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Topic #8542378
FrouFrou - Girls talking about playing cards. Josh joins on corner couch laying down. NT 0 Replies #8542378 5:57PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542398
FrouFrou - Sound back on f3&4. NT 0 Replies #8542398 5:58PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542438
FrouFrou - All quiet in BY. NT 0 Replies #8542438 6:01PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542445
FrouFrou - Adam sploshing his feet around. NT 0 Replies #8542445 6:01PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542465
FrouFrou - Ryan saying there is a lot of sh*t coming down. No idea what they are talking about. NT 0 Replies #8542465 6:03PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542485
FrouFrou - Talking about Luke Ridden hour? Dennis Dixon. Johnathon Stuart. Good players? No idea. NT 1 Replies #8542485 6:03PM 01/04/2008
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smoore7796 - All players from U of O, basketball and football, All graduated NT #8542540 6:07PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8543324
Tikkanen - HGs bored at outside lockdown, not much talking. NT 1 Replies #8543324 6:39PM 01/04/2008
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WVpdles - Hgs are nervousing, they think they're locked out because there's gonna be a DE. ryan says julie's here, someone's leaving tonite NT #8543369 6:40PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8543376
emmasmom23 - Lockdown over NT 0 Replies #8543376 6:40PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8543520
Tikkanen - Sharon, Sheila, Adam resume playing cards. James says "I hate these motherf*ckers" x3 in backyard. NT 0 Replies #8543520 6:45PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8543792
veedsboo - the houseguest start a new game of cards, 0 Replies #8543792 6:56PM 01/04/2008
ryan says no thank you... and shelia calls him a "Card Pooper"
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Topic #8543837
veedsboo - Jimmy, Baller, Sharron, and Sheila are playing a game of... 0 Replies #8543837 6:57PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8543929
veedsboo - Ryan is in his bed reading the a white tank top, with a pink blanket over his legs. 0 Replies #8543929 7:00PM 01/04/2008
Sheila is making fun of the holes in Ballers pants.
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Topic #8543975
allen - ryan lays in bed reading bible 0 Replies #8543975 7:02PM 01/04/2008
ryan has stripped down to his white tank undershirt (aka wife beater) sits in bed with a pynk blanket over his legs with his knees up back against the headboard thumbing thru the good book. His bed is made under him, the blanket is just tossed over his legs. His headboard has leaghs hung on each side. the bible has a blue slip cover on it, the cam flashes back and forth between a wide shot and an extreme closeup of just his hands, chest and bible from just above his left shoulder.
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Topic #8544041
veedsboo - Another game of bull**** is underway... 0 Replies #8544041 7:04PM 01/04/2008
Natty walks past and says someone needs to teach her how to play. Sheila says she has one Ace and Jimmy calls her on it, but Sheila was telling the truth.
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Topic #8544165
allen - Nat accuses baller of looking at sharons cards in the mirrors 0 Replies #8544165 7:09PM 01/04/2008
all joking around having a good time together, kinda reminds me of the first few weeks in the house when they all had dinner together at the big table. The stack of discards doesnt get very big as James says BS to almost every play, Sharon seems easy to read. Sharon tries to get adam to admit he lied on his last play after it dont matter, but adam wont respond. James and Adam seem to play straight up not try to lie, or they just get by with it, and the girls dont bother challenging them.
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Topic #8544216
veedsboo - Ryan is yawning looks like 0 Replies #8544216 7:12PM 01/04/2008
he is about to go to sleep.
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Topic #8544254
veedsboo - Sheila won a game. 0 Replies #8544254 7:14PM 01/04/2008
she looks happy. They agree to play one more game.
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Topic #8544256
allen - Adam trys to talk in code confuses sharon and sheila 0 Replies #8544256 7:14PM 01/04/2008
tree fevas,, tra song, uno ojo, twoaojos, gezag, tra qeens, twoatoyou a, dose tras, one seven,,, ENGLISH! baller is a hoot, but he stays on top of the game, always knows what the play is, when sheila looses track of what the next card is to be played
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Topic #8544267
mks - ryan has a pillow covering his face, sheila won the game of BS, and nat yells at baller for checking the pizza NT 0 Replies #8544267 7:14PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8544350
mks - nat talking to josh, who is in bed about being hungry NT 0 Replies #8544350 7:18PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8544383
mks - nat talking to the bbbbaaaaabbbbiiiieeeesss!! and josh goes out to bathroom NT 0 Replies #8544383 7:20PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8544393
veedsboo - Josh told Natalie "I'M so hungry". And Nat says, "I don't know what that feels like" 0 Replies #8544393 7:21PM 01/04/2008
Nat- "except for one time, I had meat and cheese... we were getting down to the bare minimum." "I feel bad, I wish I could help you but I can't"
Josh- "There's nothing to do"
Nat- "There's nothing to do and you can't eat."
Both sort of laughing
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Topic #8544411
allen - Nat is painting a mermaid picture 0 Replies #8544411 7:21PM 01/04/2008
sheila dont know the order of the face cards, adam clearly states for her JACK QUEEN KING ACE, several times. Adam catches Sheila in a fib and she rakes a huge pile of cards back. James says its all about counting cards, keeping track of who picked up what pile. Sheilas black blouse is low cut. Sharon has a zipper front sweat shirt on now looks like it might have a hood or a tight knit sweater with wide colar a muted deep purple. James still has on his same zipper front grey hoodie that he has pulled over his head, kinda sits in his chair with legs up
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Topic #8544518
veedsboo - Ryan tossing and turning! 0 Replies #8544518 7:26PM 01/04/2008
Ryan tossing and turning
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Topic #8544555
veedsboo - Nat is paiting with her water color 0 Replies #8544555 7:28PM 01/04/2008
She wants to paint James and then Sharon
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