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Topic #8647531
allen - sheila hasnt joined them at table continues to mess around at sink 0 Replies #8647531 6:45PM 07/04/2008
gives ryan a taste of a sauce she made, ryan approves, tells her she is a good cook, she thanks him. Adam is finished. Burbs loudly and heads out to back yard.

Sharon and nat still at table, ryan standing in kit by sheila, walks back and forth between table and kitchen keeps asking sheila about the brown rice, sheila says it takes forever to cook its still hard. Ryan doesnt care. Ryan stands over bar scraping his plate eating while walking around kitchen.

nat and sharon likes no 7 and no 6 let it be. they are finished eating but remain at table. nat still has food on her plate, sharons plate is dun,,, yes thats DUN for the spelling police!
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Topic #8647700
allen - Adam returns sheila has a seat 1 Replies #8647700 6:55PM 07/04/2008
Sheila not happy with the rice, ryan gets some more tortillene, i say more a whole plate full, walks to stove to pour pan sauce over it.

Adam sits at table but not eating any thing else. Nat is laughing about some movie corky's? some scene about a dog that sniffs a bunch of coke and has to go to a school to do an inservice and talks fast.

Adam says the rice is too al'dente'. nat talks about al'apreme' as it means to her quick painting, and al'acart which she asks what does that mean, adam answers by itself.
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Jupit3r69 - The movie is Corky Romano.. stars Chris Kattan! NT #8647754 6:59PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647770
allen - sheila called to DR runs to bathroom to put on some eyes NT 0 Replies #8647770 7:00PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647803
cannotsleep - BB calls Sheila to the DR, she says man, I don't even have my freaking eyes on, heads quickly to the bathroom, and then to the DR NT 0 Replies #8647803 7:02PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647849
cannotsleep - HGs looking at the memory wall and discussing all of the the different "Operations" and their code names. Ryan doing the dishes at the sink. NT 0 Replies #8647849 7:05PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647910
allen - ryan washes the dishes girls relax 0 Replies #8647910 7:09PM 07/04/2008
Nat operation top shelf, operation condor, operation gardner for allison, operation bro-down for nat and mat, sharon asks why brodown? first shes heard of that one. Adam is quiet tonight.

Nat wonders why james looks so young in that picture meaning the wall looks like a baby. Adam looks like a business man, adam says i do not, nat says handling a business. Adam clears the table takes plates to ryan to wash. nat thanks him, ryan walks off to bathroom. Adam grabs a sponge! yes yes he is washing the dishes.

Adam is wearing his black tanktop undershirt and light grey sweat pants and his University of Miami ball cap. Sharon puts leftover steak in a baggie, shes wearing her university of Kansas oversized tshirt and long black sweat pants tonight. James walks thru from outside.
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Topic #8647997
cannotsleep - All four feeds on Sharon reading the bible in her bed NT 0 Replies #8647997 7:15PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648066
allen - sharon retires to her bed to read the bible smiles to camera 0 Replies #8648066 7:20PM 07/04/2008
and its a kansas state not a university of kansas shirt. strict policy around here. chews her fingernail, cam zooms in over her shoulder onto the bible. then zooms her from across the room.

control room switches us to the BY with ryan and james. james wants to clear up some things, he asks if adam tossed the veto comp to let ryan win, he wants to know since he is going to the jury house. James tells ryan that adam told nat everything, ryan admits adam dont want confrontation and thats how hes played,, James just wanted it straightup, ryan are you going to tell him,, james not gonna start anything i just wanted to know,, ,its a s** way to do it but ya know,

Ryan takes up some putting, they have a real putter and golf balls now. James goes back inside.
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Topic #8648151
cannotsleep - James says loudly to Sharon: I f*cking hate Natalie, she's such a dumb f*cking bitch, Sharon and James laughing, Ryan goes by & they say hey 0 Replies #8648151 7:26PM 07/04/2008
James asks Ryan if he wants to play Chess later, Ryan says sure. James whispers to Sharon "I'm going to f*ck with her."
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Topic #8648221
cannotsleep - Now all four feeds on Natalie in bed reading the bible, Ryan come in and whispers something to Natalie, she smiles & says I know, Ryan leaves. NT 0 Replies #8648221 7:29PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648261
cannotsleep - Ryan confronting Adam in the HOH, they heard everything we said, Ryan says now it's Sheila and Sharon against us, that Natalie is still with us. NT 0 Replies #8648261 7:31PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648296
cannotsleep - Ryan to Adam: Sheila and Sharon want to f*cking come after us, we're f*cked dude. Adam says I've got Sheila covered. NT 0 Replies #8648296 7:33PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648297
allen - ryan goes up to HOH confronts adam 1 Replies #8648297 7:33PM 07/04/2008
hey dude are you telling them everything?? the girls know everything, they know our whole plan, us in the final two,, Nat is telling sharon everything, they even know the order, first nat, then sharon, then sheila.. James knows too, now its us against the girls. Everything word for word,

Adam says jimmy must have heard us, we are oiled, our plan is oiled. I ant tellin them that s**, thats not something to repeat dude. we got to backpeddle out of this now dude.

