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Topic #8405688
sunflower721 - sheila leaves boat room goes to bathroom where nat is,she (sheila) saying how she has had three bathing suits oon today,nat tells sheila that she 0 Replies #8405688 2:03PM 24/03/2008
looks good in her blue bikini,now they are in KT.talking about food.sheila comments that everyone is sleeping.Nat getting candy out of Easter basket that BB gave them.
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Topic #8405725
sunflower721 - sheila/nat eating nuts out of bowl at flower table in KT NT 0 Replies #8405725 2:06PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8405790
sunflower721 - sharon out of Dr comes to KT says hello to girls (she/nat) then says I am going back out,adam now called to DR.Sheila nat and sharon are all out BY 0 Replies #8405790 2:10PM 24/03/2008
laying out ,sheila says to sharon I have been in three bathing suits today,sharon says for real,sharon tells sheila that she (sheila) looks good in her blue bikini. (she does ,looks very tan,)good color on her sharon tells sheila.sheila says thanks now they are talking about music they want to hear in the AM,what they are hoping to hear.Nat is skimming out the pool now.sharon tells sheila she looks so cute in that bathing suit and she should wear it more often.
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Topic #8405882
sunflower721 - sheila is in pool ,nat is in pool now as well ,sharon out on the lounger they are all talking about the past competitions. what colors ev1 was wearin 0 Replies #8405882 2:15PM 24/03/2008
sheila now out of pool.nat is in pool skimming bugs out.sheila laying on a lounger tanning.
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Topic #8405917
sunflower721 - nat called to DR now,adam is out in BY talking to sheila. NT 0 Replies #8405917 2:17PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8406227
ILuvMySoldier - Sheila in DR; Sharon and Nat in BY tanning and talking NT 0 Replies #8406227 2:31PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8406407
sunflower721 - nat sharon out BY ,nat is talking about her ex,their relationship,about how it ended.All feeds are of them (sharon/Nat) NT 0 Replies #8406407 2:39PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8406467
ILuvMySoldier - Nat telling Sharon (AGAIN) how it takes her longer than 30 days to fall in love NT 0 Replies #8406467 2:42PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8406711
Shannon72 - Sharon and Nat talking about the 10 commandments -- Sharon asking Nat for help and Nat has no clue NT 0 Replies #8406711 2:57PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8406816
ILuvMySoldier - Nat, Sharon and Sheila sunning in BY-Sheila has a ladybug "fur-iend"; Adam on BY couch NT 0 Replies #8406816 3:03PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8407211
erin33520 - Nat/She/Sha talking about music and what's on their myspace pages. She said she hasa Goo Goo dolls song on there, a "ballot" NT 0 Replies #8407211 3:28PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8407464
Jacsb - Nat, Adam and Ry chattting outside. Sharron making GP's some lunch. 0 Replies #8407464 3:44PM 24/03/2008
Natalie and the boys talking about the next HOH comp. Nat willing to do "whatever it takes". If Nat wins, they think putting James and Josh up next week is the best plan. Nat saying the best gift she could give Matty is James getting voted out next week. (lol)
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Topic #8407516
Jacsb - R/N/A talking about how bad Chels is for bad mouthing Matty being his back when he is not here to defend himself. 0 Replies #8407516 3:49PM 24/03/2008
Ry says Chels does it to get under Nat's skin.

Adam say's hes going to rip James hard when he's on the block and th POV has been won by someone on their side. They can't wait to win POV. Baller had a dream he won POV and her was red?

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Topic #8407630
ShannonLK - Ry/Nat saying a black helicoper went over head. Ryan jumps in pool while Nat lays out. 0 Replies #8407630 3:59PM 24/03/2008
Nat and Ry talking about the colors of vases, 2 red vases, 3 green, 1 white 2 blue. Ry says ok. Adam coming out. Nat asks whos inside the kit/
N/R saying you can't tell Sharon anything, that she relies everything to Jimmy/James)
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Topic #8407641
ShannonLK - Baller cannon ball into pool/ Nat nice one. NT 0 Replies #8407641 3:59PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8407678
ShannonLK - BY talk about James and Sharon 0 Replies #8407678 4:02PM 24/03/2008
Nat saying sharon agreeing to get James out to ensure safety.
Adam: POV needs to be crushed ( WON )
Adam: James is gunning for HOH bad. Nat agrees
Adam: He has proved he can do it ( james )
Adam: It will be james by himself against all of the other hg's. Says who will vote for him by himself.
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Topic #8407743
ShannonLK - Sheila/ Sharon in KT 0 Replies #8407743 4:08PM 24/03/2008
Shar: Nat is after josh
Sheila: Asking who is the sneak person in here, saying she makes her own choices, that she does not care, she does what she wants to do.
Shar- They are after Josh and Sharon, Sharon talking very low.
Sheila asking who said that:
Sheila says they would put him up on block, I am assuming Josh, before getting rid of Shar.
Sharon: Whispering.
Sheila saying when you put the right person on the block the right person gogoes home. (Too much whispering right now)
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Topic #8407812
cindytexas - Sheila says the reason they want to get her out of the house is because of the money, nobody would want to be standing next to her in the end because 0 Replies #8407812 4:14PM 24/03/2008
she thinks the jury would give her the money.
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Topic #8407852
cindytexas - Sheila is telling Sharon that Josh thinks Matty is her son but he isn't. Sharon plays like she didn't know anything about it. 0 Replies #8407852 4:16PM 24/03/2008
She asks why Josh would think that. Sheila said because she stands up for Matty. She tells Sharon "Do the math," as far as how old her son is, when she got pregnant, etc.

Sheila says the reason she stands up for Matt is because of his eye thing. She says he son has an eye condition too. Sharon says she didn't know that.
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Topic #8407868
cindytexas - Sheila says Adam would have put her up if they didn't need the numbers to get Chelsia out. She thinks Adam wants her out. NT 0 Replies #8407868 4:17PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408341
Jacsb - Josh/She and Shar cooling in KT. Ry and Nat in BY. 0 Replies #8408341 4:51PM 24/03/2008
Sheila says she wants to have her pwn cooking show in Nashville and have guest stars come on and cook meals they learned from family growing up.
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Topic #8408399
Jacsb - Adam picking zit in window (gross!). Talking about how Wednesday night is going to be crazy (Ry and Nat). Flames, then houseguests have a lockdown 0 Replies #8408399 4:54PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408516
Jacsb - Loooks like HG's are finishing up in the kitchen before lockdown (cooking). NT 0 Replies #8408516 4:59PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408807
ILuvMySoldier - Lockdown over NT 0 Replies #8408807 5:22PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408817
ariel1981 - chels/james in by on couch talking NT 0 Replies #8408817 5:23PM 24/03/2008
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