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Topic #8620646
allen - sharon leaves the cardboard on the pizzia 0 Replies #8620646 6:26PM 05/04/2008
duh! sharon has no idea about the cardboard under a pizzia,, Adam catches it,, looks for her to see if its ready, and adam goes uh is that the cardboard? Sharon yeah,, sheilia says well sharon not suppose to do that it will catch fire,, how long has it been in there?

Sharon says 15 mins? so what are ya suppose to put it on? in her goly voice. Sheila says just directly on the rack,,, sharon has never put anythong in an oven without putting it on something,, sheila adds, well at home I put some aluminum foil under it on the rack under the pizzia to keep melted cheese off the bottom of the oven.

Adam is trying to get the radio control cars to work. James is asked if the pizzia looks done. Sheila retrives it from the oven, Sharon is dismissed from cooking duty. James cust it with the green plastic knife
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Topic #8620674
Vixter - J/S/S eating pizza together and discussing previous houseguests. NT 0 Replies #8620674 6:30PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8620738
cannotsleep - Sheila, Sharon and James enjoying the pizza around the kitchen table, and Adam is SO happy, like a little kid, with the remote control jeep in the BY, 0 Replies #8620738 6:36PM 05/04/2008
now Adam has brought the toy inside and is sending it around the kitchen.

Sharon asks Sheila if she would do All-Stars if Evel Dick came back, she says yes.

Subject switches to Alex being upset about Amanda wearing her booty shorts around the house, and Sheila says she doesn't want to hear anything negative about Alex. Adam mumbles something about it, and Sheila says "what did you just say?" and we get flames.
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Topic #8620743
allen - BB did not want us to hear that,, Adam disses sheila and it cuts to flames as sheila realizes what he just said and askes him to repeat it NT 1 Replies #8620743 6:36PM 05/04/2008
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Ashton - Say what? NT #8620798 6:43PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8620784
cannotsleep - James saying she's able to flip the house like pancakes. Sheila says, I will flip the house like that (and snaps) NT 0 Replies #8620784 6:41PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8620785
Vixter - A/S/S/J still having good time in kitchen. R/N waking from nap. NT 0 Replies #8620785 6:41PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8620811
allen - sheila and james and adam have a laugh together about being 0 Replies #8620811 6:44PM 05/04/2008
called out on their game, James jokes,, its suppose to be a secret, they all have fun with it,,, Adam stop calling me out on my game sheila is insisting. The boys were busting her out on her game play. Nat joins in the kitchen scene after her nap. Adam and James head out to BY. They continue to mess with sheila thru the patio doors.
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Topic #8620953
cindytexas - Sheila leaves the room and Natalie says, "If I lose to her, I deserve to go home." 0 Replies #8620953 6:56PM 05/04/2008
Sheila comes back and Adam and James tell her what Nat said. Nat is trying to shut them up.
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Topic #8620975
WVpdles - James calling Nat out on Sheila beating her twice in comps, after Nat said if Sheila beats her she deserves to go home NT 0 Replies #8620975 6:57PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8620978
cindytexas - James says, "Wait a minute Natalie. Didn't Sheila beat you in the last game?" Nat says, "Zippity-do-da." Nat raises her voice 0 Replies #8620978 6:58PM 05/04/2008
talking over James and the others talking about the outcomes of the last few competitions.
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Topic #8621025
WVpdles - Ryan's in his room sitting on the edge of his bed, eating cookies and brownies dipped in a glass of milk NT 0 Replies #8621025 7:01PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621071
cluckman - Sheila cooking marinating chicken complaining as usual to James NT 0 Replies #8621071 7:04PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621093
allen - Nat has a heavy coating of shinny lip gloss on talks to adam up close 0 Replies #8621093 7:05PM 05/04/2008
at the bar meanwhile sheila dominates the conversation and the cam of feed 4. She was horrible in math. Nat using big words like depreciate and neutralize,, james makes fun of her, shes hungry , she wants fish. Sheila forks her a few pieces out of the bowl shes maranating it in, oh she also gets some steak from another bowl that sheila has out maranating on the counter. James points out that she should keep the two seperate not on same part of grill or same plate for that matter.

Sheila calls james out on calling everyone out. You just like to stir things up dont you james, I like that about you. James, ya think? Sharon says nat gets all cocky sometimes.
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Topic #8621146
cindytexas - When Nat goes outside, Sharon says she can't believe she was ballsy 0 Replies #8621146 7:10PM 05/04/2008
enough to say that about Sheila. Sheila says she appreciates James, that she needs to know the truth. James says he's going to call everybody out and show her everybody before he leaves. She says she thinks she knows everybody already.
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Topic #8621157
allen - james and sheila continue to joke about nat 0 Replies #8621157 7:11PM 05/04/2008
James said is that why I have to go home, I haven't lost to Nat, and you have to leave cause you haven't beat her at anything.

Sheila says yeah it goes both ways, you have to leave if you suck or if your a threat.
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Topic #8621182
cluckman - James and Sharon in kt with Shiela 0 Replies #8621182 7:13PM 05/04/2008
Sharon laying on the nice girl routine on Sheila trying to bond with her
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Topic #8621230
cannotsleep - Sheila says I hate it when people call me out on my game, Adam says, I'm not calling you out on your game! Their yelling woke up Natalie and (long) 0 Replies #8621230 7:17PM 05/04/2008
she comes walking into the kitchen, yelling "Hell no, hell no, hell no."

