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Topic #8538388
TeamAA - Adam: Hey Shel Shelia: Don't Talk To Me NT 0 Replies #8538388 1:35PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8538396
TeamAA - J/S talk about Shelia and how she can't win in comps. Anyone hear the R/N convo? NT 1 Replies #8538396 1:35PM 01/04/2008
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WVpdles - Ryan told Nat he was just F*in with Sheila, he's still voting Josh out NT #8538402 1:36PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8538787
Scarlettflame - J/J napping, Nat painting, S talking to the GPs NT 0 Replies #8538787 2:03PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8539261
RockinThePink - Ryan in the WC shaving his hands (lol) 0 Replies #8539261 2:30PM 01/04/2008
Girl in kitchen saying they didn't sleep well.

She says slop makes you have bad dreams. The third time around gets easier. I need to lose a little weight anyway.

Sheila asks if " they" don't want her to go listen to Nat's music. She feels it is a luxury to go up and do that.

Sharon doing dishes. Nat painting.

Sheila says BFF to Sharon and Nat say " you can't take me and matty's saying"

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Topic #8539320
RockinThePink - Sharon goes to WC where Ryan is still shaving his arms. 0 Replies #8539320 2:34PM 01/04/2008
Ry " what ya doing babe"
Sh " nothing you? "
Ry " manscaping"

Sheila comes in to use potty , Sharon leaves.

Sharon back to KT giggling at Nats drawing and her hoop earings.

Sharon " hi beebies, hi fur riends."
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Topic #8539350
RockinThePink - Sheila tells Nat it is so nice they are letting her paint Matt a bday card. 0 Replies #8539350 2:36PM 01/04/2008
Sheilas says write on their that we love you and miss you. Says it is to quiet without Matt there.

Adam reading bible in his BR.
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Topic #8539411
RockinThePink - Now Ry and Adam in WC. Adam is rubbing something on Ryans back. 0 Replies #8539411 2:41PM 01/04/2008
It is nair that he put on.

Sheila says she doesn't like back hair.
Adams says it smells like grandma's hair dye dude.
She saying Ryan lost weight on the slop.
Ryan weights himself 220 or 225.
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Topic #8539446
RockinThePink - Adam teasing Nat about loving Matt. Nat says she loves him as a fellow brother of Christ. 0 Replies #8539446 2:44PM 01/04/2008
She doesn't fall in love that easy. Matt is a player.
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Topic #8539512
RockinThePink - Ryan in shower washing off the nair, while Sheila sits in the chair. 0 Replies #8539512 2:49PM 01/04/2008
Adam nuking dogs. Natalies says Matty loved to nuke dogs. She is talking about all the things Matt used to say. Son, palsy, cuz. She added all that to his bday paper towel. She says she is going to put on some lip gloss and kiss it to.
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Topic #8539750
RockinThePink - Adam and Nat eating hot dogs were talking about balla loving Matt but not like Nat does. He is his boy. 2 Replies #8539750 3:07PM 01/04/2008
Josh, James and Sharon all laying down, I think sleeping.

Ryan says hot dogs look wonderful

Nat " so good" (imitating Allison )

Now Ryan back to WC lubing up.

Adam laying on by Sheila in the SR.

Adam says something is gonna go down.

She says " what?"

Adam says something about Charlies angels.

She scratching Adams back, whispering but I can't make it out. I think talking about the votes Josh vs Sharon.

She says she is gonna win this ( HOH I think )

She wants to put Sharon up against James. She says Adam has to kick ass to try to win POV to keep noms the same so Sharon stays on the block and can't vote for James. She is afraid of Sharon winning POV. She is afraid of Sharon pulling herself off the block. She wanst her him Ryan and Natalie to the end.

Sheilas says Josh just walked by, enough of the rubbing this doesn't look good for us.

She doesn't trust Josh. " do you get what I'm saying now? "

Adam says he doesn't think it is best for him to vote Josh out.

Sheila says she can't campaign for Sharon she has to do it on her own. She says look at the big picture. Do whatever you want to do , seriously. I'm not going to argue with me.

Adam says I don't want to agrue either.

She says you always argue with me.
"whatever Adam"

Adam says I'm gonna do whats best for me Sheila.

You always do Adam. What are you gonna do?

