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Topic #8411900
Gorf - James and Adam playing Chess, Chelsia and Josh watching NT 0 Replies #8411900 8:43PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8411949
raindrop110475 - sheila and ryan were in bathroom a minute ago talkign abotu how girls who live together get on same cycle 0 Replies #8411949 8:46PM 24/03/2008
Ryan: thats wierd girls are wierd
Sheila: So are boys man so are u
Ryan: no we dont bleed for no reason and live
Sheila : thats true

it amused me was cute
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Topic #8411978
raindrop110475 - SHeila is complaining to Nat on upstairs couch about how she didnt get someone hot like everyoen else did in couple thing 0 Replies #8411978 8:48PM 24/03/2008
she was stuck with adam when she should have gotten an evil dick or a dr will
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Topic #8412028
raindrop110475 - Chel on ouch in LR watching James and Adam play chess she asks question abotu comp last year with the pictures and having to remember details in them 0 Replies #8412028 8:51PM 24/03/2008
and James says why are you doing this (bring it up) and chel immediately says sorry and james says your done ( out of game) adam says DUN dun.
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Topic #8412265
raindrop110475 - 2 feeds on ryan and james playign chess chel on couch no one tlakign other feeds on sheila and nat and talk of matt NT 0 Replies #8412265 9:08PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8412572
erin33520 - C/J/R/A/J/S trying to convince Sheila to dye her hair red and Nat upstairs yelling down "If you do that then I can go darker!" 0 Replies #8412572 9:36PM 24/03/2008
everyone ignoring her, Sheila goes to DR to ask if she can do it
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Topic #8412747
BB9Blinded - Ryan, Adam, Sharon and Josh by HT 0 Replies #8412747 9:57PM 24/03/2008
talking about Chelsia giving up and that her partner won't even vote for her. Sharon asking Ryan about his scar on his arm - he says it was from a lighter and he tried to make it better with a screwdriver but it looked bad so he tatooed over it.
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Topic #8412780
BB9Blinded - Ry Shar and Adam outside by HT 0 Replies #8412780 10:00PM 24/03/2008
Adam talking about giving HOH key to someone new in 48hrs - Sharon says hopefully it will be someone who won't evict us, that's the goal! Everyone agreeing with her. Sharon says, Sheila wouldn't put you up he says, I assume everyone but James wouldn't put me up - Sharon thinks there will be a food comp and the HOH will probably be quick because of timing - she has no idea what the HOH comp will be and Ryan agrees - Adam thinks it may be T/F Multiple Choice or people's faces
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Topic #8412826
BB9Blinded - Ry Shar and Adam outside by HT 0 Replies #8412826 10:03PM 24/03/2008
Adam says sucks not playing for HOH and he says James is going for it hardcore. Sharon says I just hope I get to play with y'all. Adam and Ry confused and she says because I'm on the block - Ry says oh I almost forgot you were on the block and they laugh - Adam thanks Sharon for volunteering - Shar says I can handle the block, I'm not a very negative person - Sheila and Nat come outside (they seem tipsy)
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Topic #8412859
BB9Blinded - Ry, Shar, Nat, Sheila and Adam by HT 0 Replies #8412859 10:05PM 24/03/2008
Sheila is definetly channeling Kimberly - Sheila talking about how she plans on winning HOH, does that make you nervous? Adam laughs and says yeah. Chelsia comes outside and says James and I were play fighting and he accidently hit me in the temple - now I'm gonna have a welt - she goes back inside The rest continue to talk about ice cream and pizza
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Topic #8412877
BB9Blinded - Nat, Sheila, Ry, Adam and Sheila 0 Replies #8412877 10:08PM 24/03/2008
Adam says you look a little buzzed up there Sheila? She says I am buzzed - Natalie says I am too and continues to banter with Adam - Nat says she prefers to smoke weed than drink she says I don't even like to drink and Ry says you could've fooled me - Ry says I'm hungry and goes inside to tell Josh, Chelsia WHy is Nat outside saying she doesn't like to drink?
