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Topic #8497665
Shannon72 - Nat saying she takes her bubble baths naked and BB plays jokes on her by calling her to DR once she's in the bathtub. NT 0 Replies #8497665 4:50PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497675
allen - HG continue to guess whats up BB has them stirred up 0 Replies #8497675 4:51PM 29/03/2008
Adam says the house will be full of midgets when they go back in.
Josh dont like scary s*.

Shelia tryin to be cool about it, telling nat shes going home before her birthday, Nat thinks she sees another face in mirror by kitchen from the patio interupting shelia, shelia .. oh god not more faces.

Nat says BB usually tells them how long the lockdown will be, but this time they didn't.
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Topic #8497800
allen - rye bread and baller play horse as girls watch 0 Replies #8497800 5:00PM 29/03/2008
Nat to ryan rye bread has it goin on today as he pulls give adam HOR in a game of horse to pool bball goal set up on the patio end table which they have moved to the center of the back yard.

Sheila quiet on couch, sharon and nat watch the boys play horse. josh quits playing pool with james. Adam starts to drain the long shots quickly gives rye bread an HO.
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Topic #8497835
allen - Lock down over HG explore house looking for changes 0 Replies #8497835 5:04PM 29/03/2008
Shelia says no letter as they walk in.
Nothing found different as HG dig for something to eat in kitchen.
Adam asking why isnt there any excitement in here.
Nat speculating there are traps set somewhere, goes to see if she got her bubble bath that she asked for.
Josh stays outside.
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Topic #8497846
DanaRose - Lockdown over, HGs go inside and dont see anything different. Sharon/Josh in HT, Ryan, James at KT counter, Adam outside on couches NT 0 Replies #8497846 5:05PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497880
DanaRose - Adam says something eerie's going down tonight, all day no one's been called to DR NT 0 Replies #8497880 5:08PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8497982
DanaRose - Adam Ryan and james laying on outside couches, Josh w/ feet in HT, all is very quiet outside NT 0 Replies #8497982 5:16PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498010
allen - Nat helps sharon know how to get adam and ryans vote 0 Replies #8498010 5:18PM 29/03/2008
Nat tells sharon that ryan and adam want to know sharon will put up james and shelia not one of them if she wins HOH or promise to throw HOH. Nat wants to get ryan and adam up in HOH room to discuss. The girls are worried that sharon will be sent home and ryan and adam will join forces with james and keep josh this week. Shelia must have heard her name busts in on the convo between nat and sheila.

Nat wants to make sure the vote goes 3 to 1 to keep sharon. Shelia says if she wins HOH she doesnt know what shes doing.
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Topic #8498087
allen - Game takes center stage as Nat goes to bat full bore for sharon to stay having seperate convos with baller and rye bread NT 0 Replies #8498087 5:25PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498150
DanaRose - Nat and Adam up in HOH...(more) 0 Replies #8498150 5:29PM 29/03/2008
Nat saying vote out Josh last minute, will make James all flustered for the HOH comp, Sharon promises she'll put up James or throw HOH, Nat saying all that Sharon said, Sha said she wants James out real bad to cuz he's playing hard and big competition. Nat wants to let Josh think hes staying til last moment. Nat says if Josh wins HOH hes going after Ryan and Adam. Make Jimmy feel isolated, get rid of Josh. We get Josh out this week, James next, then Sharon! Adam scratches ass, says if Sharon doesnt put Jimmy up, she knows she's f*^ked by all of us. Nat says exactly.
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Topic #8498234
DanaRose - Nat telling Adam its gonna be like a Dustin, when Dick surprised him and evicted him, Josh will be shocked. Ryan comes into HOH, says he agrees cuz 0 Replies #8498234 5:34PM 29/03/2008
he just spoke to Sharon and she swore she'd put James up. Adam says we gotta just slaughter this POV dude. Ryan grinning, This is gonna be a good one he says. Play it quiet, James and josh are just gonna think Sharons going, keep the peace and its gonna be a shocker! James will be completely isolated. They're all saying James is done...DUN!
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Topic #8498341
DanaRose - Sheila got squirted by the kitchen sink sprayer, they think BB did it, No one's owning up to it in the house! Nat says, April Fools!!! NT 0 Replies #8498341 5:39PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498351
allen - sink hose tied again shelia screams at ryan 0 Replies #8498351 5:40PM 29/03/2008
BB must have done it ryan denys it. breaks up the pow wow in HOH between nat, ryan, and adam. April fools comes early in the BB house.
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Topic #8498364
DanaRose - OMG! James just pulled out his ...(adult) 1 Replies #8498364 5:41PM 29/03/2008
penis and showed Ryan, Sheila and Nat and said Chicken Brain and laughed!! Nat said eewwww!!! HGs laugh
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Suzan - He's wearing Chelsia's red robe NT #8498631 5:57PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498467
DanaRose - BB scared Josh again, put rubber rat in icebox, NT 0 Replies #8498467 5:47PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498493
allen - rat in ice box josh screams 0 Replies #8498493 5:48PM 29/03/2008
BB did set traps out in the house as HG continue to find things. all run to kitchen Josh is getting a head ache, cant handle the situation, must take Advil, flames.......
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Topic #8498514
DanaRose - Josh really screamed again, hilarious! He says OK, now im over this crap. Josh says hes getting more advil cuz hes getting a migraine from being 0 Replies #8498514 5:49PM 29/03/2008
so scared all day!! Nat filling Sheila in on plan to get Josh out, and DONT TELL THEM. Sheila totally agrees to plan.
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Topic #8498650
DanaRose - Nat and Sheila in HOH, telling BB to get a pic of Alli to scare Josh! NT 0 Replies #8498650 5:57PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498669
ShannonLK - Nat and Shiela in Kitchen saying get a picture of Allison to freak Josh out ( LOL ) 0 Replies #8498669 5:59PM 29/03/2008
Shelia; They BB) are freaking me out now:
Nat: Is searching her bed before laying down just in case of a fake spiders or fake snakes
Sheila: Looking right into mirrored cam asking to see the face..
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Topic #8498709
DanaRose - Sheila telling Nat that yesterday Josh was crying in the KT to her, saying take care of Sharon, she's gonna need you, then he goes & backstabs her. NT 0 Replies #8498709 6:01PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498724
Oak1984 - Shelia telling Nat Josh has floated through this whole game 0 Replies #8498724 6:01PM 29/03/2008
(Ed. pot meet kettle)
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Topic #8498738
ShannonLK - Adam/James in KT 0 Replies #8498738 6:02PM 29/03/2008
Adam made a HUGE burger:
James eating as well..(Slop thou?)
Adam goes in and shows RY the burger.. Both men laugh as Ry tells him he did a great job.
Josh now admiring his d/ cheeseburger.
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Topic #8498774
allen - josh screams again as NAT skillfully changes bra under shirt 0 Replies #8498774 6:04PM 29/03/2008
false alarm, josh is spooked by the pigs jumping around, nat runs to see whats up
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Topic #8498803
DanaRose - Adam brings his burger into Ryan's bedrm and puts it in his face, Ryan says ahhh, you f*^k! then says come back here i wanna smell it!! NT 0 Replies #8498803 6:05PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498805
Oak1984 - N/S talking in HOH about Mattie being a good person 0 Replies #8498805 6:05PM 29/03/2008
wouldn't throw flour or dump water on peoples heads
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