Ryan comes into the kitchen. Sheila says, that is so mean. They are all calling me out on my game and how it sucks. Sheila says thank God Natalie woke up, the third angel has now awoken and will help me.

Adam and James are in the BY, and Sheila is yelling at Adam through the window, saying they want to call me out on my game, I'll call them out on their games. Sheila does the I'm watching you movement with her fingers to Adam (the one Robert De Niro does in Meet the Parents).

Now James making fun of Natalie for not knowing what certain words mean, Nat says don't even get me started.

Sheila is now calling EVERYONE out on their game plans. He says since the beginning Adam has had NO game plan at all. All of the HGs are now in the kitchen listening to Sheila and Adam jokingly go at it with each other.

Sheila says now I don't think I would do All-Stars because I would be in my 50s then. Earlier she was saying she wants Dr. Will to come into the house so they can have a botox party for her.

Adam says Sheila's game plan is multi-faceted. (ed *** I hope someone is recording this in Media, it's hilarious)

Sheila says let's get off of me right now, let's talk about you Adam. Talking about how there are two Adam's. One is Lenny (I think they're referring to the simple minded man in Of Mice and Men. Not sure how many of the HGs are getting it though).

Now James is calling Sheila out on whether or not she used to be a big actress back in her day.

Ryan left and went back to his bedroom with something to eat.

James says he needs to give Sheila some kind of magical power for the vetos and other competitions so that she can win something. James says he isn't putting her down now, that he thinks she is scary athletic.

While Sheila is gone the boys say they think Sheila is holding back. Natalie says if I lose to her, then I deserve to go home.

Sheila returns and now James and Adam are telling Sheila what Nat said, Sheila getting upset, Nat saying it was a JOKE! Nat says they're trying to cause problems between us. Going over how difficult the disco ball competition was, and other difficult physical comps.

James making fun of Natalie pronouncing words incorrectly (he seems pissed at her, he's joking but there's an undertone of anger with his comments).

James tells Natalie to keep fish and steak seperate on the grill. Sheila says it's like surf and turf. Natalie heads outside.

Sheila says to James, you are so funny, you just want to get stuff started, don't you? Sheila says could you just not do it to me, he says okay but I'm going to do it to the people who are around you. I'm not going to do anything to anyone, but I'm going out of here and I'm going to say what I want to say.

Now James, Sheila and Sharon are talking in the kitchen about what to eat, and Adam and Natalie are out at the grill.

James says that's interesting, because I've never lost to Natalie, so that means I need to leave the house. Says like I've never lost to her in a competition.

That's ballsy, Sheila says. Sharon says, what the comment? Sheila, says yeah. But I know that she (Natalie) talks about me behind my back, I don't care. Says in this game it's brutal, I know lots of people talk about me behind my back, and I really don't care.

Talking about whether they came into the game to make friends, James says that's where I messed up. I made friends with the wrong people. I made friends with the people that I liked hanging out with, but now they're all gone. James says that people are walking around the house acting like they've already won the game because I'm leaving.
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Topic #8621399
cannotsleep - Sheila says walking into this house with a partner screwed up my whole strategy. Sheila says I had a great strategy, but that all went out the 0 Replies #8621399 7:29PM 05/04/2008
window because of Adam. Sheila says Alex was so nice and that it wasn't fair that he was teamed up with Amanda. Sharon says Alex should've done more damage control in private with Amanda, instead of yelling at her with everyone else. They say Parker and Jen were screwed too, but that Parker didn't make it any better, going around flipping off the cameras, etc.

James said he tried to save Alex, but he got screwed over because of Matty and his deals with people. Sharon tells him to shush because Natalie is about to walk in from outside. Adam comes in from grilling too, Sheila says the food is "sew good."

All HGs in the kitchen except for Ryan who is lying in bed reading the bible. Adam takes him a plate of food (ed. nice of Adam), and asks him how he is feeling, Ryan says it still hurts a bit but that he's more worried about it than anything. He sits up in bed eating while holding a cold pack on his neck/shoulder. Eats very quickly and is now lying back reading the bible again.

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Topic #8621413
WVpdles - Nat telling Adam, that Sheila's with Sharon and James. Adam asked if she was, Nat said she's with Adam and Ryan NT 0 Replies #8621413 7:30PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621431
cannotsleep - Now Adam and Natalie sitting alone at the kitchen table eating. Adam says "They're in cahoots with Sheila." Nat: "Sharon and James?" Adam says yeah NT 0 Replies #8621431 7:31PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621437
WVpdles - Adam telling Sheila she needs to stay up against James, because Sharon might sacrifice herself for him NT 0 Replies #8621437 7:32PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621451
WVpdles - Sheila says she doesn't want James to have one vote(Sharon). Adam said I can't vote, what if I don't put him up NT 0 Replies #8621451 7:33PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621460
cannotsleep - Sheila says, We don't even need him (James) getting one fricken vote (from Sharon if she's off the block) NT 0 Replies #8621460 7:34PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8621468
allen - Adam threatening to take sharon down sheila freaks 0 Replies #8621468 7:35PM 05/04/2008
Dont even think that,, James will do everything to stay, sheila says, her eyes get wide, no way Adam ,, sharon will give james one vote. Adam just chill,, what if I dont put James up?? Just testing ya sheila.
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Topic #8621470
WVpdles - On BY couches, Sharon's filling Sheila in on Alex/Matt agreeing not to campaign then Matt and Nat did NT 0 Replies #8621470 7:35PM 05/04/2008
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