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Topic #8412892
BB9Blinded - Adam, Shar, Sheila and Nat by HT 0 Replies #8412892 10:10PM 24/03/2008
Adam says whoever came out here with Eric had cankles - Sheila said that was Jessica and she did not have cankles- now the women are comparing ankles and toes - talking about their perspective toes- Baller says they are like fingers dude, spread them out again - says Nat's toe is as big as his pinky toe they compare and laugh
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Topic #8412898
BB9Blinded - Nat just started her period - thinks that is why she is 5 lbs heavier NT 0 Replies #8412898 10:10PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8412905
BB9Blinded - Sheila really buzzed and eating sugar telling Shar and Nat to stop her and she says she loves nuts NT 0 Replies #8412905 10:11PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8412929
BB9Blinded - Sheila the wino talking about her tolerance for alcohol being a lot lower - Nat asks Sharon if she ever drink and she says sparingly maybe a virgin 0 Replies #8412929 10:14PM 24/03/2008
strawberry daquiri - I just don't like beer and Jacob likes Corona - Sheila says you get fat from beer - Nat says she like weed because it has not calories and beer makes me sick and has lotta calories - she continues the stories about friends who want to smoke with her
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Topic #8412967
Gorf - A/R/J/J/C in the kitchen trying to figure out Natalies life, they think something in her story is missing and dosnt make sense NT 1 Replies #8412967 10:17PM 24/03/2008
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Gorf - they are trying to put together her timeline they think a couple years are missing NT #8412985 10:18PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8412989
BB9Blinded - James, Josh, Adam, Ryan and Chelsia in KT 0 Replies #8412989 10:19PM 24/03/2008
eating and all talking about Nat's time line -
18 boston market
19-24 stripping across the street

think they are missing years - Ryan says she really is a compulsive liar lying about the BJs because he heard it - Josh says with all the cameras that is ballsy - Adam says in Nat's twisted mind Matt was playing with everyone but her - James talks about gaps in her Chrisitianity in years - Ryan says she swallowed every time and Josh says ewww- Adam says maybe she was a born again virgin and restarted the counting - James says maybe she was doing speed and Chelsia think yes because of her skin -
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Topic #8413033
rg1 - The kitchen group know thinks that Nat is a recovering drug addict. They think she found god after something big went down 0 Replies #8413033 10:21PM 24/03/2008
they also don't believe that she's only been with 4 guys because she's the type of girl that can give a BJ on national television. JAmes says that if she stripped for 5 years, how come she doesn't have anything to show for it? All she does is paint, work at a coffee shop and drive a '92 car.They're talking about bringing her in to talk about it and find out why there are some years missing.
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Topic #8413084
BB9Blinded - more talk in KT of Nat's life story 0 Replies #8413084 10:24PM 24/03/2008
Adam says there are 2-3 years missing. Adam says she loves you Ryan and he says no she loves you. They continue making fun of Nat, uhaul and loving Matty - Adam says maybe she is a raver and likes e and James says maybe because of her colorful clothes - they decide that heroin is something she def didn't do - they decide probably speed because of her face - Chelsia thinks great story druggy NFL cheerleader - Adam thinks maybe she lived on the bunny ranch in Vegas and that's the gap in the story and her vag in high rise - James says what are you spending your money from stripping on? (they have forgotten she paid for school)
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Topic #8413097
rg1 - Still talking about Nat in kitchen... 1 Replies #8413097 10:24PM 24/03/2008
Chels: she says she's never done white drugs
Adam thinks she's done ecstasy, Chelsia say that Nat's skin looks like she was a meth head - potholes and Adam says that her skin looks like she picks at it.
Adam says "maybe she was in the bunny ranch" (ed: not sure what that means)
Adam: maybe her boyfriend was a freeloading scumbag (that's how she lost her $)
James: if so, I'd like her to tell us
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erin33520 - ed: bunny ranch= legal brothel NT #8417931 11:23AM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8413109
cannotsleep - Adam and Baller have decided that Nat was at the bunny ranch for the missing 2 to 3 years gap. But where did the money go? NT 0 Replies #8413109 10:25PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413133
BB9Blinded - more talk on Nat in KT 0 Replies #8413133 10:27PM 24/03/2008
they think maybe her money went to a bf that took advantage of her - Ry says he could totally believe that - Chelsia questions her cheerleading and Ry says she knows a lot of football - Josh says she has no coordination - James says she has looks - they talk about her old car and how cheap it is - James Adam and Ryan thinks she has a huge nest egg - Adam believes there is a reason you find god always something behind it either drugs, sex or alcohol - they talk about christians at AA - Chelsia asks Ry if he is really going for more ice cream? hahaha He says no, why do you want some?
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Topic #8413150
cannotsleep - James says L. Ron Hubbard overdosed on pain killers NT 0 Replies #8413150 10:28PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413176
BB9Blinded - more talk on Nat in KT 0 Replies #8413176 10:29PM 24/03/2008
L Ron Hubbard taking pain killers - James suggest SHeila and Nat are close because they are hiding a secret together- Adam says no but there are still 2 Nat years missing - 26 and 27 - Ry says lets just go ask her about it, say we've been thinking Adam and James go outside - Ry Josh and Chelsia still in kitchen
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Topic #8413177
cannotsleep - Baller says there are two years missing from Nat's story, he's going out to confront her NT 0 Replies #8413177 10:29PM 24/03/2008
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