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Topic #8496688
SouthernBelladonna - While Ryan is inside with the boys talking about how much they can't stand Sheila and want her out, Sheila is in the BY saying Ryan was the only boy.. 0 Replies #8496688 3:39PM 29/03/2008
in on the pranking and how he said he was sorry about it.
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Topic #8496707
FrouFrou - Nat saying he is white trash and immature (about James). NT 1 Replies #8496707 3:41PM 29/03/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila said that NT #8496823 3:50PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496720
SouthernBelladonna - The boys are talking about being on slop and how much they're making from BB. Ryan says it $4 an hour. 0 Replies #8496720 3:41PM 29/03/2008
In the BY, Sheila is ranting about the boys...calling James white trash.
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Topic #8496851
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is in the bathroom talking to Nat. He's trying to reassure he isn't just going to stick with James. He is playing his own game. 0 Replies #8496851 3:53PM 29/03/2008
Nat says she hopes it's no a tie because she doesn't want to be the bad guy.

Nat tells him that Sheila is pushing hard for him to go and wants it guys vs. girls. Nat and Josh agree that would be a stupid move for them.

Josh says he will give up 2 HOHs to stay. Nat days she doesn't want him to do that.

She says he should try to win HOH to get Sheila out.

Josh asks if he should go off on Shela and Nat says no because she doesn't want to listen to Sheila b*tch 24/7. Nat tells him to just keep pretending he's going.
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Topic #8496876
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is telling Ryan that Shar would put up Adam/Ryan is she wins HOH...that she won't put up girls or James. 0 Replies #8496876 3:55PM 29/03/2008
Josh now reaffirming the deal they made last night. nat saying OK.

Nat leaves......says she and Ryan will talk more later.

She gives Adam a hug on the way to the KT...says she thought the flour was funny. "I got some on me. I'm not complaining."
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Topic #8496900
SouthernBelladonna - James and Nat talk about Sheila being an idiot. NT 0 Replies #8496900 3:58PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496942
SouthernBelladonna - Nat is still telling James everything Sheila has been saying. Ryan/Adam join them in the KT. 0 Replies #8496942 4:01PM 29/03/2008
Talk about what slop eaters can eat.

Ryan feels sick.

Josh is taking a shower.

Adam washing dishes. James making a protein shake.

(ed. gotta stop updating....)
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Topic #8497060
Oak1984 - LOL Josh just saw someones face in the WC mirror and FREAKED OUT! NT 0 Replies #8497060 4:11PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497115
Oak1984 - Nat and Ry talking in HOH about scenerios NT 0 Replies #8497115 4:14PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497116
Shannon72 - Ryan and Nat in HOH 0 Replies #8497116 4:14PM 29/03/2008
N - Sharon said she wants James out but I don't know
R - I don't know what to believe
N - If for some freak reason She win HOH she'll go after James/Josh
R - We'll be fine next week keeping Josh
N - I just dont want to break a tie
R - You don't?
N - No. Here's the thing. If we get rid of Josh then James is going to be so flustered that his best friend is out of the house. James won't be able to win HOH without Josh being in the house.

Nat saying that Sheila is going to vote for Sharon and James is going to vote for Josh -- "that's 1-1". If I break a tie Sheila is going to be SOOO pissed.

Ryan saying who cares? What is she going to do? She's obviously going to freak out because that's Sheila's buddy (Sharon) out there.

Ryan said that she doesn't trust Sharon and that she is too sneaky. Nat says, "yeah, she is sneaky". Ryan talking again how pissed Sheila is going to be when Sharon leaves.
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Topic #8497127
Oak1984 - Nat confirms with Ry that Josh is staying in the game now 0 Replies #8497127 4:15PM 29/03/2008
Ry and Nat thinking that J/J will keep their word about not going after them
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Topic #8497180
Shannon72 - Nat and Ryan talking about their eviction options 0 Replies #8497180 4:20PM 29/03/2008
Nat saying they have two options -- 1) We tell Josh we are going to keep him in order to keep the peace in the house with Josh and James but then vote him out at the end. 2) We keep Josh

Talkign about how flustered James was the week Chels was going. That James is going to be the same way if he knew Josh was leaving. Ryan and Nat saying that if Josh wins HOH it won't be bad for them because Josh won't put them up. R/N saying they need to talk to Adam to find out what he's going to do.