Ryan, we are not gonna get sheila's vote on anything now.

Adam i will cover sheila dude, I got that covered dont worry bout sheila.

Ryan someone overheard our conversation, or james is just guessing it, maybe its just james thinking thats what we would be doing if we were all schemeing.
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augie - Sharon told Nat, not Nat told Sharon NT #8648473 7:42PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648325
cannotsleep - Adam says to Ryan, he's going home dude, you or Natalie have to win HOH NT 0 Replies #8648325 7:35PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648394
allen - adam says he will makeout with sheila if he has to 0 Replies #8648394 7:38PM 07/04/2008
damage control dude, we gotta stick to it but we are foiled. He heard us in the boat.

ryan he is goin home. sheila and sharon final two, if that happens i would be so pissed.

Adam she wont get last HOH, you have to win last hoh. Sharon is who i am worried about. I think adam sayed ryan has to win hoh if its not endurance.

Ryan ok dude im gonna go workout..........
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Topic #8648456
cannotsleep - Sheila talking to James in the kitchen saying you kept winning POVs and that scared people. She says I would love to be at the end this game w/ you NT 0 Replies #8648456 7:41PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648530
cannotsleep - Ryan in the BY by himself, looking at a helicopter overhead, now running laps around the BY talking quietly to himself NT 0 Replies #8648530 7:44PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648568
allen - ryan starts his run around the BY with what sounds like an army of helicopters flying overhead 0 Replies #8648568 7:45PM 07/04/2008
he looks up at them as he jogs, what the f*, he jogs around, noise of several copers overhead, then as fast as they appeared they disipate, he jogs few more rounds then slows to walk breathing hard.
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Topic #8648866
artqueen5 - Shelia was in HOH room, and James Flashes his "package" on the camera to get her attention! 0 Replies #8648866 7:59PM 07/04/2008
Coffee is ready shelia!
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Topic #8648888
Gorf - Sheila in HoH telling Adam that Nat is the true threat, that Nat is playing both sides (guys vs girls) 0 Replies #8648888 8:00PM 07/04/2008
That Nat is the one lying to them.

Sheila says she has been doing damage control and that she controls Sharon. She says they need to get Nat out because she is the biggest threat and would be happy if the final 3 was her, adam and ryan

Adam says dont listen to james he is saying a bunch of stuff
Sheila tells him he isnt and not to worry about James he knows he is going.

Adam seems to be receptive to Sheila

James flashes his dick in the camera from the kitchen singalling to Sheila the coffee is done, she heads down stairs
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Topic #8648935
Harley08 - Natalie praying need to win HOH POv are most important to win NT 0 Replies #8648935 8:02PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8648989
Harley08 - James and Shiela talking in the kitchen NT 1 Replies #8648989 8:04PM 07/04/2008
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DrC - While Adam and Ryan watch from spy cam in HOH #8649374 8:24PM 07/04/2008
James discusses game and how he is going to be on Natalie until he leaves. Shelia is glad for the help since he plans to get Natalie so that it effects her playing in the next HOH. (which will help her in Sharon, this was mentioned in the HT earlier)
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Topic #8649026
Harley08 - Natalie in bed reading her bible NT 0 Replies #8649026 8:06PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8649225
Harley08 - Nat in KT asked where Adam was. shiela said in the hoh room a sleep. Sharon is up talking know to james. Ryan took a shower and getting dressed. NT 1 Replies #8649225 8:17PM 07/04/2008
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DrC - They are discussing various desserts #8650104 9:07PM 07/04/2008
end up looking in the freezer for the icing pictures from BB cake that the HG saves from a few weeks ago. They just discovered that Natalie's is destroyed but no one else's is. James didn't mention that he knew who did it. (Chels stuck her finger in Nat her last night during her rampage.)
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Topic #8649445
Vixter - R/J playing chess. S/S/N chatting in the kitchen about hair color, wrap party, Josh's antics. NT 0 Replies #8649445 8:28PM 07/04/2008
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