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Topic #8644454
BB9NATFAN11 - Her son dropped her... they were play wrestling. NT 0 Replies #8644454 2:48PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644506
echo - girls get quiet and ryan is searching for food in sr NT 0 Replies #8644506 2:53PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644531
echo - nat says the girls must stick together so they can be f3, sheila looking 0 Replies #8644531 2:56PM 07/04/2008
for ryan....ryan making nachos
sharon says they've stuck together since day 1 (the 3 girls)
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Topic #8644560
echo - james is up and in the by lays down in boat NT 0 Replies #8644560 2:59PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644585
echo - ryan now in by with huge plate of nachos adam joins him on couches NT 0 Replies #8644585 3:01PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644603
BigBrotherLuvR - (they are on outside lockdown) NT 0 Replies #8644603 3:02PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644627
echo - ryans telling adam the girls have been scheeming (spelled wrong) 0 Replies #8644627 3:04PM 07/04/2008
r/a eating nachos
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Topic #8644632
sexylexie1 - Nat says to Sharon and Sheila as long as a girl wins this week it's a done deal. 0 Replies #8644632 3:04PM 07/04/2008
Nat talking and says to Sharon - You win HOH this week and I win next week.
Sharon says I think it's going to be physical.
Nat says "exactly".
Sheila says, yeah but just think Adam gets to play teh following week.
Sharon says - not if he's gone. If he's not here he acn't play. Three guys verses one dude.
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Topic #8644668
echo - ryan and adam eat away, talking but its 0 Replies #8644668 3:07PM 07/04/2008
hard to hear with the crunching
(ed they look like they havent eatin in days)
nachos are DUN
ryan says good snack (ed lmao)
ryan asks when adam went to nap
adam says since last lockdown light as well
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Topic #8644702
echo - ryan and adam share a smoke, adams still tired , ryan tries one of the cars 0 Replies #8644702 3:10PM 07/04/2008
batteries are dead
just saw a strange guy goin from sr into the hall feeds changed
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Topic #8644707
sexylexie1 - Ryan says to Adam...dude, look at Sharon's ass from looks huge. 0 Replies #8644707 3:11PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644730
echo - ryans says again they have been sheemimg ...ryans off to the hamic 0 Replies #8644730 3:12PM 07/04/2008
adam smokes alone
the girls tell ryan its a nice out breezy
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Topic #8644761
echo - they all wonder when they get their luau , they think maybe tomorrow 0 Replies #8644761 3:15PM 07/04/2008
the girls discuss what to make for dinner
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Topic #8644770
echo - adam lifting weights alone NT 0 Replies #8644770 3:15PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644845
echo - adam asks the ladies how their day was, nat says shes askin if she can dye 0 Replies #8644845 3:22PM 07/04/2008
her hair tonight
ryan in hammock staring off into space
sheila layin on tummy
nat wonders if two guys could fit in hammock
ryan says he weighs 240
adam weighs 200
james still layin on boat lounger
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Topic #8644857
echo - sharon putting on sunscreen on face NT 0 Replies #8644857 3:23PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644867
echo - lockdown over NT 0 Replies #8644867 3:24PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644885
echo - sharon lays alone now james asleep in boat, others go inside 0 Replies #8644885 3:26PM 07/04/2008
adam asks how sheilas days been
adam takin garbage to sr
ryan off to his br
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Topic #8644924
echo - adam and ryan are talkin adam seems worked up he wants to go off on james 0 Replies #8644924 3:30PM 07/04/2008
and sharon, ryan says sheila better not believe her over us
they are planning to take sharon out next
ryans says nat wont belieive those fools
adam says its james telling sharon
ryan says james is just stirring ***** before he leaves
adam says peace out sucker
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Topic #8644941
sexylexie1 - Outsid eLD over. Nat wants to go investigate on what they did to the house. 0 Replies #8644941 3:32PM 07/04/2008
Onc einside - Adam asks Nat..what is that ***** ***** bitch plotting out there. Nat says huh? Adam says is she still plotting against me that ***** ***** bitch!!
Nat says remember you have to keep all of this on the down low.
Adam - what is she saying now?
Nat - she is still saying how the women need to stick together. That you guys are coming after me. Because you can't win against me, that is what James told her. You and James are best friends and you tell James stuff and James telsl her everything.
Adam say sshe acn't win.
Nat - no she can't win. nt

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Topic #8644985
VanWinkle - No ones talking. Ryan in his BR w/pillow over face. James in BY sleeping in boat. 0 Replies #8644985 3:35PM 07/04/2008
the 3 girls are sunning and sleeping in the BY.
Adam in HOH reading his letter
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Topic #8644997
BigBrotherLuvR - Adam in HOH reading his letter again NT 0 Replies #8644997 3:36PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8645030
VanWinkle - Alls still quiet. Adam rereading his letter and wiping his eye's...smiles! NT 0 Replies #8645030 3:38PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8645066
BigBrotherLuvR - Adam sits and stares into space for a minute, then gets up checks himself out in BR mirror, then lays down in bed and starts reading the bible NT 0 Replies #8645066 3:40PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8645072
VanWinkle - Adam cleaning up in the HOH...says to self, "c--- f''n b!tch..." (ed: Sharon?) NT 0 Replies #8645072 3:41PM 07/04/2008
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