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Topic #8532959
CruiseCritic - James opens oven to check on slop concoction - took a little taste and now back out of view of the kitchen area. he is now over 0 Replies #8532959 3:50AM 01/04/2008
at the round table sitting there - he has the deck of cards and begins to shuffle them.
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Topic #8532961
CruiseCritic - James starts flipping cards over and made like 5-6 piles and then picked them all up and put all cards in a pile he 0 Replies #8532961 3:52AM 01/04/2008
now is reading what looks like a small "directions" pamphlet.
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Topic #8532964
CruiseCritic - James leaves little direction pamphlet open on the table and gets up from table - he is over with the oven door open and looks like 0 Replies #8532964 3:55AM 01/04/2008
he took a taste and closed oven back up. he goes back over to the table and looks like he grabbed something other than pamphlet.

he is now reading again

(and I am going to go get another cup of coffee)
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Topic #8532971
CruiseCritic - James stares a memory wall again and now is walking back and forth - back over to open the oven door 0 Replies #8532971 4:01AM 01/04/2008
checks it out and closes the oven. does a little stretch and goes and picks up something from the counter area - back to memory wall
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Topic #8532974
CruiseCritic - James looking up towards the ceiling around the room and opens the oven AGAIN 0 Replies #8532974 4:03AM 01/04/2008
closes oven. he is squeezing something in his hand (clay?) and looking at himself in the mirror by the stove. He now smells the clay a couple of times and then starts playing with it again and

OPens the oven yet again and closes it. walks away from the stove while playing with the clay
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Topic #8532975
CruiseCritic - James now leaves view of Cam 1 and the kitchen - heard some noise, but cannot see him NT 0 Replies #8532975 4:04AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8532979
CruiseCritic - James in sauna room playing with the clay in front of a mirror, smiles and squeezes the clay in one fist as he looks at himself in the mirror 0 Replies #8532979 4:07AM 01/04/2008
switches hand and poses in front of mirror. plays with hair and goes back in kitchen to open the oven. Closes the oven and puts the clay back in the container.

opens oven and now removing baking pan with his slop concoction in is on top of stove as he inspects it while the oven door is open. he takes a bite of it, and another. Puts oven mitt back on his hand and puts the pan back in the oven.

Now playing with figurines on top of microwave - moves them a little bit and walks away from them. looks at camera and now back at the table playing with the cards.
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Topic #8532983
CruiseCritic - James plays with and stacks some dominoes on the table and walks away to open the oven again - 0 Replies #8532983 4:12AM 01/04/2008
now walks out of kitchen and looks like he went towards sauna/WC but cant see him. Cam now finds him in the sauna room and he walks thru and stops to look at himself in the mirror. does a few little hopping steps and is back in the kitchen.

Over to front of oven and OPENS IT AGAIN - checking things out with oven mitt on and closes the oven again. tosses oven mitt on the counter and stares at the oven. opens again, closes again.

plays with hair while looking at himself in the mirror. now over to microwave and picks up one of the figurines. back over in front of the oven while staring at top of microwave - opens the oven again and sticks a hand in. closes the oven and now over by the tic tac toe board again
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Topic #8532989
CruiseCritic - James picks up a picture (that Natalie did?) and looks at it and puts it on top of the Easter basket. back over to the oven 0 Replies #8532989 4:15AM 01/04/2008
and opens and closes it yet again. Stands in front of oven and looks at himself in the mirror. he has one hand on the counter and one leg crossed in front of the other.

quick play with his hair and opens the oven again..closes it again. stands there with arms crossed in front of the oven and looking at himself in the mirror. pulls his hood over his head and looks at himself some more. does a little stepping around while he looks at himself.

back in front of another mirror looking at himself and opens the oven again
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Topic #8532993
CruiseCritic - James once again checks out the pan of slop and walks out of view of the cam and is now in the SR 0 Replies #8532993 4:17AM 01/04/2008
loosk like he picked up some oil or vinegar
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Topic #8532999
CruiseCritic - James bouncing around in front of mirror like he is doing boxing moves and opens the oven again 0 Replies #8532999 4:21AM 01/04/2008
pulls out pan of slop and feeling the top of the slop mixture. puts it back in the oven. stands there with arms crossed and hoodie on as he stares upwards in the room.

goes over by sink and looks at himself in the mirror, pulls off hoodie, plays with hair and then puts hood back on and goes to stand in front of the oven again. Staring at himself with arms crossed and puts part of the hoodie behind his ears (looks goofy) and makes some mouth movements to himself in the mirror.

Now opens the oven and puts the mitt back on - looks at himself in the mirror and smiles, places hand over top of the slop pan and puts pan on top of the stove. looks like the slop may finally be done as he is cutting it.
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Topic #8533009
CruiseCritic - James takes a taste of the slop and then continues to cut it up - looks like he made a 12x9 pan of baked slop 0 Replies #8533009 4:23AM 01/04/2008
he picks up jar of honey, puts it back down and walks over to area of counter where all the sauces/spices are. cannot tell what he is doing over there. puts something on the slop in his hand and eats it while he looks at himself in the mirror.

