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Topic #8642090
echo - james got up changed batteries went back to bed, sharons fixed sheets off to kitchen 0 Replies #8642090 10:37AM 07/04/2008
sheila is in kitchen stiring something in a bowl
sharon asking ferends if they are hungry
sheila says adam should still have some strawberries
adam still asleep
sharon now in wc with ryan and nat
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Topic #8642108
echo - ryan asks sheila what time is it, she says around 10:30 he asks if its sunny 0 Replies #8642108 10:40AM 07/04/2008
nat has towel around waist bra on putting some makeup on
sharon brushing teeth
james and adam both shown still in bed
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Topic #8642137
echo - ryan and sheila laughing sheila says her hair looks bad, ryan says sheila just 0 Replies #8642137 10:42AM 07/04/2008
gave him a weird look
nat says i always have bed head ryan says he does too
nat putting on mascara ryan in wc couch
ryan says hes gonna have shredded wheat
nats in kitchen now and is havin honey bunches of oats
sharon gettin something to eat as well
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Topic #8642147
towie - outside Lockdown NT 0 Replies #8642147 10:43AM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642148
echo - bb announces outside lockdown , adam flies outta bed NT 0 Replies #8642148 10:43AM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642183
echo - bb asks adam to change his batteries, girls gathering their food to go outside 0 Replies #8642183 10:46AM 07/04/2008
adam gettin dressed and goes downstairs
sharon outside now
james in by too lays down on lounger in the sun
adam and nat hugging in kitchen
sheila now in by
ryan still in kitchen searching for shredded wheat asks adam if he hid it
nat now in by

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Topic #8642188
towie - Adam comes downstairs 0 Replies #8642188 10:47AM 07/04/2008
Nat shouts GOOD MORNING ABALLERRR....and they hug, she scratches his head

Sheila: ewwwww, lock me outside all day (ed.LOL)
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Topic #8642206
echo - sheila hates the bathroom is far from her room finds herself layin in bed holding it 0 Replies #8642206 10:49AM 07/04/2008
sharon said she didnt want to get up this am to go in case bb tried to wake everyone else up
ryan and adam eating cereal
sharon eating yogurt
sheila says she was addicted to tylenol pm cause her ex snored loud
she thinks shes havin more vivid dreams with out the pm
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Topic #8642225
echo - sheila is now sleeping better in bb house than at home , lots of deep sleep 0 Replies #8642225 10:52AM 07/04/2008
james lyin down on lounger
nat drinkin coffee didnt dream last night
ryan says maybe nats losing her physic abilities
sheila talks about dreaming about driving her car
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Topic #8642494
echo - james is in the by playing golf by himself nat and sharon are in the kitchen 0 Replies #8642494 11:27AM 07/04/2008
whispering, nat told sharon to keep it on the down low but sharons the target for nest week, sharon says thats funny cause ive heard the same thing about you
sharon says the boys talkin behind sheilas back but is nice to her face, and that she thinks the boys will take sheila to the final 3
they discuss how last seasons f3 worked
james looks like hes concentrating, has a coffee cup sideways on ground and appears to be tryin to hit his ball in
sharon said james says adam and sheila are trying to stick together
sheila is in kitchen now still in robe
noone else on the feeds

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Topic #8642519
echo - bb calls james to dr, sheila changin in her br, sharon and nat whispering 0 Replies #8642519 11:31AM 07/04/2008
(ed hard to hear them bb cranks sound)
nat wants her and sharon f2 , with sheila being f3
sharon says adam has to go , adam connected to sheila and ryan, take him out
sheila now in kitchn in blue bikini
adam shown reading bible in bed
sheila asks the girls to go lay out
sharon decides to lay down instead
nat and sheila go to by
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Topic #8642564
echo - nat is putting on sunscreen , sheila asks whats up , nat lies to her and blames 0 Replies #8642564 11:35AM 07/04/2008
that james said nat was next target, sharon did not name james in previous convo
nat says sharon is still the mole that shes not telling her anything
nat says sharon said adam told james nat was next target and that james told sharon who told nat (ed lmao)
sheila puts sunscreen on
sharon in shower
james back to playing golf

