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Topic #8403341
CruiseCritic - Sharon wondering how Matt knows so much about LA and says she goes to visit her family in another state 0 Replies #8403341 10:45AM 24/03/2008
and she doesnt know half the stuff Matt knows about L.A.

SHaron says sheila could have had Matt at age 21 - and Josh says back in those days....

Talk about her in Penthouse. Josh thinks Matt is her son. Sharon says her son has an eye disability and Matt has lazy eye.

Josh just glad they knocked Matt out of the game
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Topic #8403356
CruiseCritic - Sharon says that is so ballsy, there is no way I would make out in front of my parents - I wouldnt even 0 Replies #8403356 10:46AM 24/03/2008
kiss in front of my parents. that is just weird.

Wondering if Adam or Natalie know and Josh says no and that Natalie is oblivious.
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Topic #8403378
CruiseCritic - Talk that Matt has never put Sheila down and that Matt wanted to help his Mom and how Sheila has 0 Replies #8403378 10:48AM 24/03/2008
always lived in an apartment. Sharon says thats why she always mentions Mik and he doesnt have live feeds...Josh says SHeila has watched past seasons, she mentions people I dont even know. Josh mentions Holly that people dont even remember.

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Topic #8403404
CruiseCritic - Sharon says that Sheila says she could work matt with her body to Sharon and Sharon says that is 0 Replies #8403404 10:51AM 24/03/2008
so gross if that is her son. Josh says she is obsessed with Matty.

Josh says borderline incest. Asks if she cried when Matt left, Sharon says she was looking at Natalie and doesnt know. Josh says the least sexy of the sexy six is left. Talk about not keeping Sheila too much longer in the game.

Sharon says she hasnt won sh!t. Josh says she hasnt had to
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Topic #8403406
WVpdles - Chel brought James breakfast in bed, eggs, bacon and english muffin NT 0 Replies #8403406 10:51AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403418
KingMac - Josh says we got to get the last member of the "sexy six" out and she (nat) was the least sexy of all them NT 0 Replies #8403418 10:52AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403442
KingMac - Josh- can you belive James and Chelsia have been having sex right next to us, that's disgusting NT 0 Replies #8403442 10:53AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403450
CruiseCritic - Josh says we can always threaten to expose her secret if it comes down to it and Sharon says 0 Replies #8403450 10:54AM 24/03/2008
thats why they came off the disco ball (Sheila and Matt) and they relied on Natalie. Sharon says they are afraid of winning HOH because their pictures will be exposed.

Josh yawns and says this is just scaring him. He doesnt foresee any campaigning. Josh asks if she heard them having sex next to them. Josh talks about them washing their sheets and that it is disgusting.

Ryan comes outside and joins them. SHaron says she is going to lay out and do absolutely nothing. Ryan says he might get a haircut today
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Topic #8403480
KingMac - Josh, Sharon, Sheila and Ryan at the by NT 0 Replies #8403480 10:56AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403482
CruiseCritic - Sheila comes outside with tan lotion and now talking about the camera falling off the pole last night 0 Replies #8403482 10:56AM 24/03/2008
Sharon says she was in the HT when it came down. Ryan says unveil yourself Sheila (she had her robe on when she came outside). Josh says Sheila, the unveil is complete. Then looks over and Ryan.

Ryan says oh today, what to do? Sharon and Josh silent now. Ryan tells Josh it is time for him to start working out and Josh wants to know what time workout class is. Ryan says too hot during the day, it will be in the evening
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Topic #8403516
CruiseCritic - Josh talking about drinking pop nonstop, empty calories and says he might as well just have a piece of pizza 0 Replies #8403516 10:59AM 24/03/2008
Ryan tells him he should drink water. Josh is going inside because he is hungry. He asks Sharon if she did his laundry and she tells him she put his underwear away and stuff on dresser. Ryan calls her Mommy Sharon.

Sharon says she heard part of the story last night and heard CHels say goody-goody and thought Chelsia was talking about her and was going to come out and ream her and then realized she was talking about Natalie so she went back to sleep.

Ryan mentions she had a meltdown....Sharon was about to give it to her. Ryan says she hasnt said anything about you (Sharon)
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Topic #8403532
CruiseCritic - Ryan says he knows how to get to Sharon by talking about Jacob. Sharon talks about 0 Replies #8403532 11:00AM 24/03/2008
Chevrolet story and Jacob and how he was looking for a ChevY with a Y and not a chevrolet and he drove around all day looking for a Chevrolet with a Y in it.
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Topic #8403566
CruiseCritic - Chelsia sitting in bed with plate of food and mentions Magnificent Monday and her and James are now 0 Replies #8403566 11:02AM 24/03/2008
laying down facing eachother. He says thank you. the plate of food is on the floor next to the bed. Chelsia cracks her neck.

