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Topic #8413243
cannotsleep - After eating a few minute snacks, Ryan joins the rest of the HGs, they are all in the BY now around Nat, Sheila and Sharon in the hot tub NT 0 Replies #8413243 10:33PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413336
rg1 - Baller telling one of his stories outside, everyone else hanging out by the Hot tub NT 0 Replies #8413336 10:39PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413381
rg1 - James and Sharon went back inside - James said he was going to bed. C\Sh\N with feet in hot tub, Josh on couch, Adam pacing around talking about 0 Replies #8413381 10:42PM 24/03/2008
dyeing Sheila's hair again. Sheila said she would have done it tonight if they had let her (boring convo - all four feeds are on them)
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Topic #8413390
rg1 - Ryan inside looking for Nat's bible, Sharon in bathroom, Josh inside now too NT 0 Replies #8413390 10:43PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413464
cannotsleep - flames NT 0 Replies #8413464 10:49PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8413729
rg1 - Sharon telling J\J\Ch some story about Jacob having some party at her house and how she caught him in lies 0 Replies #8413729 11:07PM 24/03/2008
(she's being really loud)
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Topic #8413751
catgurl - Sharon telling Josh/James/Chel about her and Jacob's demise. She's totally riled up, James is slightly twisting her words (for fun) and she's talking 0 Replies #8413751 11:08PM 24/03/2008
faster and louder and shriller. Her hands are going every which way and Josh keeps asking her is she's going to hit him. (eds note - this is hilarious)
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Topic #8414168
WVpdles - Adam/Sheila/Nat in BY Nat - someone who doesn't believe in God shouldn't win this game. NT 0 Replies #8414168 11:34PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8414197
kandio - N/Sheila/R/A talking about C saying she smashed the eggs. Nat saying 0 Replies #8414197 11:36PM 24/03/2008
she broke a comandment. Saying she would not embarrass her parents on tv like C. Lots more
S: saying BB needs to cut her mic when C goes
Sheila telling Adam dont underestimate me for HOH
S: saying we just have to make sure Josh does not come after us girls
Nat: bible talk
A: saying you have to stick up for yourself
S: saying we are the ones that have had to put up w/it
Nat saying God tested her and she did not fail. Asking God to let her be his worker to get HOH
S: saying the sexy 6 is the stupidest thing she ever heard. Talking when she got the #6
Nat thinking its physical comp or 8's or books

Saying they have HOH and are all excited
Nat saying get the pot & pans and start banging.
Nat saying she is going to scream and yell at the others w/Adam when they get their HOH this week

Nat saying again that she will go monkey sh*t when they get hoh. Josh will want to kill himself
thinks they should wake Josh up the night before comp.
Adam saying not till after pov
Saying the other side is finished after HOH
Sheila says Joshs time is up
Saying Sharon deserves the money out of that side. The others dont deserve the money
N: saying Joshs money will go for clothin. And James does not believe in God so he does not
Adam saying Josh owed a ex guy money thats why he was biking
Sheila: why do people say stuff like that on tv.
Nat saying she hate drug. But loves pot.?
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