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Topic #8537095
TeamAA - Nat and She feeling sorry for Matt if he has Che and Josh in sequester 0 Replies #8537095 12:11PM 01/04/2008
But then saying how happy he will be. Shel saying how Matt was always saying good things about Nat to her. Telling Nat she can't beat her, that she knows if she got to final then she knows she can't win against Nat and she would be so happy for her. Shelia saying how she can't compete with Nat in competitions.
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Topic #8537152
TeamAA - Adam saying how James came out of DR and put his hand up as if saying don't talk to me 0 Replies #8537152 12:14PM 01/04/2008
Shelia repeating how James hadn't been to sleep when she got up. Talking about his sleep pattern and how messed up he will be

Adam: Big She you will win.

Shelia wanting them to throw it if James is already knocked out. She wants to put him up.
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Topic #8537203
TeamAA - Shelia saying how putting Sharon up against James as a pawn next week. And they would keep noms the same if they won POV NT 0 Replies #8537203 12:16PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8537244
TeamAA - Josh joins them in BY. Adam asks how he slept, Josh says terrible. 0 Replies #8537244 12:17PM 01/04/2008
Shelia talking about how messed up her bed is, how uncomfortable and that the boys broke it when they stood on it.

Shel saying if they don't win it will either be Nat/Adam on block or Adam/Shelia
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Topic #8537389
TeamAA - Josh asking for Nat's help. Saying he can help her, he knows how hard it will be to break the tie . She says she will vote for him if it a tie. 0 Replies #8537389 12:25PM 01/04/2008
Josh saying he can't vote for her to win if she breaks her word to win. Wanting one more week.

Nat saying how James is giving her such bad vibes. He is being so negative and won't talk to her.

Josh saying that James wants to talk to Nat/Ryan tonight. That he has the impression Adam would vote for him. Josh again saying how he would throw HOH and never put her up that he would swear on the bible. He is now swearing on his grandparents that he would never betray her and that if she would keep him he would have her back.

Nat saying again if it is 2-2 she will keep him. She is saying that boys could be making deals behind her back. Nat wants to talk to James and make a deal with James. Annoyed he does not want to make a deal before HOH. Repeating how Sharon told her James wants her and Adam out.
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Topic #8537462
TeamAA - Josh convinced he has Ryan's vote. Saying how Sharon would not be mad. Shelia would not take her to the end and needs everyone's help. 0 Replies #8537462 12:29PM 01/04/2008
Josh just wants her to break the tie. Josh repeating how she needs to do what is best for her. She says again how she will keep Josh if it is 2-2. She wants to talk to James, she is not going to get screwed over by him again. If he did break his word and go after her then she would win POV and get him back. Josh saying James wants to restore her trust but she says it's hard. She had to put them both up. Josh saying how he would 100% put Shelia up. Josh reassuring her that James would make a deal with her. Josh saying you want Sharon in the jury house. Josh saying if you do keep me next week and I do go then you have my vote in the final, I believe you are a deserving person.
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Topic #8537494
TeamAA - Nat worried Josh/James still want her out because of Chelsia telling them to get her out. 0 Replies #8537494 12:31PM 01/04/2008
Josh says Chelsia is dead to her. He wants Shelia out. Fed up of her negative energy. Nat saying she needs to talk to James and Ryan