Nat said that Sharon needs to go up and the decision to send someone home is going to be crucial. Nat saying that Sharon knows she is going to go up. Going on again about not wanting to be the tie breaker. Nat saying she did her job by putting them up but she doesn't want to be the final executioner.

Nat saying it sounds like such a good plan to make J/J think Josh is staying and then send Josh home. That will make James go off and put the whole house against him. Nat saying she just doesn't want to reward them (J/J) after all they have done.

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Topic #8497205
Shannon72 - Nat said she made Sharon promise to put up James if she wins HOH. NT 0 Replies #8497205 4:22PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497227
Oak1984 - Josh saw another face in the KT mirror while making tea 0 Replies #8497227 4:24PM 29/03/2008
Its a Scream mask with a blue light
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Topic #8497237
allen - face in mirrors have mask Josh "got masked" in bathroom then kitchen 0 Replies #8497237 4:24PM 29/03/2008
Josh describes the face in mirrored camera windows as having a mask with blue light under it
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Topic #8497264
Shannon72 - Josh freaked out in kitchen because he saw someone through the mirror. Nat comes out of HOH and says, "I told you!" 0 Replies #8497264 4:26PM 29/03/2008
Josh said it was a Scream mask with a blue light underneath it. Josh is really freaked out. Josh now back looking into mirror to see it again. He said it is really freaky sh*t.

OMG -- it happened again. Was able to see the reflection in the feeds.

Now Nat and the boys waiting for it to happen again. All laughing. Josh saying he is not going to fall for these little tricks. Josh just went to get a hat with a brim.

Nat saying this is going to happen all night and they are going to be tortured.

(ed. too funny)
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Topic #8497282
DanaRose - Josh screaming like a girl...says BBs wearing scream mask and lit up with flashlight in the mirrors! (hysterical!)NT 0 Replies #8497282 4:27PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497312
allen - Josh wearing a hat down tight over his eyes spooked by the faces 0 Replies #8497312 4:30PM 29/03/2008
Josh and Nat just see another masked face in mirrors in dining room, describe as a "screen mask" and speculate 3 people are in the walls with masks and lights. Josh is really spooked. Nat thinks its funny, and Adam is jumpy.
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Topic #8497447
DanaRose - Outside lockdown, HGs nervous what BB is doing might scare them! NT 0 Replies #8497447 4:37PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497468
Shannon72 - Outside lockdown. Josh freaked out because they think BB is setting up something inside for them. 0 Replies #8497468 4:38PM 29/03/2008
Adam said this day is freaky. All the HG's scrambling to get dressed, go to bathroom and gathering up pickles to take outside.

Boys are back to playing pool.

James wrapped up in Chels red robe. Sheila is gussied up in her black one.
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Topic #8497540
Shannon72 - Boys are wondering if the pranks are because BB is bored with them. That they need "scare footage". 1 Replies #8497540 4:42PM 29/03/2008
(ed. BB is doing April Fools pranks today to leave enough time to edit the footage before Tuesday. Maybe one of them will figure that out later!)
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mickmack210 - Yeah, they did figure that out. A long time ago. NT #8500550 8:18PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497573
allen - ryan & josh speculate its alison coming back to haunt them NT 1 Replies #8497573 4:44PM 29/03/2008
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DanaRose - *Josh said Allison would scare him way more than the scream mask!! (lol) NT #8497610 4:46PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497597
DanaRose - Josh says theres gonna be midgets running around the house, Ryan says he'll just kick 'em around. They all laugh about it. NT 0 Replies #8497597 4:46PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497639
Shannon72 - Adam, in is politically correct way, saying that midgets are probably hiding in the house now. 0 Replies #8497639 4:48PM 29/03/2008
Nat said, "Oh god... midgets". Adam now picking out the last pickle in the jar. Sheila mumbling --- "Oh god, what a nightmare". Nat saying she doesn't have a good feeling.

The girls are whispering but the boys pool game is too loud to hear the whole convo. Sheila told the girls James approached her and said that there are alot of people who want her out of the house. Sharon looks disgusted. Sheila saying that if she doesn't win HOH this week then she is going home for her birthday. Sheila saying she needs to go to bed early tonight. Nat saying she is too because she didn't go to bed until 3.

Sheila is scooping out the pickles seeds from the jar with a fork.
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Topic #8497642
DanaRose - Nat says she's scared to sleep in HOH tonight alone, its really dark in there NT 0 Replies #8497642 4:48PM 29/03/2008
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