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Topic #8622235
Vixter - Adam loved watching wrestling when he was growing up. NT 0 Replies #8622235 8:22PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8622254
allen - ryan given direction by doctor 0 Replies #8622254 8:23PM 05/04/2008
tells adam in bedroom that he can't do any physical activity for 48 hours. He doesn't feel good, BB is gonna give him musle relaxing pills. Doctor Barry Horiwitz is who Adam saw before comeing in, asking if Ryan saw him.
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Topic #8622387
allen - Nat showing her belly button to Adam, 0 Replies #8622387 8:31PM 05/04/2008
and legs, shes wearing short tight kakhi shorts,, makes whale noises as she blows up her belly then starts pointing out scares. Adam and Nat are on the bed thats beside ryans bed.. Adam is on his stomach laying cross the bed, Nat sits on the side leaning back. Ryan on the other bed laying on his back with bible open
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Topic #8622450
allen - its Ryan's neck thats bothering him,, doesnt want nat to toss a pillow at him during nite to stop snoring he might jerk NT 0 Replies #8622450 8:35PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8622551
allen - Ryan gets up gingerly puts ice pack on neck 0 Replies #8622551 8:41PM 05/04/2008
just call me rye bot as he stiffly moves about keeping neck locked . Nat reads passages from bible, Adam rolls over to his back listens.
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Topic #8622578
cindytexas - Sheila says (to James and Sharon) that Natalie thinks she has this, that she's going to the end with one of the boys. 0 Replies #8622578 8:42PM 05/04/2008
Sheila says she can already tell by her attitude and the way she talks. Sheila says, "They will come afer you and me." (Sharon) She said she's freaking out now...saying, "Oh my God!"

Before that, she said they still don't know what will happen tomorrow. James and Sharon say it is predetermined, that Ryan will take Sheila off and James will go up and be voted out. James tells Sheila that plan has already been made, even before the POV, and it's been confirmed to him since then.
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Topic #8622602
Vixter - Ryan questioning Nat about being a cheerleader. As if maybe he is on to her. NT 0 Replies #8622602 8:43PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8622619
Vixter - N/R/A asking each other if James has asked them for help. Thay all say no. NT 0 Replies #8622619 8:44PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8622704
cindytexas - Nat says James said her eyes were going crossed, but she thinks he was joking with her. Adam says Matty's eyes were crossed. 0 Replies #8622704 8:49PM 05/04/2008
Natalie says she liked Matty's eyes. Ryan says, "We know Nat. You love Matty." Natalie says she doesn't love Matty, and now goes on about the lies Matty told...
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Topic #8622707
allen - James called Nat crosseyed she likes her eyes and liked matty's too 0 Replies #8622707 8:49PM 05/04/2008
wonders if James was joking or trying to get to her. nat reminds the boys the lies that James told them all and promises broken.
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Topic #8622717
lakeview - Sheila/Sharon/James outside 0 Replies #8622717 8:50PM 05/04/2008
Sharon explaining the last show form last season.

Sheila: I have so not watched this show enough to know this stuff.

James: that's it? they don't even talk to them after they leave.

Sharon: a little.

Sharon: ... if Sheila was in the final 2...

Sheila: I won't be in the final 2. Natalie thinks she won this. I already see it, hear it in her voice. Every comment she makes. That's sad. It kinda hurts me too. Those three think they've already won.

James: or they made it to the final 3.

Sheila: and I'm not one of those people. I'll be happy to make it to the final 4 or 5.

James: better than me.

Sheila: we don't know what will happen tomorrow.

Sharon: this game is predetermined. He'll pull you off and James will go up.

Sheila: it's down to us 5 and they're going to knock us out. Oh my god, they're coming after us.

James: it'll be like me.

Sheila: I'm fighting for my frickin' life here.

Sharon: it'll be fine She-devil.

James: or maybe they'll take each other out. They aren't ballsy enough to do it. Natalie's scared of them.

Sheila: she talks back to them all the time. I don't make comments to Adam about his body. It's not right. It's rude and it's mean.

