter with her plate

(I am out for a bit to go have some lunch)
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Topic #8344217
txlegalpro - James asks to go to DR in mike, then outside lockdown. NT 0 Replies #8344217 10:34AM 20/03/2008
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