BB- James, please do not obstruct your microphone. Chels fixes it and then makes sure hers is attached correctly
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Topic #8403589
CruiseCritic - Chelsia says she wants to stay in this house, but it is like torture knowing she is walking out the door 0 Replies #8403589 11:04AM 24/03/2008
and has to wait it out. James tells her she is more than welcome to campaign.

Chels doesnt think she can talk Sheila, Ryan and Joshuah into changing their votes.

BB- Attn HGS - have you changed your batteries??

James gets out of bed to go change batteries..
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Topic #8403621
CruiseCritic - James back from changing batteries and gets back into bed with Chelsia 0 Replies #8403621 11:07AM 24/03/2008
Ryan tells James they have to play some chess today or tonight and James says alright. Chels says she wanted to learn how to play chess and James says a day late. James says he can teach her in sequester - she says she wants to learn from the pro.

james saying she should tell people it would be strategic to keep her there because they would be on the block together, everyone would focus on getting us out of the house. Tells Chelsia this is what the game is about, trying to get ppl to keep you here.
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Topic #8403629
CruiseCritic - James says the craziest thing that has happened is a split house and that isnt really even 0 Replies #8403629 11:08AM 24/03/2008
crazy. The lay facing eachother in silence
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Topic #8403653
CruiseCritic - James touches Chelsia's cheek, nose and rubs thumb under her lip 0 Replies #8403653 11:10AM 24/03/2008
he keeps touching her face and she asks what are you doing and he stops. Cam does a HUGE closeup on one eye and nose of chelsia.

Cam pans back out to the two of them laying in bed facing eachother and now is going back in for closeup of her face. James leans in for a kiss and she kisses him back (short peck)
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Topic #8403665
CruiseCritic - james - i care about you alot. Chels- I care about you. James says he cant wait to see this 0 Replies #8403665 11:12AM 24/03/2008
really NICE person when he gets out of here. Chelsia giggles a little. James asks if this has been her alter ego in the house and she wants to know what he means and he says Chelly? SHe wants to know what Chelly is and he says Chelsia is the real you and Chelly is your alter ego.

they kiss again.
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Topic #8403669
DanaRose - James tells Chelsia I really care about you, she says she really cares about him too. James says 0 Replies #8403669 11:13AM 24/03/2008
he cant wait til they're in the real world so he can show her that he really is a nice guy
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Topic #8403678
CruiseCritic - Josh comes in the bedroom and gets in bed - talks about a sandwich he just made and says that it is 0 Replies #8403678 11:14AM 24/03/2008
11:15. Josh says he has had a rough couple of days in the house and Chelsia wants to know why and talk about crazy easter bunny last night. Josh says tuesday night should be off the hook and he cant wait.

josh says tornado from Iowa showed up last night

(I have to go now for a couple hours if someone can do some updating)
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Topic #8403954
MizzEvil25 - HGs are in the BY. Nat,Sheila, Josh talking on couches. Ry sittin next to the pool, Chels & Shar standing the pool& the rest are getting some sun NT 1 Replies #8403954 11:44AM 24/03/2008
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MizzEvil25 - Sharon is back laying down NT #8403963 11:45AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8404012
MizzEvil25 - Nat & Sheila talking about Chelsias behavior last night. Saying they are trapped in here & no where to go. 0 Replies #8404012 11:50AM 24/03/2008
Chelsia & Ryan talkin about Chels killing the rabbit & smashing the eggs; both laughing about it
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Topic #8404108
MizzEvil25 - Nat & Sheila are talkin about missing playing music in the car. Sheila is missing going to the Gym . 0 Replies #8404108 11:58AM 24/03/2008
Ryan came over & he said he misses listening to the music too.

James & Chels in the pool

Sharon is getting some sun

Josh appears to be sleepin on the BY couch

Ryan playing wit the basketball
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Topic #8404123
DanaRose - James and Chelsia swimming in pool. James 'throws' Chels and she comes up choking, then laughs. NT 0 Replies #8404123 11:59AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8404200
Joy - Outside lockdown over, now inside for indoor lockdown. NT 0 Replies #8404200 12:07PM 24/03/2008
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