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Topic #8410233
crazybiotch42069 - Chels joins in by in swim suit getting in ht, josh eating in ht...adam asking how it is NT 0 Replies #8410233 7:02PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410268
crazybiotch42069 - Chels asking Josh what she could do to saty...doesn't know what she can do ect...that james will not give her a vote NT 0 Replies #8410268 7:04PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410277
crazybiotch42069 - Josh saying that he's not sure, and that Shar isn't campaining...chels doesn't trust shelia...josh agrees NT 0 Replies #8410277 7:05PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410310
crazybiotch42069 - Josh saying if it was him on the block chels would have a better chance at staying.... 0 Replies #8410310 7:07PM 24/03/2008
discussing live votes, chels saying it sucks she's going....evil easter bunny week! LOL
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Topic #8410357
crazybiotch42069 - chels and josh talking still about her staying,talking about previous season with roddy..about her not casting her vote him back in.....that it would 0 Replies #8410357 7:10PM 24/03/2008
have affected her game.....chels saying same with me voting in james back in....
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Topic #8410369
sunflower721 - chels telling josh in hot tub that her mom is probably at home flipping out (over her rants). NT 0 Replies #8410369 7:10PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410387
crazybiotch42069 - Ryan comes out to by and breaks up chels and josh convo...talking about ryans shaveing job...his arms look pumped josh says 0 Replies #8410387 7:11PM 24/03/2008
Saying he very muscular..and much better
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Topic #8410396
crazybiotch42069 - Ryan saying he needs to get used to having his arm hair shaved, and chels and josh saying it looks good and that he will get used to it NT 0 Replies #8410396 7:12PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410397
mrmac - R comes out to BY saying "stupid m---f" (ed. James?) J/C/R discussing R shaving his arms. NT 0 Replies #8410397 7:12PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410407
sunflower721 - ryan now over to hottub with pool stick in his hand,showing chels and josh his shaved arms,chels says he looks hotter (LOL ed.)josh says I see muscle 0 Replies #8410407 7:13PM 24/03/2008
that I didn't know you had. (OMG ry is not a chia Pet LOL ed.)
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Topic #8410415
crazybiotch42069 - C/josh talk about 4 weeks in seq, and double eviction possability, and the finally show NT 0 Replies #8410415 7:13PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410422
crazybiotch42069 - Ryan and adam going to play a game of pool chels out of ht and in by w boys NT 0 Replies #8410422 7:14PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410439
crazybiotch42069 - chrls going inside now,ryan adam and josh still in by james asks Chels hw she is foing why aren't you working people...she says I am NT 0 Replies #8410439 7:15PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410457
crazybiotch42069 - Telling chels to campaign to people, and James telling her how bad do you want this? You want to stay, tell the house they can hang you so you can 0 Replies #8410457 7:16PM 24/03/2008
hang me.....fight for it....
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Topic #8410474
crazybiotch42069 - Jmaes now in by getting ready to get in the ht with josh NT 0 Replies #8410474 7:17PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410483
sunflower721 - chels out of HT and now inside talking to james,talking about a way for her to stay in the game,james asks how bad do u want this.james says tell the 0 Replies #8410483 7:18PM 24/03/2008
house u will hang me if they have your vote.james wants chels to "turn" on him or act that way as a way of campaigning.

chels back out in HT with josh and james is in HT now too.

adam in BY playing pool.

james asks chels if she is going to go on another little crazy (cant make out says stunt or something???)chels laughs and says maybe,she likes to go on crazy ( missed words).
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Topic #8410501
crazybiotch42069 - James/josh/chels now all in ht talking talking about the other side really wants to get me... 0 Replies #8410501 7:19PM 24/03/2008
That she could be the bait for them to break up if she stayed this week josh quiet
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Topic #8410523
crazybiotch42069 - Josh asks Chels hows the last minute scrambeling going...james saying he would love to see the votes 4-1 and go balls to the wall NT 0 Replies #8410523 7:20PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410536
crazybiotch42069 - James asking Chels if she is going to go another crazy spell.....chels giggels james blames it on not egtting her off teasing her NT 0 Replies #8410536 7:21PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410562
crazybiotch42069 - The ht tub crew talking about faking and how boys can't fake it...also a bit to ickky to post on other things with josh and bf's....ed: brb NT 0 Replies #8410562 7:23PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410595
DanaRose - Nat again says she's 2 1/2 weeks late for her period NT 0 Replies #8410595 7:26PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410636
sunflower721 - adam now in boat room with nat and sheila,talking.talking about the HGS and when they leave the ppl will know how they (hgs) will be & act 0 Replies #8410636 7:29PM 24/03/2008
,that BB casts people for certain reasons,for their personalities etc.
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Topic #8410663
Melisah - All 4 cams to the blue boat room with Sheila/Adam/Natalie 0 Replies #8410663 7:30PM 24/03/2008
Sheila's waxing on about human predictability and how "they" know what's going to happen because humans are ... predictable. (I guess "they" are BB producers.)

Natalie: "Now what does preordained mean?"

Sheila:"Ordained? That means like a minister."

"Sharon said something about the game being preordained or predetermined."

"Okay, predetermined. Ordained is .. no."

"-that this game is predetermined."

"'Cause they do human studies, they know how we're gonna act. [Blah blah, wish I'd studied psychology]."
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Topic #8410699
ShannonLK - Sheila/Nat and Adam in room talking about staying school 0 Replies #8410699 7:31PM 24/03/2008
Sheila says humans are predictable. That some of the ppl in house didnt know what they were getting into, Sheila names, herself, josh, and points cant make out name. Nat saying that she asked Chels if she is worried what her family would think, Chels replied they already know sweetheart. Shelia saying her family knows her family knows she gets angry, but she is also a giving person.
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Topic #8410726
Melisah - "Ideally Adam needs to go. Then Ryan." - James 0 Replies #8410726 7:32PM 24/03/2008
All four cams back on the hot tub crew. They're talking about the order they want the HGs evicted and how getting rid of the boys first will affect Natalie moreso than getting rid of Natalie first.
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