Sheila tells Adam to shut the door. He leaves.
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Toka - Sheila and Adam were faking that fight... #8539790 3:10PM 01/04/2008
Because Josh was around. Every time Sheila would make a comment that was louder and meaner she would wink and smile at Adam when she did it.
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aqualiz - Adam and Sheila were winking at each other during this. Pretend argument? NT #8539780 3:10PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8539784
RockinThePink - Josh up in KT with Adam. They are whispering as they walk over by GP cage. They hug. 0 Replies #8539784 3:10PM 01/04/2008
Now Josh at KT table looking at Nats bday paper towel to Matt. He signs it I think.
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Topic #8539809
RockinThePink - Now Ryan sits next to Joshy at table. Josh is putting a rainbow under his signature. 0 Replies #8539809 3:13PM 01/04/2008
BB adam to DR

Her comes Natalie.She wants to see what Ryan is gonna write on Matts card. Natalies HOH room must be locked.
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Topic #8539885
RockinThePink - Natalie leaves and Ryan whispers something to Josh I think he says " oh my god" possibly. 0 Replies #8539885 3:19PM 01/04/2008
They are whispering. ( can't make it out)

Josh says did you see Sheila scratching Adams back it is discusting. Him saying they could make it a 5 on 1 against the girls. Ryan says he heard Sheila talking about him saying something about bible buddies, he says he can't stand her ( Sheila ) more whispering then they break off.

Now they are in the SR

Josh says why are you campiagning for Sharon its not your fight.
He says he will make sure if he gets sequester he will make sure Sheila doesn't get the vote.

josh says don't campaign against me.

Sheila says I am not. She says she will keep her mouth shut.

Josh says that is impossible. He says he is gonna follow her around all day.

He is going off on Sheila
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Topic #8539892
RockinThePink - Josh cussing Sheila out now. NT 2 Replies #8539892 3:19PM 01/04/2008
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Tara555 - And she's taking it very well NT #8539916 3:20PM 01/04/2008
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harleyinlv - She went into the DR to tell on Josh threatening her... NT #8539951 3:22PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8539986
RockinThePink - Basically Josh says Sheila needs to stay out of it and stop campaigning against him. He told her she is trying to flip ***** and he says I will flip 0 Replies #8539986 3:24PM 01/04/2008
***** right upside your head.

Sheila says you can't threaten me and runs to the DR to tell them.

Josh, Nat, Ryan still talk in SR and they are say Josh didn't threaten her.

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Topic #8540055
RockinThePink - Ryan telling Balla about the fight. Everyone eslse in SR. Sheila still in DR 0 Replies #8540055 3:27PM 01/04/2008
Ryan says she knows Sheila will turn on them.
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Topic #8540117
RockinThePink - the SR group is laughing cuz Josh is wearing a shirt that says avoid evil. He says Sheila is the evil. 0 Replies #8540117 3:29PM 01/04/2008
Nat says she is proud of how well Josh is taking being on the block. Holding it in until now. He says he just can't take her anymore.

Sharon saying she was on her way to DR and she heard yelling. She says The Sheila went running in there ahead of her.
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Topic #8540236
RockinThePink - Josh asks Nat if she thought he was threateing her, if she felt threatend. Natalie says NO not at all. 0 Replies #8540236 3:35PM 01/04/2008
Crew in KT now. Josh tell Adam a little about what happend. He says if he wins HOH Sheila is going up , he wants to send her home personally. He says he really thinks Sheila thinks she is running the house.

Josh walks into red room James is still asleep. He goes back to KT.

They are talking about the fact that outside is still locked down.

Sheila comes out of DR

Josh asks if she got him kicked out.

She goes into her room and Josh follows her. He says did you get me kicked out. She says no I didn't.

Sh I really thought you wanted me to protect Sharon.

He says 2 times today she was talking ***** and campaigning against him. He tells Sheila he doesn't want to voluntarily leave " have a fcking brain" then he storms out.
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Topic #8540247
RockinThePink - UH OH, BB calls Joshua to DR NT 0 Replies #8540247 3:36PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8540291
RockinThePink - Sheila comes out of her room and she asks if She can sleep up in her rom tonight. BB says its ok since Josh is verbally abusing and threatening her. 0 Replies #8540291 3:37PM 01/04/2008
BB Natalie to HOH room.
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Topic #8540313
RockinThePink - Josh out of DR, hugs Sharon. He is now following Sheila into the SR. He says he is gonna follow her all over since he can't trust her. NT 0 Replies #8540313 3:38PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8540343
Oak1984 - Lots of audio problems for the last few minutes...then quick flames NT 0 Replies #8540343 3:40PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8540361
RockinThePink - PIcture time, all is calm for now. NT 0 Replies #8540361 3:40PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8540524
TeamAA - Nat gets her picture taken with Matt from the Memory Wall. Then gets a picture of his b-day card 0 Replies #8540524 3:46PM 01/04/2008
Josh saying to James how yet again he will be everywhere Shelia is
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Topic #8540658
TeamAA - Nat out of DR. Sheila called in NT 0 Replies #8540658 3:52PM 01/04/2008
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