Sheila: Natalie gets away with it. I don't know why. That really freaks me out now.

Sharon: don't freak out. It'll be fine.

Sheila: it's like James said. I have to win to stay in this game. I'm not holding back. None are perfect for me. Some people are better at things. I do believe that. I think these games are tailored to a certain person - or what they're better at.

Sharon: ... how they made the one POV just for James. The drinking one? Everyone thinks it was made for James.

James saying if he was on the block, maybe the POV would've been different. Sharon saying that it's probably mapped out from the beginning and they don't pull out one for a certain result.

Sheila agrees. All mapped out.

Sheila: It makes me laugh when people say they set it up for a person. C'mon. They have to have it preplanned.

Sheila thinks it's a bunch of crap that it's tailored for a certian person. "Do you believe that?"

James thinks that if America wants him to stay, he'll still stay there.

James: you might get a 2nd chance but not a 3rd chance.

Sharon: the game has to end some time.

James: I come back and still be a target? It wouldn't make sense.

James: maybe Ryan hurting himself is a good thing.

Sheila: for who? Everybody?

James: not as confident anymore.

Sheila thinks it might be a strategy.

James: next week might be a physical competition.

Sheila saying he's messed up. It's not fake.

Sharon: he should be fine in 5 days.

Sheila: you never know with these things. Especially if he pulled something or strained something. If he tore something?

James: he'll be hurting himself more than [by competing]

Sheila: Chelsia was a trooper while hurt. She went in and stood on that disco ball. She was up there for 3 - 4 hours.

James: everyone's basing the game on the disco balls.

Sheila: that's bc it was such a hard thing. Just to see people do that, I was amazed. I'm not basing the whole game on it.

James thinks they're all thinking of that a little too intently. "Just standing on the ball. Not like running for miles and miles and miles."

Sheila: were you out of breath doing the potato thing?

Sharon: no. My pants were being pulled down a bit.

Sheila was totally out of breath. Pushing those potatos down.

Sharon was out of breath a little.

Sheila saying that she was blown away by Adam's energy. He built a tunnel and helped her with the gravy.

Sharon had told him to help Sheila.

Sharon had 2 buckets.

Sheila: you were doing 4 altogether? I did only one, no two.

Sheila saying she did Natalie and James. "You mean those boys did more?"

James: we guys filled more things.

Sheila thinks that side looked really frickin' messed up.

James: [they filled up] Dairy and Eggs.

Sheila: James did the grill. The meat and cheese. The fish. The meat. The bread and pasta.

Sheila: that side was so frickin' sloppy.

James called to DR.
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Topic #8622749
Vixter - Sheila, James, and Sharon was pointing out earlier 0 Replies #8622749 8:52PM 05/04/2008
that all of Team Pink will be deciding who wins. (they call themselves team pink. my words.)
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Topic #8622753
cindytexas - Adam and Ryan are telling Natalie about what Matty said about her and the BJ. Adam is mimicking what Matt did with the 0 Replies #8622753 8:52PM 05/04/2008
thumbs up to the camera and said he was doing it while Nat was licking him clean. Nat says she's going to go home and type in "Matty's thumbs up" and see what comes up.

Ryan says Matt said she was like a wet-vac. Nat says that makes her sick to her stomach.

Natalie says Matt only knew she was good at BJ's because she told him. Now Natalie is getting into explicit detail about why she's good in bed, what she likes to do.

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Topic #8622768
allen - Nat likes to tease, cook in just her apron or paint with just her apron and high socks NT 0 Replies #8622768 8:54PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8622780
cindytexas - Natalie says she makes a good girlfriend, she doesn't bitc* and complain. 0 Replies #8622780 8:55PM 05/04/2008
Natalie says she likes to tease her boyfriends before cooking in the kitchen with nothing on but an apron and high socks.

Adam says something about he wonders what Sheila is like. Natalie says Sheila likes to fight. Adam says, "Yeah, probably fighting and then makeup sex."
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Topic #8622799
lakeview - Sharon/Sheila outside 0 Replies #8622799 8:57PM 05/04/2008
Sharon thinks that Nat will want to keep Sheila and Sharon at the end.