Puts oven mitt back on and puts the slop pan back in the oven.
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Topic #8533024
CruiseCritic - James now looking at himself in the sauna room mirror and heard what sounded like one of Adams sneezing fits from the other room 0 Replies #8533024 4:27AM 01/04/2008
James checks oven, takes off hood and looking at himself in the mirror. he is now opening the honey, takes off lid and pills off covering. licks his finger and now has the top of honey container in his mouth (pulling off the top?) and now has it straight up to his nose and looks like he stuck his tongue in it (eww)

Pulls slop pan out of the oven again and gets some potholders out of drawer and puts pan on counter top. he spreads honey over the top of the baked slop mixture. James eats some right from the pan...
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Topic #8533031
CruiseCritic - James eats as he continues to stare at himself in the mirror and gets some more slop - he went and got a papertowel - 0 Replies #8533031 4:30AM 01/04/2008
wiped hand and threw towel away and back for some more baked slop with honey. he cuts some and eats it straight off of the knife. spreads the honey around and cuts himself another piece. eating while he stares at himself.

not much - James eats, stares at himself in the mirror

(so I am off for now to take dog out and get another cup of coffee)
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Topic #8533054
CruiseCritic - James at counter now with pink clay in his hand, smells it every now and then and now tossing it up in the air and catching it 0 Replies #8533054 4:42AM 01/04/2008
throws it pretty high towards the ceiling quite a few times. heard someone coughing in background. James rolls the clay around, drinks some of his water and swirls water in his mouth (almost like mouthwash) and swallows it.

walks around with clay in hand, drinks some water and does some more mouth swirling of the water, swallows and squeezing fingers into the clay.

rollsing clay back up and playing with it - staring at it...smells it and puts it over his nose, mouth area. now over by the sink and puts some more water in his glass. goes to sit at counter area and plays with the clay. keep hearing Adam? coughing....

clay goes from hand to hand, digs fingers from both hands in it and is now flattening it out
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Topic #8533063
CruiseCritic - James stands up, plays with clay, swirls water in mouth and sits back down and just squeezing the clay 0 Replies #8533063 4:45AM 01/04/2008
puts back up by nose and smells it again. spins around in the chair, looks at himself in the mirror, rubs top of his head and continues to squeeze the clay..playing with it with his fingertips and nothing else

(I am OUT for now to visit media)
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Topic #8533086
CruiseCritic - James made a pink head band out of clay, it broke. then put the rope clay under his nose and over his ears. made a pink mask with 0 Replies #8533086 4:52AM 01/04/2008
holes for the eyes and mouth and looked at himself in the camera. mask fell off and he is back to just rolling clay around from hand to hand.

stands up, rolls clay around and stares at himself in the mirror.
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Topic #8533103
CruiseCritic - James is biting the clay and keeps putting it toward his mouth...rolling it up and FINALLY puts it in the container and closes it up 0 Replies #8533103 4:58AM 01/04/2008
He picks up all 6 containers of clay and puts them in the basket. He is now over by sliding glass doors, looks outside (doesnt open the doors) and now back over at counter area and had something in his hand (lookes like he smelled it). Picks up checker box and puts it next to the microwave.

he is now over at the table and stacking dominoes - now picks up the cards and starts to shuffle.

(I am really out for now - unless I see something interesting)
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Topic #8533108
CruiseCritic - James playing card game of WAR with himself (I am out) NT 1 Replies #8533108 5:01AM 01/04/2008
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CruiseCritic - When James gets a WAR with himself, he does three cards down and one card up for the win NT #8533113 5:03AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533181
CruiseCritic - James was just hopping around the kitchen area...put hoodie on his head, smiled at himself in mirror 0 Replies #8533181 5:36AM 01/04/2008
and started hopping. he is now in LR area by the front door - it is kind of dark so not sure what he is doing. standing by ottoman looking around - tv screen in LR has flames on it.

James now goes into BR, steps on a sneaker and is feeling around in the dark - tiptoes out of the room as he finds his other sneaker and goes into kitchen and puts them on.

he heads outside to the BY, takes off microphone and starts running around the yard
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Topic #8533183
CruiseCritic - James running laps around the back yard NT 0 Replies #8533183 5:37AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533184
timetakenbyBB - James jogging in the back yare 0 Replies #8533184 5:38AM 01/04/2008
James now jogging around the back yard.
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Topic #8533192
CruiseCritic - James kicking the small basketball around like he is playing some sort of soccer - goes back over by sliding glass door and instead of running 0 Replies #8533192 5:41AM 01/04/2008
perimeter of yard this time he is running straight line back and forth.
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Topic #8533290
Gorf - james still wondering around the house NT 0 Replies #8533290 6:17AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533297
artqueen5 - James is talking to himself in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #8533297 6:19AM 01/04/2008
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