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Topic #8533313
artqueen5 - "The only sane people in the House are the guinie pigs"- James in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #8533313 6:22AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533322
CruiseCritic - James complains that he is STUCK in studio 18 and wonders if these people are different 0 Replies #8533322 6:23AM 01/04/2008
in the diary room
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Topic #8533330
CruiseCritic - Sheila walks thru the kitchen and James tells her that he has not slept yet NT 0 Replies #8533330 6:24AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533333
artqueen5 - Shelia is up and going to the bathroom NT 0 Replies #8533333 6:24AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533336
CruiseCritic - James at counter drinking water and looks like Sheila is out of WC and on her way back to bed NT 0 Replies #8533336 6:25AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533342
CruiseCritic - James making noises as he looks at himself in mirror and opens his mouth as wide as he can and stares in mirror. 0 Replies #8533342 6:27AM 01/04/2008
now making throat sounds and a large burp comes out. Cam does a quick view to the GP cage. James at counter staring upwards
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Topic #8533357
artqueen5 - James giving us a play by play NT 0 Replies #8533357 6:29AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533360
CruiseCritic - James say he saved himself with the POV and this week is life or death 0 Replies #8533360 6:30AM 01/04/2008
saying it is not good odds right now. says i have a one in six chance of winning right now, thats how i have to look at it. kind of crazy, 1 in 6 at a half million dollars
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Topic #8533364
CruiseCritic - James - if you are at home watching, it is not worth it. NT 0 Replies #8533364 6:30AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533366
artqueen5 - James- "You at home watching, its not worth it." NT 0 Replies #8533366 6:30AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533377
CruiseCritic - James - i love when people say they are going to donate money - that is crap - they are going to party and make 0 Replies #8533377 6:32AM 01/04/2008
stupid business investments. let the kids play. (as he plays with some yellow clay that was in a baggie).

talking low - heard him say taking advantage left and right - heard him mention Sharons name
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Topic #8533388
CruiseCritic - James gets up with yellow clay in hand and looks like he is at DR door 0 Replies #8533388 6:34AM 01/04/2008
saw the green light come on and he goes in.
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Topic #8533389
artqueen5 - James going to the DR NT 0 Replies #8533389 6:34AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533394
CruiseCritic - FLAMES for a second and feeds come back to DR door on F1, LR couch on F2 0 Replies #8533394 6:35AM 01/04/2008
Adam & Ryan on F3 and Sheila on F4

cams just went away from DR and LR areas and went to Josh and Sharon on both feeds
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Topic #8533404
CruiseCritic - James comes out of Dr and tossing clay up in the air as he makes some strange sounds 0 Replies #8533404 6:36AM 01/04/2008
continues to throw the clay up in the air and catches it. he groans - says it is 7:30. says he will watch the sunrise, watch the sunrise alone, that will be nice.

goes and sits at flower end of counter and plays with the yellow clay
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Topic #8533415
CruiseCritic - James plays with clay. Sheila tossing and turning and no movement from Ryan/Adams bedroom. James starts 0 Replies #8533415 6:38AM 01/04/2008
laughing out loud. says ahhhhhhhh, Jessica Perry - first girl I ever made out with and FLAMES
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Topic #8533423
CruiseCritic - FLAMES since james just said that Jessica Perry was the first girl he ever made out with NT 0 Replies #8533423 6:39AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533427
CruiseCritic - Feeds come back to James complaining about release thing and saying it was someones job 0 Replies #8533427 6:40AM 01/04/2008
He continues to play with the yellow clay at the counter. says - lets see, ummmm (plays with clay - puts fork into clay) now not saying anything.
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Topic #8533442
CruiseCritic - James AGAIN smelling the clay, saying uhhhhhhhhhh. Looks around the room with clay in hand 0 Replies #8533442 6:42AM 01/04/2008
grabs the top of his head with both hands. looks around at cameras...both hands back on top of his head. rolling the clay around between both hands.

just sitting there playing with the clay
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Topic #8533448
CruiseCritic - James opens baggie and takes out some more clay, doing a little humming sound 0 Replies #8533448 6:43AM 01/04/2008
and rolling new ball of clay in his hands..sets it on the table and presses it with the fork. makes a few sounds. concentrating on the clay now as he keeps pressing it with the fork.

James - how stupid am i for doing this tv show, big idiot.
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Topic #8533459
CruiseCritic - James starts singing - hey mama like the way you and then starts to hum and move around in his stool a little 0 Replies #8533459 6:45AM 01/04/2008
bit and rolling clay in hand. pulls it apart. rolling it in hands, pulls apart, rolls again.

sheila still tossing a little bit. Ryan and Adam both just moved around in bed and hear Adam do a little moan.

James pressing clay into the table - pulling more clay out of bag and making something?
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Topic #8533477
CruiseCritic - James making band sounds with his mouth and other sounds as he 0 Replies #8533477 6:48AM 01/04/2008
plays with the clay. Adam and Sheila both still moving a bit.

James rolls his head back and forth a couple of times....quietly singing to himself....making more band sounds. he is singing but not sure what it is this time.
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Topic #8533492
CruiseCritic - James now standing up, kicks leg in the air, makes more band noises and continues to play with the clay NT 0 Replies #8533492 6:50AM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8533508
CruiseCritic - Whatever James just made with the clay, he put over on top of the microwave with the rest of 0 Replies #8533508 6:52AM 01/04/2008
the items the HGS made. Seals up the bag of clay and puts it in the basket.

pours some dishsoap in his hands and is washing them off at kitchen sink.

Smells his hands as soon as he is done and goes for some papertowels and then plays with his hair as he looks at himself in the mirror.

goes to throw papertowel away and makes more band sounds and FLAMES
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Topic #8533521
CruiseCritic - Feeds come back to James in the backyard - can hear a bird making lots of noise - he looks around and 1 Replies #8533521 6:54AM 01/04/2008
goes back inside the house. Goes and sits at the table and starts flipping some cards over...begins to shuffle cards.

(k, I am REALLY OUT this time - need to catch up on some media from last night)
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CruiseCritic - He is starting another game of WAR with himself (I am out again- for real) NT #8533526 6:55AM 01/04/2008
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