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Topic #8642591
echo - sheila and nat chat will baking in the sun, sahron out of shower with bikini on 0 Replies #8642591 11:40AM 07/04/2008
james cont to play golf, birds are heard chirping away in background
sharon now getting drink in kitchen
sheila and nat are quiet
sharon now in by drink in hand
adam shown passed out in bed bible beside him
sharon joins girls to lay out brought sunglasses
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Topic #8642612
echo - the girls say tan lines are sexy, adam still sleepin, sharon putting on 0 Replies #8642612 11:43AM 07/04/2008
sunscreen , sheila says 5 more days till her bday
gps on F2 eating
nat called to dr
ryan shown now on f2 hugging pillows laying down
no convo now in by
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Topic #8642640
echo - sheila tells james that adam told james what he said , he said good thats what i wanted 0 Replies #8642640 11:49AM 07/04/2008
sheila says dont tell adam anything he always tells natalie
(ed this convo is confusing me)
sheila says dont trust nat to sharon
james says she did try and cut a deal with me after the veto and sheila says she believes james
sheila says shes coming after us sharon stop talking to her, she will put us up and not the boys
sheila is mad at adam for leaking info to nat
james says ***** interesting
nat back outside
sheila tells nat shes worried about adam, nat says adam tryin to turn us all against each other.he cant play hoh next week

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Topic #8642695
echo - the girls talk about adam, that adam did what he did to work james for a vote 0 Replies #8642695 11:55AM 07/04/2008
if adam makes it to f2
sharon says its smart of him to do that
sheila disagrees says they vote who they like most (ed lmao)
sharon says everyone is after everyone even if they deny it
sharon says james is ready to go sheila thinks hes going to stir some ***** up before he goes
nat tells sheila not to say anything to adam that us girls have to stick together she says the boys are tryin to go to f2 sheila thinks ryan would win and sharon says no way noone liked jen and he already won money adam would win
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Topic #8642742
towie - James playing chess by himself NT 0 Replies #8642742 12:01PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642770
echo - sharon says if its ff this week if she wins boys go up, they are tryin to decide which boy to take out so they are 0 Replies #8642770 12:04PM 07/04/2008

prepared, sharon says its adam.sheila says she doesnt know. the boys will try and convince nat if she wins to put s/s up.
james still playin chess alone
sheilas like damn
nat says this is why we gilrs have to stick togethe
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Topic #8642778
towie - Girls outside 0 Replies #8642778 12:05PM 07/04/2008
nat explaining to Sheila how the final 3 works...she then tells Sheila that they (adam/ryan) want to bring you to the end because they think u wont win anything

Sheila OMG NAT thats sooo scary
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Topic #8642806
echo - sharon says no matter what they think sheila will be f3 0 Replies #8642806 12:08PM 07/04/2008
sheila is nervous for f3 type of comps
nat says shes stickin with the girls
james still playin chess
they tell nat boys wont take her to f2 she wold beat them
shiela keeps saying OMG OMG OMG
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Topic #8642849
towie - James heads back to bed NT 0 Replies #8642849 12:12PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642853
echo - nat is gettin annoyed and says what did you tell james sheila 0 Replies #8642853 12:12PM 07/04/2008
sheila says adam is stirring ***** and he needs to keep his mouth closed
nat says james is the mole we cant tell james anything, i dont tell the guys what we girls talk about (ed not 15 min she was tellin ryan everything )
sheila is annoyed shes gettin blamed for everything she did not tell james anything
sheilas goin to tell adam to shut up
ryan still in bed
james now layin down
sheila says adam is worse than women when it comes to gossiping he loves to stir ***** up
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Topic #8642855
echo - bb calls in inside lockdown NT 0 Replies #8642855 12:12PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642857
towie - inside LD NT 0 Replies #8642857 12:12PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8642885
towie - Sheila and SHaron talking game in BR...cant hear NT 0 Replies #8642885 12:17PM 07/04/2008
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