Sheila doesn't think she'll turn against the guys.

Sharon says she thinks Nat thinks the guys would win.

Sheila doesn't know.

Sharon had told Nat that she wouldn't win ag the boys and Nat had said "I know."

Sheila thinks Sharon will win next week. Or herself.

Sheila: who would you put up with Adam then? Both boys?

Sharon: I don't know. I think for us to go further in the game

Sheila: one of the boys have to go.

Sharon: no they'd knock us out. If they're smart they know they can't beat Nat.

Sheila knows that Sharon is good at the games.

Sharon: you just let me do what I have to do.

Sharon: trust me, people think that there are other people stronger in the game. I just let them think that.

Sharon: James had said his mistake was making people know he was strong. Why do you think I don't let them think that?

Sheila: they do call you silent and deadly.

Sharon: you keep the sh-- off yourself. By not winning anything. It's perfect. The target is off you.

Adam walks outside. Sheila's nose is getting cold.

Sheila telling Sharon she did well on the quotes. Sharon saying she had to or Allison would've won.

Sheila: you keep on doing it. [making them think she isn't strong.]

Sheila yells to Adam to turn on the grill.

Sheila to Sharon: interesting.

Sheila asking Adam to listen to his Bon Jovi later.

Sheila's going to get the fish.
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Topic #8622871
allen - must be cold outside adam goes out to BY and starts to 0 Replies #8622871 9:01PM 05/04/2008
knock balls around with the over sized chipping wedge. Sheila and Sharon have blankets over them as they start up the grill for their dinner. no sharons is a long robe that goes to her feet, James over at sitting area with the fire going in the pit, sits right next to flames,, Adam has his hoodie up with a baseball cap under it
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Topic #8623076
cannotsleep - Ryan is taking a shower, to help with his sore muscles. Sheila passes by and says Sharon knows a lot about this game, I don't know if that's good 1 Replies #8623076 9:13PM 05/04/2008
or bad. Ryan says she has watched every show of every season. Sheila says really? She heads outside to grill, and now she and Sharon are watching James and Adam play golf. Sheila says how the grill makes the backyard smell great, says she's going to go check on it. Sharon says I'll come with you. No game talk, but Sharon seems to want to be right next to her. BB calls Sharon to the DR.
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BB8Watcher - They were talking about Jen having seen every season & Sheila said she doesn't know if thats good or bad. NT #8623121 9:16PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623092
WVpdles - They got 2 bottles of wine NT 0 Replies #8623092 9:14PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623095
cannotsleep - Natalie comes out of the SR with wine, it appears to be a bottle of red and a bottle of white. Sheila says Adam wants to see Kimberly tonight NT 0 Replies #8623095 9:14PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623140
Gorf - Adam Notices a huge red mark on ryans Neck, James sees it too, They show Ryan in the mirror and he cant belive it 0 Replies #8623140 9:17PM 05/04/2008
its on the the spot where it hurts the most, says this never happened before
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Topic #8623166
Gorf - Adam now trying to freak ryan out by saying its a cyst, and that hairs are growing out of it NT 0 Replies #8623166 9:19PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623173
cindytexas - Natalie is (once again) taking charge of the wine. She pours her glass all the way to the top and then takes a drink out of it. 0 Replies #8623173 9:19PM 05/04/2008
She is pouring everybody's wine, lots of arguments over who's getting what, how much...who has more. James and Adam are giving Natalie a hard time about being the wine Nazi when she has more than the others. She denies it.
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Topic #8623201
cindytexas - Ryan is walking around, not moving his neck. Nat asks if they gave him painkillers. He says no, they said they might get him a muscle relaxer. NT 0 Replies #8623201 9:22PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623216
cannotsleep - Sharon is yelling so loud in the DR, that it is bleeding through onto the feeds, can't make out everything but heard "Hell naw!" several times NT 0 Replies #8623216 9:23PM 05/04/2008
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