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Topic #8623221
cindytexas - Nat says she's fun to drink with, it doesn't take much for her, she's a cheap date. 0 Replies #8623221 9:23PM 05/04/2008
She says it only takes two glasses of wine, or one mixed drink. Adam is grinning.
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Topic #8623296
cannotsleep - HGs joking with Natalie about the question cards. James: Don't make her look dumb on TV. Natalie: Yeah, I can do that by myself. Everyone laughs NT 0 Replies #8623296 9:28PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623308
WVpdles - ryan called to DR for the 2nd time in a few minutes NT 0 Replies #8623308 9:28PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623424
cindytexas - Sharon just said having your heart broken is a lot harder than having kids make fun of you. NT 0 Replies #8623424 9:38PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623468
KineGirl - Adam: Natalie what is more important - commone sense or 1 Replies #8623468 9:41PM 05/04/2008
N: common sense. I have common sense
James: Ya but a lot of ppl who have common sense arent intelligent
N: right (ed. flies over the head LOL)
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cindytexas - Sharon would rather have intelligence because after you have that common sense will follow. #8623480 9:42PM 05/04/2008
James would rather have intelligence.
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Topic #8623469
cindytexas - What fear would you most like to conquer? Sharon - doubting herself. Nat - fear of spiders. Adam - fear of coming too fast. 0 Replies #8623469 9:41PM 05/04/2008
Sheila - fear of heights. James - fear of committment
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Topic #8623483
BB9NATFAN11 - Ryan out of DR 0 Replies #8623483 9:42PM 05/04/2008
They gave his medication for his sore muscles.
Sheila called to DR
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Topic #8623496
cindytexas - What is unique about your generation? James - ink (tats) 0 Replies #8623496 9:44PM 05/04/2008
Nat jumps in and says she doesn't have a tattoo. Then an argument ensues about whether Nat is even in James' generation. James and Adam say she's not. She insists it's within 10 years.
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Topic #8623558
cindytexas - If you could have a fabulously impractical car, what would it be? Nat said a big truck with giant wheels, a monster truck. 0 Replies #8623558 9:51PM 05/04/2008
Sheila - a two-seater BMW
James - a Mini Cooper (Nat asks what it is, she's never heard of it)
Sharon - a mustang
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Topic #8623759
Roadkill23 - Sheila: I was in the ocean and I almost drownded. 0 Replies #8623759 10:04PM 05/04/2008
James: Drownded? Sheila: Drownded
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Topic #8623792
Roadkill23 - James says he is also a writer (has a blog) NT 0 Replies #8623792 10:05PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623807
Roadkill23 - How would you like to spend your elder years? Baller: The Gentleman's Daycare Center on Route 38 in Jersey NT 0 Replies #8623807 10:06PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623842
Roadkill23 - Sheila says she's been told she looks like Jodie Foster (Camera quickly zooms-in on her face) NT 0 Replies #8623842 10:08PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623864
Roadkill23 - Natalie says Sheila looks like Sophia Loren (Camera quickly zooms-in on Sheila's face AGAIN :)) NT 0 Replies #8623864 10:09PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623886
Roadkill23 - Sharon says she is told she looks like Tara Reed 0 Replies #8623886 10:10PM 05/04/2008
Baller: She has an awful boob-job
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Topic #8623936
Roadkill23 - What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner? James: Getting blitzed NT 0 Replies #8623936 10:13PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623945
Roadkill23 - Sheila won't talk about her childhood, says it wasn't happy NT 0 Replies #8623945 10:14PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8623990
Roadkill23 - Baller says Chinese Men have small units. Sheila yells at him that it's irrelevant. 1 Replies #8623990 10:17PM 05/04/2008
Sheila says she almost married a chinese man and she thinks that stereotype is racist.
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cindytexas - Nat says to calm down. Sheila asks if that comment is okay with her. Nat says she doesn't care what he says, then defends it by #8624037 10:19PM 05/04/2008
saying maybe because Chinese men are skinny it means they have small penises. Sheila looks disgusted, says that's just dumb.

Adam says he has had women tell him that Asian men have small penises. Sheila says that's bullshi*.
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Topic #8623996
Roadkill23 - Ryan joins the group in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #8623996 10:17PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8624001
Roadkill23 - Ryan now back to DR NT 0 Replies #8624001 10:18PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8624008
BB8On - Sheila/Adam arguing because Sheila was offended that Adam said he heard Asian men have small penises. Sheila hates generalizations like that and says 0 Replies #8624008 10:18PM 05/04/2008
that's a racist comment. Natalie tries to calm Sheila down. Eventually Sheila/Adam calm down and go back to playing the game.
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Topic #8624025
Roadkill23 - DR Leak: Ryan was just given his medication NT 0 Replies #8624025 10:19PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8624064
Roadkill23 - Natalie: What are the largest obsticles keeping you from realizing your dreams? James: You 0 Replies #8624064 10:21PM 05/04/2008
everyone laughs
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Topic #8624116
Roadkill23 - HGs teasing Natalie about giving Matt a BJ again. 0 Replies #8624116 10:24PM 05/04/2008
Natalie: That's why Matty's where he's at today. He told lies and God kicked him out. He deserves to be there. I think he's a big time liar.
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Topic #8624117
cindytexas - On the topic of what got you in trouble as a kid, Shiela says hanging with the wrong crowd got her in trouble. 0 Replies #8624117 10:24PM 05/04/2008
The others go on talking and James turns to Sheila and says, "You did drugs when you were fourteen?" Sheila nods yes and she and James give each other a high five.
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