Josh saying how the sides will be gone and reminding her that Adam did vote against Ryan.
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Topic #8537568
TeamAA - Nat saying how James is giving her really bad vibes and she gets the impression he wants her out 0 Replies #8537568 12:36PM 01/04/2008
Josh saying how Chelsia was bad influence on James. Saying how unlikely the alliance would be and that no one would expect it. Josh saying Sharon does not add anything to the house. He is funny and brings positive energy. Nat saying what Matt thought of Sharon and how boring she is. Nat yet again repeating how she needs to make a deal with James. Josh saying how he knows James won't go back on his word and neither will Nat, he doesn't think Ryan will either so he thinks he is safe. Nat saying for him to talk to Ryan. Nat going to talk to James and Ryan later. She says she knows Josh won't go back on his word but she needs to trust James. Josh saying he doesn;t care about getting to final he is just asking for another week. Saying he can at least help her and James get further. That they both have a good shot of winning.
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Topic #8537596
TeamAA - Josh saying how Matt will vote for her to win, so would Sharon, so would he and Adam and Shelia and Ryan. 0 Replies #8537596 12:37PM 01/04/2008
She would have votes to win over James. Josh saying how Shelia does not deserve to win, she has won/done nothing. Josh saying how she would even win against Ryan.
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Topic #8537626
TeamAA - Nat saying how hard it would be to trust James again. Josh saying how he understands that she had to put him and James up together. 0 Replies #8537626 12:39PM 01/04/2008
She couldn't have the house turn against her. Josh saying for anyone to put him on the block next week, he doesn't care. He just wants another week.
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Topic #8537643
TeamAA - Josh saying if I was you Ryan would be the only one I would trust. 0 Replies #8537643 12:40PM 01/04/2008
Saying how she won't look like the bad guy if he stays 3-1.
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Topic #8537664
TeamAA - Josh saying there is no way Sharon would put James up on the block. 0 Replies #8537664 12:42PM 01/04/2008
It's not going to happen, she would not put him up only to have him come down and come after her. Josh saying James has wanted a deal with Nat for a long time now. Nat saying how she needed to put him up, otherwise it will so obvious she was with him.
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Topic #8537689
TeamAA - Nat saying I need to talk to him, I want to talk to him, I have a lot to say to him 0 Replies #8537689 12:44PM 01/04/2008
Going over how he betrayed her and got rid of Matt. It's so hard to trust James again. Saying Matt going is a blessing in disguise, she can now play her own game.
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Topic #8537720
TeamAA - Talking about Chelsia and how she tried to get her to save her last week. Nat going to talk to Ryan and see how he wants to vote 0 Replies #8537720 12:46PM 01/04/2008
She wants to talk to James to make sure. Josh saying he feels the whole house is against him and he wants to have a bond with someone in the house and to have people to work with.

Nat telling Josh not to worry. Josh thanks Natalie.
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Topic #8537788
TeamAA - R/A joking about how they could make Shelia on her own island if she isn't careful 0 Replies #8537788 12:52PM 01/04/2008
Talking about how R/A/N all tried to get rid of James and how happy they would be if Shelia actually did it.

Boys asking who Shelia would put up as pawn. Shelia says Sharon.

Nat comes out and Adam demands Nat come over right away and ask what deal she made with James.

She says she has made no deal. Adam said James told him if Adam kept Josh in the game then James would not put him up.

Adam saying how he is trying to think long term and what's best for him. Joking about putting Shelia up against James. Adam saying how Nat tried to cover her arse by making a deal with James. She says yes she spoke to him but he hasn't spoken to him for ages. Adam says she better not go tell him this. Nat says her loyalty stays right outside with them. No one else
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Topic #8537850
TeamAA - Josh talking to Sharon saying how their worst case scenario has unfolded. Sharon seems to be cryingNT 0 Replies #8537850 12:56PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8537890
TeamAA - Adam saying how he would put up Shelia for the hell of it NT 0 Replies #8537890 12:58PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8537966
TeamAA - Adam saying how he told Josh he was 50-50 right now. 0 Replies #8537966 1:04PM 01/04/2008
Ryan says if he thinks he has you he will just so to Nat for tie breaker rather than coming to me
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Topic #8537997
TeamAA - Ryan goes inside. Ryan telling Shelia how Adam wants to keep Josh. Ryan goes back to Adam 0 Replies #8537997 1:07PM 01/04/2008
Tells him how he just freaked out Shelia by saying how Adam wanted to keep Josh really bad.

Boys laughing about it
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Topic #8538016
TeamAA - Josh joins boys outside. Talk about how they wish they had luxury comp but doubt they will have one before eviction. NT 0 Replies #8538016 1:08PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8538053
TeamAA - Shelia and Nat talking about votes and James. Josh and Sharon now laying in hammock together NT 0 Replies #8538053 1:11PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8538074
TeamAA - Shelia saying how she is not afraid of anything at this point. It's hard to hear the convo as they are whispering. 0 Replies #8538074 1:13PM 01/04/2008
In BY talk of James sleep pattern
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Topic #8538112
TeamAA - Shelia not understanding why Adam wants to lay low and go under the radar. Says now is the time to step up (Can anyone hear them??) NT 0 Replies #8538112 1:16PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8538176
TeamAA - Shelia asking Nat to trust her on this one (I think they are talking about Josh/Sharon) 1 Replies #8538176 1:20PM 01/04/2008
Shelia saying how Nat needs to do what is best for her. That she understands.
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JimAndJanet - nat basically told sheila that if it comes to a tie that nat will be better off keeping josh so that if james wins hoh james will not #8538228 1:23PM 01/04/2008
put her up. Then sheila got "nervous" and said fine natalie do what you need to do. Sheila is basically up nat's arse campaigning for sharon and nat is saying "iknow iknow i know" and looking down at her picture she is painting of the 3 girls
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Topic #8538269
Thinkin - Very uncomfortable silence in the kitchen now between Nat & Sheila. Nat paints, Sheila does dishes. NT 0 Replies #8538269 1:25PM 01/04/2008
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