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Topic #8540817
emmasmom23 - Sheila out of DR...Josh appears to be packing his stuff up NT 0 Replies #8540817 3:59PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8540901
TeamAA - Shelia apologised and hugged Josh. Then posed for picture where he is pulling her hair. NT 0 Replies #8540901 4:06PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541012
allen - HG have deck of cards sharon and adam play 0 Replies #8541012 4:14PM 01/04/2008
sheila was watching feeds 1 and 2 video messing up, no sound on feed 3 & 4, ok having to watch the quad feed to get both sound and video. Looks like they are playing crazy eights or slap jack fast pace easy game to play.

Sharon wearing her white with blaack stripe bikini top, adam in a black wife beater T. Sheila wearing a blak long sleeve blouse. They are sitting at the table. Sheila is confused about where the ACE goes in the sequence and spends 3 mins going over the simple question is it played hi or low. Adam winning 4 games to 1.
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Topic #8541033
allen - sharon wants a phase10 card deck NT 0 Replies #8541033 4:15PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541152
allen - Shaon offers to include Sheila in a game of BS after baller beats her again in this game 0 Replies #8541152 4:23PM 01/04/2008
looks like this game they are playing you deal all the cards out to two people then each discard to in sequence as fast and as you can until your out of cards.

Sharon starts to teach Sheila to play BS, each starts with same number of cards, starts with ace and works down the deck in order, you name the number you have and lay them down in the center face down, the other players can say BS. if they are there, then that player has to pick them all up, If they catch ya fibbing you have to pick them all up, and the process continues until one person runs out of cards.
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Topic #8541166
susooz - BB said James,Joshuah,HGs please do not talk about your DR-so james must be awake now & josh is catching him up -no feed showing them NT 0 Replies #8541166 4:24PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541200
allen - baller picks up the first pile, sharon the second, then sheila trys to fib and has to pick up the pile 0 Replies #8541200 4:27PM 01/04/2008
sharon laughing at sheila big time as she trys to fib over and over again. ryan walks by.. ryan is wearing a white Tshirt and gray long legged pants again rockin lowwwww.

sound switches to josh and james in BR
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Topic #8541267
allen - Josh is packing James is resting on the bed watching him 0 Replies #8541267 4:33PM 01/04/2008
Josh is wearing a grey tshirt and cargo shorts as he packs the suitcase lying on the floor, neatly folding each piece one at a time back and forth to the dresser by the boat room. James has a hoodie on grey lies with covers pulled up tight to his chin. Not much at all being said, james just watching josh pack, laughter filters in from the dining room every once in awhile.

they no longer fold up their couch beds during the day. LOCK DOWN, they head outside at BB comand.
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Topic #8541269
susooz - Josh packing on F1- James said Nat took 4pics of him sleeping NT 0 Replies #8541269 4:34PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541286
allen - and flames............. NT 1 Replies #8541286 4:35PM 01/04/2008
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susooz - BB called a lockdown right b4 this -Ry said alot of maintaince today NT #8542191 5:43PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541289
Phil66 - Flames NT 0 Replies #8541289 4:36PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541348
allen - feeds back with sharon on the hamoc, baller and sheila at the pool table 0 Replies #8541348 4:41PM 01/04/2008
sharon has a nice white skirt coverup on with her bikini top. Ryan has the basketball in hand trolling around the basket taking pop shots at his leasure. Josh has slipped his Texas Longhorn sweat top on sits over by the HT feet in. Sheila over at laundry folding. Nat talks to her as she stands near the garbage thingie and wonders out to the middle of the yard, muching on something pynk, cookie or something. starts to talk to josh about her dad working at walmart. Nat is wearing her cherry on white top with short short jean shorts with frayed hem line.

Baller joins Ryan in a game of horse.quickly gives baller HO
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Topic #8541377
allen - Oh sharons skirt/cover has nice big blue stipes on each side, front and back is white NT 0 Replies #8541377 4:44PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541500
allen - No sound on 3 & 4 and wouldnt ya know it thats where sharon, josh, and nat are 0 Replies #8541500 4:53PM 01/04/2008
quad has sound of the boys playing horse and feeds 1 & 2 that does have sound is the boys. Now they start a game of PIG, ryan is gonna shoot from where ever the ball lands this time. they use the dumbells to weight the basket down keep it from tipping over. Ryan trys to cheat, tells baller that one dont count cause it bounced out. Adam gives him PI as ryan misses the shot. Ryan gives adam P.

Ryan spits on the astroturf.

Sheila is now reclined on the couch under a red blanket. Havent spotted James. LOL Adam sinks a shot while leaning on the camera pole with one foot held out, insists ryan hold the foot out. Ryan misses looses to adam on a long shot from the pool table.
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Topic #8541597
allen - there is james on the sunny wall hood pulled down sad look on his face 0 Replies #8541597 5:01PM 01/04/2008
wearing his purple long pants, eyes watching ryan and adam play squenting into the sun. Sitting on the astro leaned back against the wall as the sun creaps up the wall right at the base now, only few mins left of direct sun ... James gets up and walks over to the handy small frige and grabs some water. strolls over to pool table to play adam.

Adam asks him what do you think of the awnings, he says they are alright it was raining out here yesterday. Adam racks, pokes ryan with cue, guess ryan is gonna play too caulks his cue stick. James breaks.
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Topic #8541679
yumintum - flames, then feeds back up NT 0 Replies #8541679 5:08PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8541765
Tara555 - Flames left and right! NT 0 Replies #8541765 5:16PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542047
MrsKristaBoogie - Guys on one feed playing pool and not talking game, woman on another, but no sound NT 0 Replies #8542047 5:35PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542265
FrouFrou - Sharon I can't believe he is getting that cocky. No idea who or what she is talking about. NT 0 Replies #8542265 5:49PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542277
FrouFrou - Sharon I can't believe...sitting with Sheila, Nat and Ryan on couches by by fire. Nat talking about a friend having a bird poop in her ear. NT 0 Replies #8542277 5:50PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542285
FrouFrou - Sharon saying I helped Sheila get out the flour out of her ear. Sheila saying that stuff doesn't come out of the scalp too well. NT 0 Replies #8542285 5:50PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542297
FrouFrou - Nat calls to Baller. Pizza for dinner tonight? Adam says whatever you want. Nat says simple. NT 1 Replies #8542297 5:52PM 01/04/2008
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susooz - Ry said I think you should both have a bowl of slop NT #8542359 5:55PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542309
FrouFrou - Sheila saying she has to pee so bad. Ryan leaving joining guys in ht area. Can hear Ryan for a second on F4. NT 0 Replies #8542309 5:52PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542315
FrouFrou - Sharon saying did you hear James say... NT 0 Replies #8542315 5:53PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8542368
FrouFrou - James and Nat talking. Loud buzz. James and Sheila joking about gray and hot flashes in 40s. NT 0 Replies #8542368 5:56PM 01/04/2008
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